Welcome to episode 2 of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. In this episode, Jeff and I sit down and talk about the reasons why we and other people jailbreak, battery life, some of our favorite jailbreak tweaks, and we also review this week’s tweaks that were released in Cydia.

This new episode takes into account some of the feedback you guys gave us last week. Most noticeably, I worked on improving the sound quality on my end. Turns out my mic settings were all jacked up, but after some serious tweaking and sound recording tests, I think I finally hit the sweet spot. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s better. We’re working on making it perfect, so hang tight…

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  • kudous to you guys. Keep up the good work. I think you guys are some kind of drug though. Checking your website +30 times a day is not enough. NOW i have to listen tou you. It would be awesome if you could do a twitcam session anytime soon

    • Hey Gustavo. Thanks for the feedback. I’m happy to hear about your iDB addiction 🙂 Let’s face it, it’s much healthier than smoking cigarettes, right? Regarding the TwitCam session, I can’t promise anything. There just wouldn’t be much added value by showing our faces. But who knows. Things might change. As it is now, we want to take things slowly and make sure we’re doing it the right way.

  • Another great episode. Loved how you guys talk about recent tweaks that were on iDB this past week. Looking forward to more!

    • Thank you. If you subscribed via iTunes, it would be great if you could rate the podcast.

  • Great podcast! Love hearing from other fellow jailbreakers. I get asked all time why I jailbreak, all I can do is pull out my phone and show them a few tweaks before they starting asking me if I can jailbreak their device for them. Not many people I know jailbreak so having a site like yours and being able to hear others talk about jailbreaking is enjoyable. I check the site all day long for new stories and app/tweak reviews. Jeff is awesome at video reviews. Keep the great work up fellas. Best jailbreak site out there!

    • I appreciate your comment. Thanks for being a loyal reader!

  • Daniel Im

    Great stuff guys! Hope ya do this every week

    • That’s the plan

      • Daniel Im

        Could ya talk about what tweaks ya use other than the most popular ones as ncsettings, zephyr, etc? Thanks

      • We can do that

      • I would like to send a list of all the tweaks and apps i have for jb, and use them to compare to some of the more “mainstream” tweaks i often see being “advertised.” For example i have recreated chrome and all gestures/abilities using 3 tweaks combined and i would love to see or hear my safari compared to chrome head on. I do ts all the time will my gf’s phone while she uses chrome and i still consistently enjoy using safari more. I think many users might enjoy it more aswell! Omnibar, safari swipes, and swipe safari and nitrous = super safari. Ive been tempted to send in some articles on this subject of combining not very often heard tweaks/apps to achieve awesome results. I have experience with blogging but its been only with fitness.

    • Awesome, keep doing these forever, guys! It’s great to have such a source of news and discussions on tweaking.

      And, Jeff, I do agree most of the heavy theming you see on the internet comes from younger users. But, having first jailbroken an iDevice 3 years ago, whilst recently frequenting sites from the likes of deviantart and checking apps like ClockBuilder, I’ve never been as much into theming as I am now.

      I just keep finding better and better themes every now and then. And also creating my own style of clean and minimalistic, non-disruptive interface. Honestly, integrating Lockinfo and ClockBuilder was the best thing I could’ve done to my lockscreen!

      Anyway, I have a question – maybe for the next podcast? How did you guys meet? How did Sebastien find Jeff?

      • Thanks for the comment and feedback. We’ll see what we can do about your question 🙂

  • when I jailbreak my iPhone there’s always like 5 gigs of “other” taken up on it. I was wondering is it everything I downloaded off cydia or what?? Cause that’s why I kind of don’t like to jailbreak anymore

  • Sentry

    Digging these. 🙂

    Suggestion for a rename: “Jailbreak Talk” JBT just rolls off the tongue like iDB in a way that ‘LTJ’ doesn’t. ;p

    Keep it up guys.

    • AMB_07

      JBT sounds nice!

    • galdamita

      Totally right, if not idb will be banned by apple

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  • felixtaf

    To be honest, I was introduced to Jailbreak to get cracked apps. In my country there was no app store at that time (2008-2009). I started with an ultrasn0w unlocked (used) iPhone 3G. Later I realized how to buy apps from US appstore and I said “NO” to app piracy in 2010. By the time I was impressed by themes, tweaks etc in Jailbreak. I loved it, love it and will love it. Now am jailbreaking iPhone for frnds & family.

    Y I love jailbreak? Because of Ayecon (Brought me back to winterboard), IntelliscreenX, Barrel, NCSettings, SBSettings etc. I love iPhone, iOS, Jailbreak and iDB! Listening to your podcast now… Good Job again…

  • AMB_07

    Good job on the podcast. Sébastien I feel like you and I are on the same boat whenever people ask us if they should jailbreak. Always make sure to present the pros and cons.

    • Absolutely. I don’t want to trick people into doing something they might regret at a later time. As a matter of fact, I advice against jailbreaking more often than not.

  • for next episode: please talk about the worst tweaks you’ve ever seen

    • I don’t think there is any reason to waste time talking about bad tweaks. Let’s just focus on talking about the good ones 🙂

  • I am loving this podcast idea. Last week and this week have both been great! I think that it connects us readers in a great way to jailbreaking in a different way than the articles do. While I love reading all of the articles, I think that these “sum-ups” will really help me keep things simpler for me so I can get the good stuff all in one sitting. Thanks so much and keep up the great work! I am definitely excited to keep hearing these

  • Ponderous

    Where can I find the ayecon wallpapers in ayecon? I purchased for iPhone and iPad and I’m not sure where it is. Thanks!

    • I you purchased Ayecon, the wallpapers are in Settings > Brightness & Wallpapers > Wallpapers

  • Damian W

    for brightness settings the best is Music Controls Pro, no doubt about this one. Add to it Dimmer tweak, made by the same developer.

  • mwpitt52

    Your now added to my favorite podcast list! Nice Job.

  • I had battery issue with my iPhone two days back. My phone used to get hot & had excessive battery drain. I just did “Reset All Settings” and all is well with my phone.

    You guys are doing good job & i prefer your podcast bcos it makes it handy for me than other options.

    Thumb up.

  • Downloaded!

  • Sanjeev

    🙂 listened to this last night, good podcast!

  • Really liking these, Keep ’em coming every week!

    Idea: You guys always seem pressed for time… Why? I think I speak for a lot of us saying we wouldn’t mind a longer podcast 🙂

    • Our goal was to keep the podcast under 30 minutes, which we have failed to do so far. We just feel that 30 minutes is the sweet spot. For anything longer than that, we think many people might not listen till the end. We might be wrong though, so that’s something that’s up for discussion.

  • i think the PPSSPP emulator is a test build that they have released on a repo thats what i saw on their site anyways

  • Love the show and like someone just said it’s like an addiction and drug addiction keep coming back to check IDB 10x a day, also I can’t believe you don’t use brightness setting I installed swipebright because I use it so much in the car, out of the car, inside, outside and Difference rooms… so much. Surprise Jeff didn’t say anything about swipebright

  • PS I know I’m going Off-Trak but is there anybody that knows how to arrange folder icons alphabetically???

    • Tap and hold, the move the folder around 🙂

      Ok, I assume you’re looking for a tweak to do that for you. If so, I don’t think such a tweak exists

  • Guest

    I agree JBT sounds really good. Also great job guys really enjoying these podcast!

  • Guest

    I really enjoyed the last podcast great job guys.

  • jlocicero

    New to jailbreaking, so I am really enjoying this podcast. Would it be possible to post links to the tweaks/apps you mention in the show? At least the names of the tweaks, but links to reviews and screenshots would be much appreciate. Thanks!

    • Jeff

      I think we may be doing this on each show going forward.

  • Al Jay Aoas

    “No iPhone when were in bed”, awesome rule. Or you can also call it “don’t ignore your gorgeous wife when youre in bed” rule. Lol.

  • Another great show. I too would love to hear a longer show and will be interested in hearing you guys interview some devs. I have a 30 minute commute every day to work so the time works great for me but I also listen to podcasts all day at work. Also what is the name of the app/tweak that consolidated all of the sounds loaded on the device. It was mentioneCtoward the end of the show. Could you give more info about that. Thanks again! Keep up the good work.

  • disqus_TGWA76ktvg

    Jeff’s mic sound quailty is perfect, but Sebastien’s sound was a bit weird at the beginning, it’s like he talking with something covered on the mic, i thought he was chatting via skype/google+, just like the sound coming from the speaker. Just my feedback… Hope it helps.

    • Jeff

      Thanks for the feedback. We are working on improving it with each show, and the next show will be no exception. It should be better than the 2nd. Thanks again.

  • Hint for Apple: People Like to Customize Their iPhones! Hint Hint. Maybe Apple will buy Cydia….and implement a Customize button (at your own risk) they might add

  • You should start the podcast with a welcome message… the last episode is like you start recording in the middle of the talk.

  • Joe Bobbins

    Will rate five stars on iTunes!

  • AlbertaClipper

    Well I guess I don’t understand. Jailbreaking is a cat and mouse game between Jailbreakers and Apple but yet “Lets Talk JailBreak” is accessable on Itunes. What am I missing here.

  • tony montana

    Real good show very clear sound to

  • Niro

    any transcripts available?