google now ios banner

This is pretty interesting. An alleged promotional video showcasing a Google Now—Google’s impressive voice assistant that debuted in Android Jelly Bean last summer—for iOS app surfaced on YouTube this afternoon.

The big deal here is that while Google added some Now elements to its iOS Search app last fall, it kept location and contextual-based features exclusive to Android. But if the promo clip is real, that could be changing soon…

Engadget was tipped off to the [what would have to be] leaked video earlier today. And they were able to grab a copy of the clip before it was ‘mysteriously’ pulled. Sorry, it is a low-resolution video and it does require Flash.

The site notes that while it’s very possible that it’s an elaborate fake, it does seem to feature the same voice actress that did the original Google Now video. So that, and the fact that it was pulled earlier lend weight to its credibility.

Google has received much praise for its Now feature, which quickly repsonds to a range of informational and trivial questions, among other things. In fact, it’s a bit odd that it would want to port such a big part of Android to iOS.

But hey, we wouldn’t argue with them.

  • AlukaRulz

    looks like google forgot to put the home button on the iphone…
    Message to google: iPhones are not androids they have a button!!!

    • They can’t, they will be sued 😉

      • AlukaRulz

        Aren’t they already sued my friend

  • pretty interesting, not sure id replace it for siri though since id have to go into an app to use it, a jailbreak tweak might change that though

  • This actually looks real 🙂
    But… The problem is.. Will Apple approve this?

    • Boyan Georgiev

      Well that would be an update to the excising Google Search app in the app store, so Apple has no choise

      • No. But Apple could block that Update. and say: no. i dont approve this, please remake the app. and try again

  • seyss

    this google now is just a name for stuff that has been around for years

  • Nice and creepy.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    May be it is what google meant its search app to be few months ago, but Apple refused the update, and hence it was delayed, perhaps google kept removing features till apple approved it and so we got what we got. In other words: google now isn’t coming to ios.

    Edit: the funny part is that google now is restricted to jelly bean AFAIK, if it comes to iOS, more iOS devices will use it than android ones.