PPSSPP is a PSP emulator that looks quite amazing. Yes, the framerate is slow, but that’s to be expected for an early build of a hardware emulator. The fact that this is running a PSP game (Wipeout Pure), and it looks almost exactly like it does on the PSP, is pretty incredible.

According to the audible YouTube commentary, the emulator is running so slow, because it’s using interpreter instead of Just In Time compilation (JIT), which would increase performance significantly. If the developer, Henrik Rydgard of Dolphin Emulator fame, and the rest of the development community can solve this issue, then we’ll have a pretty solid PSP emulator on our hands.

Shout out to the fine folks over at /r/jailbreak, you can find more info about PPSSPP over there, and of course, from the official PPSSPP website.

  • Emulation couple with an iCade, yes please.

  • do we have a DS emulator for iOS?

    • LOL

    • ZodTTD wants to look into that seing as the iP5 has the guts.
      He is working with improving all his major emulators aswell as programing in iOS6 support for them


    • Android there’s a couple but none that I know of on IOS glad I have a note 2 to use that s pen 😛

  • I’m still waiting on a working DS Emulator!!!!!

    • disqusted

      That makes me laugh— because I used to always hassle my ex into giving me a “DS”— and Nintendo sure as hell wasn’t involved in any of them… if you follow me, LOL 😉

      Having said that, a DS emulator sounds exciting to me too! 😀

  • jose castro

    are there any emulators for iphone 5 yet

    • Yes. Ps4all is a play station 1 emulator. It requires you to check out all the tutorials you can online for it before trying it. But it’s well worth it.

  • Wow this is definitely a step in the right direction, so many good psp games out there!

  • Its been on Android for a good while I was wondering when this would hit IOS 😀 this is a great start I cant wait for controller support and perfect FPS that will change things for me 🙂

    • yup controller support if only apple was smart enough to realize that they could own the gaming industry by simply making a proper $50 ios control pad..lol they wont though too dumb

  • disqusted

    Yeah, my first thought was “I bet the FPS < my weenie's inches".

    Here's a spoiler: I'm packing a Vienna Sausage on a good day.

    So this implies the emulator is purely to demonstrate conceptual viability— not practicality (at this stage… I'm sure long term goals are more ambitious).

    Still, the implementation; the hard work, research, understanding, and technical skill required to render ONE frame at all is an impressive feat… and very commendable, in all fairness.

    • we dont need a damn PSP emulator on IOS.. FACT/…PSP and VITA are dead as hell anyway

      • Chuck Finley

        There are some absolute classic games on the PSP so, nope, you’re wrong there kid.

      • VITA = DEAD

      • Chuck Finley

        Ok, that I can agree with.

  • ummmm we have have enough great IOS games already what we need is a damn proper physical controller please.. can someone work on that and a working version of backgrounder for iOS 6…please

    • ap3604

      I use the Gametel bluetooth controller with emulators (or regular ios games via blutrol) and its pretty amazing. Has a spring clip to hold your phone in place PSP style.

      • disqusted

        That’s cool… What about doggystyle? Just curious!

  • Liam Mulcahy

    So is this a jailbreak tweak?

    • No, but it is a jailbreak application.

    • Chuck Finley

      No, it’s coming soon for the Apple Store!

      • They might take it down if it was in the App Store.

      • Guest

        …I was being massively, MASSIVELY sarcastic.

  • Cran

    A DS Emulator would definitely be amazing to have

  • Flex

    HELL YEAH, Cant wait to play Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth ! Hopefully it’s wont lag :/

  • Mishka

    And no ds emulator?

  • Funny. Only yesterday I was going past all the psp emulator options for windows because I wanted to play kingdomhearts BbS. Sadly ppsspp gave me nothing but a black screen. Now using jpscp (or jpsp, i dont know). Gives perfect quality for me

  • Etienne

    Where can we download games for it?

  • I downloaded Naruto Ninja Heroes ISO file. Took really long to load. The frame rate is SUUUUUUUPPPERRR SLOW.. But I wasn’t disappointed. I was actually amazed by the fact that it worked! Hope they could develop this app!!!

  • Kingdom Hearts: BIrth by Sleep!!! 😀

  • where’s the download link??