Evasi0n received another minor update today, this time to fix a crash that occurs during the jailbreak process on Windows boxes. The release — Evasi0n 1.5.3 — is now available for download.

The previous version of Evasi0n — version 1.5.2 — was just released a few hours earlier to address localization needs for additional languages. If you downloaded that version, it’s highly suggested that you purge it, and download this latest version instead, especially if you’re running Windows.

Click here to be taken to our downloads page. There you will find downloads to Evasi0n for all three platforms — Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Additional info:

  • cool…

  • How can you update the latest version of evasion??

  • How can you update the latest version of evasion, already jailbreaked on 1.5.1.

    • david

      You must reset to factory or latest backup in itunes then reinstall evasi0n. But if you dont need localization dont bother updating until the next major release. my .o2

  • Ty

    after the first stage and m phone restarts, it sticks on waiting for device to be ready and then gives a lockdown error. How can I fix this?