Compose 01

Looking for a quick and easy way to compose new messages and emails via Notification Center? Then perhaps Compose — a new jailbreak tweak that places shortcuts to each respective app in Notification Center — will suit your fancy.

Compose follows the same visual template that Apple created with its Facebook and Twitter Notification Center shortcuts, but it doesn’t work exactly the same. Instead of opening up a small pop-up box to type in any content you wish to share, Compose works more like a shortcut to each respective app. More details inside…

In the case of text messaging, Compose will close out of Notification Center, and go into the app switching animation when switching over to the Messages app. When it comes to composing a new mail, the new mail composition window pops up within the Notification Center, yet it still opens in a full screen window.

For those of you looking for a style similar to the stock Twitter and Facebook sharing buttons, you may come away a bit disappointed. If all you’re looking for is a simple shortcut to each respective app, then I’d imagine you’d be satisfied.

Compose is available free of charge on Cydia’s ModMyi repo, be sure to share your thoughts about it below.

  • Gray

    About to try this one out, see if it’s compatible with BiteSMS’s Quick Compose function. If so, this may very well become a permanent addition to my tweak list.

    Edit: Good news, it is. This makes it pretty much just as close to the native “share” function for Twitter or Facebook on your iDevice. Also works just fine with Bulletin if you’ve modified your notification center.

    • AM

      The BiteSMS app has its own option to add a little icon at the bottom right of the notification center so you can access it.
      But the nice thing about this tweak is that it also has an email button.

      • Gray

        Oh, I know about that, but this looks better in my opinion. It keeps things organized if you already have the Facebook/Twitter buttons, and can have the Message/Mail buttons right underneath them. With the Bulletin theming, this tweak, and NCSettings, I really love how my notification center looks. Rivals even that of the best custom ROMs for Android.

  • Would be nice if you it could just display both the email and twitter shortcuts side by side. Don’t use facebook nor the stock messages app.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I’m currently using an Activator & Springtomize 2 setup. Status Bar Hold activates quick compose for Messages. Have Springtomize 2 show 5/6 lines for NC. Now I can see the text than reply from anyapp even the lockscreen. No need for BiteSMS (Awesome tweak by the way) or ISX / Message+.

    • Dude, that’s beyond c00l

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Thank you

  • I’m hoping someone will make a ADN option like this if possible

    • I was planning that, but the ADN API costs a lot of money…

  • queen_ir3ne

    I’m assuming it doesn’t have iPad support because I installed the tweak but it’s nowhere to be found in Settings.

    • NoName

      It works great on iPad… you have to add it to NC in the Settings > Notifications section

      • queen_ir3ne

        Doesn’t even show up in the Notifications Section. That was the first place i checked. I’ll re-install and try again

      • When I installed this tweak i was not forced to respring, but you need to respring before the it shows up in the settings app

  • What I like is that when you use it and have Messages+ installed it shows the messages+ window shade. Did not work when I installed the day it came out but it does now.

  • V35

    I am using i4,it didnt show up in Nc so I reinstalled still didn’t see it,I then went into LockInfo 5 where it was showing so I turned it on from the setting’s there..
    The message is opening fine from LockInfo 5 lock screen but the Email doesn’t respond until I tap it several time’s then open’s I am thinging it might have issue’s with LockInfo 5,I am having issue with LockInfo 5,this tweak should have been included.I am going to uninstall and go back to Bulletin and see if there’s a different response, Actually I bought LockInfo 5 so I could have RSS feed in Nc,Yhe one’s I found were only 1 addy so LI 5 filled that gap but I have since found an RSS for Bulletin that should be fine Thank’s for the tweak…

  • The “New Mail” isn’t working for me. It just flashes a new mail window then immediately goes back to the NC. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Doesnt show in NC. Not even after respring…

  • Didn’t realize that you had to respring…

  • Will wait till its Available on the BIGBOSS Repo in a day or two!
    Did you know that Deleting certain Repos like ZOD and ModMyI, ect… will speed up your Cydia Open Response from 10secs to 3secs! The more useless Repos you have installed the slower CYDIA will take to finish “RELOADING”
    As for this tweak… Activator works perfectly!

    • Gray

      I highly disagree with your claim of “useless Repos.” Even though the BigBoss repo is the primary one for downloading most apps and tweaks, I’ve found several themes and tweaks off ModMyI as well. This, NCSettings, Zeppelin, and some BiteSMS themes, just to name a few.

      • I agree that ModMyi is the only other Repo that’s useable for some themes and apps but only if your going to use them…. Cydia will load even faster if you delete some “Sections – like themes – in Cydia.
        By the way, if you install a tweak from ModMyi then delete the repo, the tweak will continue to work! Go ahead and give it shot!

      • Gray

        Then that would require readding the repo every time a new tweak is released on that repo. To me, it really wouldn’t save enough time to merit any worth. Keeping it in the repo is fine since I only have to open Cydia every so often for new tweaks if I find one worthwhile, or updating tweaks when a new version is out. It would take me even more time if I deleted the repo and had to readd it and delete it after over and over and over. Seems silly, if you ask me.

  • how often do you click new message on you phone? For me its next to never. I rarely ever delete my texts so 99% of the time i reply rather than take the extra steps to create a new message. –personal opinion

  • F P

    Email works but SMS won’t access your contacts.

  • What SB Setting theme is that you are using?

    • Gray

      Not SBSettings, that would be NCSettings in the screenshot.