DefaultSBPage is a brand new jailbreak tweak, and it does something fairly awesome. It allows you to select a default Home screen page to land on once your iPhone is unlocked.

Say you have a particular page dedicated to an often used selection of apps; well, instead of having to swipe over to that page every time you unlock your iPhone, you can set that page as the default page. This will force the iPhone to open directly to the page you utilize the most.

As you can probably tell, DefaultSBPage is an extremely simple tweak in function, but it provides some serious utility. Take a look inside for our full video walkthrough, which showcases it in action.

Once installed, head over to the Settings app, and open up DefaultSBPage’s preference panel. In the preferences, which are extremely simple, you’ll find a kill switch, and a list of pages that you can set as default. You even have the ability to open up the iPhone’s Spotlight page as default, if you wish to configure it that way.

If you couldn’t already tell, I really like this jailbreak tweak, and it’s absolutely perfect for custom theme users. If you want to give it a try, head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and download it for $0.99. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

  • NoName

    Totally overpriced

    • Jeff

      Overpriced? You mean it should be free? Because $0.99 is the cheapest you can charge and still charge for the tweak.

      • NoName

        Yes, should be free, not worth $0.99

      • Anon

        The days when $0.99 was a ton of money. Probably 12 and lives at home with mom? So he has no money. Not even $0.99 because he has no job. Since he has no money, he expects everything to be free.

      • Totally agree, “i can afford an iphone but i think 99 cents is too much.” PEOPLE ARE FUCKING STUPID!

      • If you’re not comfortable with he price you should develop your own alternative, make do without or suck it up, it’s one dollar.

  • Tom Canuck

    cool and all…. but I (and I assume most people) use page 1 as the “main” page, in which case you can just use HomePage for free… which works every time you return to the SpringBoard (exiting and app and such).

  • Bob

    And you would want to do this because? It makes sense for it to be page 1 as then you could easily search for apps in finder if you have a lot of them. Sorry but this is a useless tweak.

    • Then set it for page 1 you fool.

      • Bob

        Read what you just said you idiot. It’s already set to page 1 without this tweak.

      • It defaults to the most recently viewed page, not page 1. Who’s the idiot now.

      • Bob

        You are.

      • Im sorry bob but i dont think this is useless. I personally enjoy it alot, i have mine set to page 3 and can scroll to the left for entertainment apps, and to the right for other apps. I really think the idiots are the ones who say “THIS IS USELSS” with the neanderthal stature in their mental, claiming for the world(rather than themselves) that something is useless since that person is in fact THE ONLY HUMAN IN EXISTENCE. Grow the fuck up tardo

  • seyss

    should’ve been free

  • billypuntove

    I understand Spotlight, but I you wanted another page to be the default, why not move those items to the first page?
    Am I missing something?!

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    • RyanFoley

      I’ve been looking for a tweak like this for the longest time, so I can have one page centered between all my other pages, in a manner similar to an android phone. This tweak won’t cut it, though, because you can’t set a default home button page

      • I also wanted the same feature but the lack of the home button feature is kinda lame, im hoping that with enough emails he will include this feature

      • RyanFoley

        He’s already replied to me on twitter that this feature is coming next update. Stay excited!!

      • Fucking a yes!

  • Nick Darpino

    Don’t see a practical use. I have all my important and most used app on page 1.

    • Your iPhone doesn’t open page 1 as default when you unlock your phone. It opens up the most recent viewed page.

  • Rajas Deshpande

    Does this tweak also take you to the default page upon clicking the home button? I’ve been looking for a tweak that will take me directly to the second page upon clicking the home button anywhere, because I want to be able to keep my first page dedicated to dashboard x widgets.

  • This would also work if you use PerPageHTML, DashboardX or LockInfo to have widgets on “page 1” and wanted to go to your first page of apps when unlocking your phone.

  • I actually had this as a tweak idea in mind once I learned how to make tweaks with Mobile Substrate. Don’t have to now. I bought this tweak the instant I saw it in Cydia and it does exactly how I envsioned such a tweak.

  • Wish it could default to the notification Center

  • Sentry

    Seems like one of those things you would find in springtomize.

    • Concerned Reader

      My thoughts exactly, and I’m pretty sure that this has been done before anyways.

      • I wish it was in sprintomize, I WISH EVERYTWEAK was springomize

  • if anyone tried to re-create an Android like experience on their iPhone this would work. Since most androids have 5 pages, and most of the time the default page is the third one. I am going to go and purchase this one right now, and try this out. Thanks Jeff. Another great and simple tweak.

    • I justlike being able to scroll to either direction from the start of unlock, its a nice freedom and makes the experience more symmetrical for me!

      • No Whammy

        More symmetrical? You should have your OCD checked out.

      • I already have.. Its a scam

  • Kyle Willis

    i got an idea why not use multicon and move your default page to the first page ?

  • Rodney Coleman

    For instant…. Widgets

  • Please help me. I can’t find this tweak. Yes i have the bigboss repo. iAlso had this Problem with other tweaks (Harlem Shake for example) does anyone know how to fix it?

  • Jeff W

    How about a app that when you press home button when the device is awake it goes to a springboard page 2 or 3?

  • JRC

    Does anyone know of an app that will allow the Key Pad of the phone to be first up when unlocking the phone?? I am sick of pressing so many buttons just to make a simple call.