With the iPhone 5S reportedly a few months away, ardent copycat vendors in Shenzen, China took it upon themselves to come up with an iPhone 5S of their own. Meet the GooPhone i5S, a total rip-off based on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 which sells for just $149 contract-free.

Now, imagine if Apple actually made a sub-$200 budget iPhone – or offered a $149 off-contract iPhone 5 for that matter (its cheapest contract-free handset is the $450 iPhone 4). GooPhone’s cheap iPhone lookalike – and I’m using the term loosely here – goes on sale tomorrow and the first 1,000 buyers will pay only $99 for it…

In case you’re interested, the GooPhone i5S has a four-inch 854-by-480 pixel display, 3G cellular networking, a five-megapixel camera on the back, a 1.3-megapixel forward-facing camera and runs a 1GHz MediaTek MT6577 dual-core processor with 512MB of RAM.

Granted, these are hardly earth-shattering specs, especially compared to the speedy iPhone 5 with its Retina display and the excellent eight-megapixel camera module, but you get what you pay for.

Speaking of cheap, perhaps all this talk of an inexpensive iPhone is baseless, maybe Apple really doesn’t know how to make a cheap iPhone that doesn’t suck?

By the way, you gotta give it to them for modifying Android heavily in order to make the interface resemble iOS as closely as possible. I was also surprised UI wasn’t as much laggy as one would expect Android to be on low-cost hardware.

If you decide to take the plunge, you can pick up the i5S up over at Android-sale.

[via Cult of Mac]

  • Looks pretty Goo…

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Usually these fakes are crap, but this actually doesn’t look too terrible. They did a really good job on making it look like iOS. The settings app, camera, and home screen almost look identical. If you add in googles multitasking and google now which should be there, this may be a decent phone for someone wanting a low price point off contract. Overall I’m impressed because the design looks very similar to the i5.

    • Kurt

      It’s not difficult to turn Android into iOS as you take out features. But imagine the work to make iOS run just like Android. Never will happen. Too many features.

      • JamesR624

        I dunno, with jailbreak tweaks and a LOT of messing about in iFile, you could get pretty close. At least on old iOS where all the android like tweaks work.

        No I don’t think you could on any iOS from 6.0 up.

      • JustinG

        With iOS 6 + JB and some know how you can make your iphone do anything you want – if you dont want that or want to use the brain to do those things then the little niche goodness of apple iOS isnt for those people because they wouldnt know what to appreciate. Its like drinking a fine wine compared to 25$ bottle – beginners dont know what to look for

      • JustinG

        Idk whether youre trying to hate on apple iOS, being sarcastic, or if you dont know much? Or maybe their is a misunderstanding in the “run” ? It is fun getting to the comment section on articles though – JB iOS >>> Android anything.

  • Boss

    Pretty good for only $99

  • My dream phone at the moment would be a android powerhouse inside and iphone shell

    • Johnathan Jennings

      So the HTC One. All the greatness of android and the build quality of an iPhone.

      • Bob

        The beats audio logo on the back is enough to put me off ever considering it.

  • Haha I hope apple don’t get inspiration from them

  • Where have I seen this design before… Hmmmm….

  • only for tramps because they cant afford a real iphone and thats why they switch to android and hate on IOS, losers

    • Boss

      Without jailbreak I think android is better for customizing and iOS is getting boring don’t see why fan boys hate if iPhone 5S ain’t any good I’m probably going to get a Sony Xperia Z at least it’s waterproof and I can watch 1080p ~Porn in the shower 😉

    • Bob

      Not really, I just bought one for my little sister, it’s perfect for her as she can’t be trusted with a real iphone, they cost like 7 times more. She’s only 12.

      • fair enough bob, that’s perfectly understandable

  • Why you should never use autofocus when you make a movie like this.. pumping pumping

  • Doesn’t seem to scuffgate 😛

  • Kurt

    Easy to replicate iOS on Android as iOS is just a dumbed down OS. We would never be able to pack all the features of Android.

  • it proves that parts are actually cheap if manufactured in huge quantities. and what more made in china. lets not begin to talk how much apple earning percentage for each set they sell.

    • Tikimaker

      Apple doesn’t use cheap parts though, they are guilty of using cheaper labor.
      The parts alone are $199.00 to build an apple i5.

  • Guest

    It’s funny because its an Android device. What a shame.

  • You guys sure have perfected the art of linkbait!

  • Jonathan

    It’s funny because its an Android phone. What a shame.

  • s0me

    wow what an upgrade ! ohh wait…

  • I’m impressed, looks quite ok for a fake

  • Wow. Pretty accurate looking and speedy for a Chinese knockoff.

  • On that hardware the OS runs laggy as hell
    but, pretty well for someone that wants to buy a cheap phone for only $99.
    Thanks Chris.

  • Cheap iPhone <– This is EXACTLY why it will never happen.

  • that looks very convincing until they touch the screen. laggy as hell reminds me of the other mobileos ANDROID!!! if this were improved i’ll get tw2.