T-Mobile March 26 presser

Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile USA this morning sent out invites for a March 26 event in New York, where the telco should announce some big news and update us on its technology and business. “We’re still a wireless company,” reads the invitation, “We’re just not going to act like one anymore”.

We know that the carrier, as part of its system-wide modernization effort, is planning to finally flip the switch on 4G LTE before the end of this month in Las Vegas and Kansas City (plus, it’s been spotted in New York City). Another thing we know is that Apple’s iPhone is officially landing on T-Mobile’s network this year…

The biggest change in the way the carrier conducts business should be a push to eliminate handset subsidies in favor of monthly installments. We have no doubt in our minds that both Verizon and AT&T are going to closely watch T-Mobile’s announcements in that regard.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere told Reuters back in December his company would start selling Apple products in 2013. A subsequent media release confirmed that “T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together next year.”

And in January 2013, the CEO additionally told Reuters that T-Mobile will start selling Apple’s iPhone “in about three to four months,” re-iterating plans to get rid of cellphone subsidies in a similar timeframe.

Phone subsidizes will be replaced with monthly installments where you’ll purchase a device outright and in return get to sign up for more affordable and flexible plans. One of the more affordable plans T-Mobile currently offers gives you unlimited texting, a hundred voice minutes and five gigabytes of data for $30 a month.

It all aligns conveniently so expect a strong media event for the German wireless company. AT&T today launched its now 30/40/50GB data sharing tiers so a response from T-Mobile is expected sooner than later.

The press conference could also see T-Mobile execs take a few pot shots at AT&T and its anti-T-Mobile ad campaign.

T-Mobile anti-ATT ad

T-Mobile’s merger with MetroPCS has recently been approved by The Federal Communications Commission, although the transaction is currently pending an approval by MetroPCS shareholders, which are scheduled to vote on the merger on April 12.

T-Mobile iPhone 5

Apple, of course, should be the biggest beneficiary from any iPhone distribution agreement with T-Mobile.

The carrier hosts more than two million unlocked devices on its iPhone-friendly speedy 3G HSPA+ radio technology and offers free support and Nano SIMs as well.

  • Justin

    I certainly hope that they drop contracts!!!!

  • tmobile is still lame even with the iPhone.. they can go to hell wit samsung and android

    • ap3604

      Anyone out there wanna feed this troll?


        I was just gonna say… Not this guy again. I wonder if he had a lot of friends in school?

      • yeah i did an none of them had samsung or android or tmobile or you…

      • you can shut up and go to hell with tmobile samsung and android…

      • ap3604

        Guess its time for your bedtime little baby.

        Sweet dreams 🙂

      • Kurt

        What did he say?

  • chjode

    I hope T-Mobile doesn’t scrap the $30/month plan I have. I get 100 minutes calling, unlimited text, and 5gb data (though where I live it’s EDGE for now, but they’re rolling out 3G).

    • Adrian12369

      I get 3G in Phoenix and in LA, CA. Its an awesome budget plan!

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  • This is another mathematical gimmick T-Mobile doing. I just got an offer in mail today from t-mob for galaxy s 2 for FREE, yeah free my ***. Fine print says $99 upfront, with a mail-in-rebate for $99. Yeah free, then there is monthly installment of $20 for handset excluding monthly service charges for 20 months. So theoretically they charge $499 for an obsolete handset WITH A 2 YEAR CONTRACT. Yeah right! So, I am sure they going to follow the same method when they lauch iPhone as well. You pay full price for handset (in installments) and sign up a 2 year contract. Nice….

    • mbkarki

      Obviously, you have to pay the full price one way or the other. It’s not only T mobile. No wireless company is going to give you a discount, not even a dollar, they will recoup it anyhow.

      • I agree, but here the point no subsidized handset plus 2 yr contract. What kind of difference that would bring from present subsidized handset plus 2 yr contract other than ripping off the customer?

      • mbkarki

        There is no difference. T-mobile will have a 40+20 dollars plan without a contract and without a subsidy, while the other guys will have a 60-plus dollar plan (40+ 20 to pay off the subsidy) with contract and subsidy. The former wins by a slight margin because you can pay off the phone’s price and walk off anytime without paying fine, while the latter will impose an additional fine for walking off before the contract is over.

  • Nina

    Does that mean the Iphone may possibly be launched on March 26th when they hold the conference?