Customization XBMC

Popular open-source media player XBMC has been updated today, bringing the app to version 12.1. The update improves the experience across all of Apple’s platforms, including the Mac, iOS and Apple TV.

For most users, the iOS update will be the most welcomed change, as it brings about support for the iPhone 5’s larger 4-inch display. And Apple TV2 users will be similarly pleased with further support for iOS 6…

Here’s the full XBMC 12.1 change log, courtesy of XBMC’s Nate Thomas:

  • XBMC now supports using OSX’s default output device for audio as well as hardware decoding with Intel GPUs in OSX
  • XBMC no longer hogs audio for Linux and on resume audio will continue to work in Linux
  • Full iPhone 5 resolution is now enabled
  • Volume buttons on Android devices now control Android volume, rather than XBMC volume
  • Volume buttons on OSX devices once again control OSX volume, rather than XBMC volume
  • Player optimization on the Raspberry Pi, including more efficient playback, better subtitle support, and many crash fixes
  • iOS 6 support on the AppleTV 2.
  • XBMC does not crash when listed on the AppleTV top shelf
  • Added support for additional Xbox 360 controller types
  • Broader and more intelligent support for CEC devices
  • Fixed problems with several addons due to broken binary read/write in our python interface
  • Language fixes, including 7 new languages: Albanian, Burmese, Malay, Persian (Iran), Tamil (India), Uzbek, Vietnamese
  • AirPlay fixes, including making discovery of XBMC more reliable on OSX
  • Numerous crashing and stability fixes across all platforms

For those who aren’t familiar with the app, XBMC is a free and open-source media-player that features a number of plug-ins for streaming services like Pandora and YouTube, and supports several media formats.

If you’d like to install XBMC, we have step-by-step guides for both Apple TV, and iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users. Just keep in mind that your device must be jailbroken, meaning you’ll want to avoid today’s update.

  • Updating right now… Thanks for the info.

  • xmb sucks and is too glitchy

    • If this makes it smoother then that can only be a good thing so why be so negative?

      • rain111

        he is always negative, you didn’t know?

  • sesnek

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  • XBMC doesn’t work on my iPad 2, icefilms doesn’t work! Very frustrating. Repo doesn’t want to install icefilms add-on, what do I do?

    • Icefilms was shut down I believe… Try 1Channel its just as good

      • No people do have icefilms working just fine, I just want to know how to do a force refresh on my iPad cause that’s supposed to fix the problem. I got the dependencies not met problem. Btw I can’t update to the latest version of icefilms because it says dependencies not met therefore I can’t update!

      • Ah well ya learn something every day. Yeah I know 1Channel was doing that with me but I think its because it was on a moderated wifi network. That might not be your issue though.

      • Nvm finally got everything to work, all I had to do was delete all the XBMC files, reboot and re-install and voila, It worked!

    • Go download the latest version icefilms

  • SimonReidy

    XBMC is great, but after spending a lot of time with both, I prefer the simplicity and features of Plex (which is built from XBMC anyway). It requires a NAS or dedicated computer to be always running as server, but when set up this way, all Plex clients across your devices will appear the same (everything is configured server side) and most importantly Plex knows exactly where you are up to when resuming video on a different device. You can set XBMC up to do this, but it requires the installation of MySQL and is much more complicated.

    Hope Plex is upgraded to support iOS6 on the ATV2. Their AppStore Plex client is already brilliant for iPhone and iPad.

  • Hi, what’s the name of the skin on the picture?