The chatter regarding Apple’s next-generation handset, the iPhone 5S, has stayed fairly consistent over the past few months. The talk points to a device with an iPhone 5-like design, an improved camera system and other internal upgrades.

Another rumor that continues to surface is that the phone will feature a built-in fingerprint sensor. And it’s popped up again this morning in a new report, claiming the 5S will use that and NFC to push Apple further into mobile payments…

Macotakara points to a new China Times report (via MacRumors) that alleges that Chipbond, a Taiwanese chip-maker, has been tapped to manufacturer several components for the upcoming iPhone 5S, including a touch display driver.

More interesting, though, is that it’s also said to be providing chips for the handset that support both a fingerprint sensor and NFC tech. The report explains the two features will enhance the security and capabilities of iOS-driven mobile payments.

To say that we’re skeptical here would be a huge understatement. It’s hard to imagine Apple slapping a fingerprint sensor anywhere on its sleek smartphone. And the NFC rumor has become a yearly pre-iPhone launch tradition at this point.

But that being said, one could make a strong case for the two components if it involved Apple’s future plans for its mobile payment platform. Right now, Passbook just includes digital card storage and barcode scanning. But it could be so much more.

It’s also worth noting that the fingerprint reader theory has been very popular since Apple acquired sensor expert AuthenTec last summer. The reliable Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities has mentioned it in multiple reports, as have other Apple insiders.

And with close to 500 million credit card-connected iTunes accounts, Apple certainly has the user base and resources to make a huge play in the mobile payment space. But whether it’s going to do that with the iPhone 5S or not, is still anyone’s guess.

The 5S is believed to already be in production and is scheduled to launch sometime this summer.

  • coejam


  • Boss

    iPhone 6 maybe but I don’t see it coming with the iPhone 5S just a camera upgrade and faster processor

    • That wont work a second time, iPhone 5 is already fast enough they need to do something different.

      iPhone 4 was Retina Display/Design
      iPhone 4S was Siri
      iPhone 5 was LTE and huge internal upgrades/Design

      NFC/Camera upgrades alone wont be enough either so their needs to be something groundbreaking and a biometric sensor under the display should be groundbreaking enough to be a highlight feature.

      Apple has some serious competetion now. And a lot will depend on iOS 7 to

      • iPhone 5S might features Wireless Charging, IGZO display, and Fingerprint scanner, which is worth an upgrade!

    • Don’t forget the same boring iOS 6.x.x
      I think apple will put the new iOS7 until the iPhone 6

      • WWDC 2013 is in June and iOS 7 will enter beta in June and wont be ready until late September probably so yeah. I forgot about that, I thought it would be in the 5S 🙁

      • sambuzzlight

        wait so the iphone 5s will feature ios6 again??!!

      • No.

      • Guest


  • pauleebe

    I could see a fingerprint sensor, since they acquired AuthenTec, and they are shutting off support to any other company except Apple.

    But NFC has been around for years and was DOA. Plus the NFC chip is power hungry and would require substantial internal room of the iPhone. I have no problem using the current passbook method, it’s hardly complicated.

  • Jerry

    How many years have we seen this rumor pop up over and over again?

  • well lets hope so, either way im getting this beauty!

  • twited21

    I can’t see the finger print reader ever coming to an I device it just doesn’t make sense to me
    I think NFC technology is still in its infancy but Maybe in the next 12 to 18 months it might be nice to have on your phone

    After all I don’t think there are that many android or windows phones that have a descent enough usage of NFC to warrant it as a must have right now

  • @dongiuj

    This is already in Japan. Just place your finger on the camera lense so it won’t compromise the your precious handle with care over priced midrange designed for OAP’s iPhone.

    • felixtaf

      So, what u r trying to say?

  • sambuzzlight

    want to get an iphone 5, but is finger printing sensor really worth the wait for the 5s? except wowing your friends?

  • felixtaf

    NO MAN!!!!! /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=82Xj-cfjuGU#! They made iPhone 5s knock-off in China!