CusrsonAndSelection Color 01

CursorAndSelection Colors is a tweak that brings the ability to alter the color of the iPhone’s cursor, selection bar, and selection highlight. This tweak, $1.00 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, features a settings panel that makes it easy to select from amongst over a dozen different colors for any of the aforementioned three elements.

Needless to say, there’s not much involved with CursorAndSelection Colors. There is a handy area in the tweak’s settings panel where you can test out the different colors in a small text box. This makes it so that you don’t have to open another app just to test how the color combinations appear.

I do wish there was away to use RGB sliders instead of hardcoded colors. The hardcoded color options make the tweak a lot less flexible than it needs to be.

CursorAndSelection Color 02

Would you be willing to pay up $1.00 for this kind of customization? Let me know what you think about CursorAndSelection Colors in the comments section below.

  • This is a nice little novelty think that I think i will throw a dollar to the developer for. I agree with you on the necessity of RGB color sliders, though.

    • Novelty? Created such already a year ago, it just never got reviewed.

      • What’s yours called on Cydia?

      • It was called Select, but was just in Beta Stages (Beta because of some Apps like Messages not using the new Color, but sadly even “CursorAndSelection Colors” has this Problem, although it’s “Final” and paid), I stopped developing it after Jeff refused to review it. Still got the .deb-Files and Source Code though, if one mails me and asks for them, I’ll be happy to send them over.

      • omghilly

        Is there a way to achieve this through Flex?

      • There actually is.

  • Dlevi309

    Its just one of “those” tweaks :p

  • Dev should make this version the lite (free) version (even remove some colors is understandable) then make one with RGB sliders and maybe the option to ‘blink’ whats selected as the paid version.

  • Tyler

    It doesn’t even work for text messages wth? Am I doin somethin wrong?

    • Kurt

      thats a problem with iOS

      • Tyler

        So is this a problem I can fix? Help please. Pretty lame I paid for this and it only works on my notes and when I I’m typing in URLs.

      • Well, you shouldn’t have paid for it.
        I made the same thing (just with RGB Sliders) a year ago. (Actually a bit less, I made it in May)

      • Tyler

        Yeah ikr. What a shit review, this should have been covered.