The best iOS 6 YouTube extension: YourTube vs ProTube

By , Mar 13, 2013

YourTube vs ProTube 02

Today I sat down with the newly released YourTube for iOS 6, and compared it with ProTube Extension for YouTube. Both jailbreak tweaks are very similar in form and function. For example, they both modify YouTube’s 3rd Party YouTube app to allow downloads, constant AirPlay mirroring, ad blocking, etc.

YourTube for iOS 6 costs $4.99 on Cydia ($3.99 on sale for a limited time), and it’s a free upgrade for all existing YourTube or YourTube HD customers. If you’ve been jailbreaking for a while, then there’s a good chance that you’ve purchased at least one of those tweaks in the past, which means that YourTube for iOS 6 is most likely a free download for you. If not, you can get $1.00 off the regular price if you pony up $3.99 now.

ProTube Extension for YouTube is $1.99. If you purchased ProTube or ProTube HD after May 2012, then you can snag ProTube Extension for just $0.99.

While both tweaks are largely the same in function, there are still some visual and usage differences that you should be aware of before deciding which one to buy. Which one is the right one for you? Take a look as I compare them both inside.

YourTube vs Protube 08
YourTube, on the left, integrates better from a visual standpoint

Both ProTube extension and YourTube for iOS 6 are addons to the standalone YouTube app. In other words, these are not standalone apps in themselves, they merely piggyback on top of the existing YouTube app to provide addition function. Overall, I found YourTube look best. YourTube is designed so that it could pass for a stock portion of the YouTube app. The CocoaNuts, the folks behind YourTube, have always been on point with their design aesthetics, and YourTube for iOS 6 is no exception.

YourTube vs ProTube 01
I even found minor things like the download icon to look better on YourTube (left)

With ProTube, you’ll find a tweak that lacks some of the polish found in YourTube, but you’ll also notice a more completed experience from beginning to end. ProTube heavily benefits from its integration with Bridge — another jailbreak app by the same developer, which makes adding music and video to your iTunes or Video libraries better than the competition.

YourTube vs ProTube 04
Yet another example of better looking visuals for YourTube (left)

Things start becoming more of a mixed bag for YourTube after your media files are downloaded. The options, while similar, aren’t as robust when compared to ProTube. I also found that the prompts featured within ProTube’s workflow were more helpful in guiding me along from a to z.

YourTube vs ProTube
Importing videos and music is pretty much the same, sans a few minor differences

This is mainly due to the fact that YourTube uses Gremlin as a means of importing media files, while ProTube links to the aforementioned Bridge. Bridges lends much more flexibility to importing different media types, and working with meta data. It’s also great for receiving confirmations when a task is completed.

YourTube vs ProTube Export 02
You don’t get the rename option in YourTube, like you do with ProTube (right)

When you import media using YourTube, you don’t receive any sort of confirmation prompts that the action was successful, which I found to be confusing the first couple of times I put it to work. ProTube does more hand holding through the process, and part of that is due to Bridge. Of course, the presence of Bridge could certainly be looked at as a disadvantage for ProTube, depending on how you look at it. On one hand, you absolutely cannot import media into your library without Bridge, while that same functionality is built right into YourTube. On the other hand, the functionality that you gain from Bridge is superior to that of YourTube’s import method in nearly every way.

YourTube vs ProTube 07
Interestingly enough, YourTube (left) features a much better preference section for managing certain features

While both of these tweaks are almost identical when it comes to features such as ad blocking, AirPlay enabling, etc., YourTube is the only one of the two that includes a preference section to manage such features.

At the end of the day, either way you decide, you’ll likely be happy with your decision. The main reason that people are interested in either of these tweaks is for the ability to download YouTube videos for offline viewing. In my experience, both tweaks do that very well, though, YourTube is a more pleasant experience from an aesthetic standpoint. ProTube does more hand holding, and requires an extra app — Bridge — to import any media to your library. YourTube, on the other hand, is completely self contained.

As far as pricing goes, YourTube for iOS 6 is a free download for any previous purchasers of YourTube or YourTube HD. That’s a pleasant surprise, because the tweak is worth paying for. Otherwise, if you’ve never purchased a YourTube app before, it’s $3.99 for a limited time, $4.99 thereafter.

With ProTube, there’s a $0.99 upgrade if you’ve purchased a previous version of ProTube after May 2012. Otherwise, the tweak rings in at $0.99. And remember, if you want the ability to import media into your library like YourTube, you’ll need Bridge as well — that’s another $1.99. If you’re completely new to both tweaks, then it’s basically a wash as to who comes out cheapest.

So, which one would I pick? If I’m looking for fine grained control over the import process, then it’s ProTube all day. Otherwise, if I just need YouTube video downloading ability, and basic import functions from time to time, then I’d have to go with the better looking YourTube for iOS 6. In my case, I don’t need the advanced import functionality, so I choose YourTube. YourTube, is in my opinion, the best YouTube app jailbreak extension for iOS 6. What do you say?

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  • Zeke Marffy

    There is a mistake in this article regarding the price of ProTube extension.

    • Jeff

      Fixed. Thanks.

      • Mohammed Sahib

        Another one: “Both jailbreak tweaks are very similar in form in function…” it must be ” form AND function”.

      • Jeff

        I’ve been up 36 hours straight :-( Lesson learned, don’t write when exhausted.

      • RarestName

        There’s going to be a Gremlin update to support file renaming and file info for importing soon.

      • CodexVideos

        Not sure if mistake but:
        “With ProTube, there’s a $0.99 upgrade if you’ve purchased a previous version of ProTube after May 2012. Otherwise, the tweak rings in at $0.99.”
        So it costs $0.99 for upgrade or a new purchase ?

      • Mohammed Sahib

        So you fixed it. Good. No need to say ‘thank you’. :)

  • ihackyouridevice

    one other difference on Pro tube you can change quality of video while watching.

    • kd

      u can do that in yourtube also by tapping on the option key- the one with the arrow

  • Daniel Johnson

    Get McTube it’s so much better

  • Joe Thomas

    In my tests, ProTube downloads an average of 200kbps faster, despite YourTube claiming to be blazing fast, and has a more convenient integration of on-the-fly quality switching. I also like that the quality and sharing drawers on ProTube respect your device orientation. And then there’s the fact that the ProTube dev has promised many new features in the near future.

    For me, ProTube is the winner.

  • RarestName

    This is my personal experience.


    -Stock feel
    -Download acceleration
    -Tap to retry
    -Download links are fetched faster
    -Free import addon with reverse syncing
    -Better preferences
    -Better customer support

    ProTube Extension:

    -Constant crashes
    -Feels incomplete without paying for Bridge and installing it
    -Downloads randomly stop
    -Videos disappears from the download queue when download fails
    -All downloaded videos may mysteriously delete themselves
    -Ambiguous settings
    -Poor customer support

    I’ve emailed and tweeted to the ProTube developer before, and I never got a reply from him. This occurs on both his account and ProTube4iOS account. In fact, I’m so tired of him ignoring my questions that I don’t even bother trying to contact him any more.

    What pisses me off is that after tweeting him questions, he will tweet about other things a few minutes after after asking him a question. It doesn’t feel good to be ignored.

    CocoaNuts, on the other hand, replied to every single tweak that I’ve sent. He/she/they took the time to answer every person’s questions, even if the person asking the question(s) has not purchased the tweaks yet.

    I’ve defended YourTube in the past, and have gotten like 9 dislikes for doing so. Even though people disagree with me, I’ll still continue to support YourTube.

    I’ve talked about it in other iDB articles before, talking about how much faster I can download videos because the links can be generated faster, how much better it is because of app integration etc.

    But people disagreed and kept on worshipping ProTube. Finally, I took the plunge and purchased ProTube. And guess what? I still preferred YourTube 3 back then.

    In iOS 6 beta 4, the YouTube app disappeared. I was quite disappointed because I really liked the app integration which ProTube worshippers were bashing. I was still personally supporting CocoaNuts, who had mysteriously gone missing for some time, knowing that they would somehow make YourTube work with the new YouTube app.

    Then ProTube 2 came along, and the same people who talked crap about the YouTube app integration suddenly contradicted themselves and worshipped that new extension.

    Well, I guess this is how the Internet works.

    • Florian Lerch

      Thanks for sharing your experience :)

    • Guest

      You don’t have to tell us that Jonas Gessner is an idiot, everyone who talked once to him or has read what he writes knows that.

      • RarestName

        He’s not an idiot though. It takes skills to develop tweaks. He just likes to ignore people who ask him questions.

        Developers like rpetrich, thekirbylover, rud0lf77 and so on reply when they can, so why can’t he do the same thing?

      • Damian W

        he actually replied to my email a week ago. First time ever. Everyone can change :P

      • Joe Thomas

        He has always replied to my support emails. Although, I am always polite and thankful.

      • Guest

        Jonas is just after the money, he isn’t caring about the customers.

    • Dani Hayes

      I’ve never had any of the problems you’ve describe with protube. I have been using it since it first came out. I love it. Not sure about yourtube.

    • Joe Thomas

      Hmm… I have personally not experienced any crashes with ProTube, and I actually get an average of 200kbps faster download from it despite YourTubes claim of super charged downloads. I also like that ProTubes pop up drawers respect your devices orientation.

      • RarestName

        ProTube may be slightly faster, but YourTube is more stable for me.

    • regkilla

      You’re right. ProTube 2 was alright at first but now crashes and video downloads mess up. YourTube the best!

    • Ray V

      I have never had one issue with Protube. Not on my iPhone 4 running ios 4 / 5 and not on my iPhone 5 running 6.1.2.

    • Damian W

      to be honest i stopped using protube since the fullscreen mode disappeared. It just simply annoyed me there is no fullscreen. Later on, I found out that if you go to download bar and press on Stream button, the video enters fullscreen. But it is just stupid to do this every time when you watch a video.

  • Tanju Mrt

    Using McTube. Loving it.

    • Edmond Haskell

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  • Bo2 zombies PS3

    With protube you can download 1080p videos yourtube only 720p

  • Michael Fiyod

    Why would you need Pro Tube extension if you already own Pro Tube. Don’t they do the same things?

    • Damian W

      the extension was created for people who like to use real youtube app, which has some advantages over other apps.

  • Mario Saldana

    I would buy YourTube but the developer always abandons development.

    • Matthew

      Actually, the tweak was made by @westbaer. He made the 5.1.1-6.0.2 jailbreaks possible with his kernel exploit, so I don’t think it’s fair to say he always abandons development. Although, YourTube never received an official iOS 5 update (there was a beta on their repo for a while though) . I don’t know whether @westbaer made previous releases of YourTube, so he may or may not have abandoned this project for iOS 5, but then picked it up again for iOS 6.

  • Alex Kautz

    I use MCtube, a App Store app that has the same features as protube, Minus import functionality. However, it’s nice I don’t have to jailbreak to use it. Outside of importing videos into photos, are there any other big features that MCtube is missing that protube has? And kudos to I download blog for suggesting I download MCtube!

    • Damian W

      McTube Pro is the way to go. It is my first choice of youtube apps. IT also gives great preview for subscriptions unlike the other apps with big vertical scroll windows.

    • Joe Thomas

      I used that for a while, but then it stopped downloading for me. I also can’t stand the skeuomorphism it uses.

  • Damian W

    I am using ProTube ($2) and I am very satisfied with it. On the other hand I dont feel like paying $5 for almost identical app. ProTube for me is a winner here despite lacking some good finishes.

  • ピッポくん

    You can download with YourTube, than “open in Bridge” and edit what you want befor import in iPod/video. For me this is best option.

  • Spykid12

    What about reviewing the standalone ProTube tweak and others?

  • Liam Mulcahy

    There is a app called playtube that saves YouTube videos for offline viewing its free on the app store no jailbreak required am I and only person who knows this?

  • Cantenna

    I did a side by side comparison last night. 2 ipad 3 dd-wrt on an E3200 router. Winner protube extension. Why there is a serious noticeable difference in availability to watch and download in 1080p of video. Try both if you don’t believe me. I wonder why this was left out of your comparison? Odd that with yourtube extension i wasnt presented with a 1080 p option while on protube i had a 1080 p option on almost all of the same videos. Also, protube extension is slightly faster downloading videos.

  • bloodshed

    for the mean time, protube along with bridge are perfect in my opinion. I can’t deny my jealousy of yourtube’s looks and feel. Maybe this will give Gessner a boost to improve protube, a better interface, maybe add more features..

  • RonJr☯

    Neither mytube free

  • f1ght3r

    Bridge will work with safari download manager to import music and video plus the YouTube whereas yourtube will only import YouTube videos. I’m happy with protube and bridge they work well together and with other apps.

  • Warren Skipper

    I’m not sure how often CocoaNuts maintained YourTube over the years, but they were awful with their other tweak Celeste. It was never updated at all for iOS 5 which means anyone who paid the $9.99 pricetag lost out for a year! Meanwhile Jonas Gressner (ProTube creator) has routinely kept his tweaks up-to-date not to mention is very accessible for information via Twitter. In my opinion, if you truly want your money’s worth, ProTube/ProTube extension is the way to go.

    • RarestName

      The iOS 5 update was on their beta repo.

      • David Cawthorne

        The working iOS5 versions of Celeste, YourTube and Gremlin have for some reason been removed their repo. I did email them asking why they are dropping iOS5 support, but have not received a reply yet.

    • David Cawthorne

      Yes I would agree, if you want long term iOS updates and email support then you are probably better off going for ProTube. Having said that I do like YourTube

  • Jailbreak101

    I have changed to YOURTUBE from PROTUBE and have found Yourtube to work flawlessly and Downloads are a bit faster on WiFi and on 4G Speeds!
    Since I paid for both, I can change to either one when I please, so if you can afford a Hamburger and Fries… Purchase them Both!
    It’s money well spent and supports those who work so hard to provide us the best JailBreak Apps!

  • Guest

    People are talking about bridge as if it’s an amazing app/tweak. But in fact it sucks. It has amazing import speed, but does Sync your imported media back to iTunes? I think not. And guess what does that? Gremlin! And don’t tell me that bridges amazing with editing it’s metadata well I’d like to say that gremlin will do that very soon.

  • mostafa abd el kader

    i love protube <3

  • Razick Rilshad

    Your tube is awesome

  • lemonhead

    Please someone answer me this.
    Does the reverse syncing work?
    So can I download a song import it to my iPod (music) app & i’m able to sync the song with itunes ???
    This really is the main + feature over ProTube in my eyes.

  • George

    until today i had the protube extension and now im testing both! i see something very very good, the yourtube downloading videos with my all wifi speed (1200.0kb/s) and protube extension/protube app download only 50-70kb/s (on the same network)

    SO… I will delete the protube extension for EVER!!! Love YOURTUBE ext,

  • Alejandro Maximo Marez

    Amazing insight. So YourTube is Good, not great for video exporting, I can live with that.

  • Andrew

    All I gotta say is protube hd. Your tube videos are horrible in quality. Protube hd does just what it sounds like making all videos look crisp. You can keep all those other crappy features.