There are literally about a million and one ways to change the carrier name on an iPhone, and CarrierPigeon is the latest such jailbreak tweak to hit Cydia. As you would imagine, CarrierPigeon is a simple and straightforward jailbreak tweak. Its settings panel contains options to allow you to outright hide the iPhone’s carrier name in the status bar, and of course, an option that allows you to customize the carrier name with your own text.

While there’s no way I can totally verify it, CarrierPigeon’s Cydia page says that the developer, jayja1lbreak, is a mere 12 years old. CarrierPigeon is his first jailbreak tweak to appear on Cydia.

The tweak, while certainly not original, works pretty much as expected. Normally, I’d knock it a few levels for the lack of originality, but the kid is 12 years old. What’s not to love about that?

CarrierPigeon can be downloaded right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repo free of charge.

  • tggt00

    this is just spam tweak..

  • jose castro

    there are a bunch of tweaks like springtomize 2 etc that do this already.. but i like that a youngster did it.. 12 years old…….. not bad.

    • Anyone can do it. Carrier changing code is freely available on GitHub.
      You don’t even have to look there, either. Finding how to override it is trivial, and adding the preference bundle is quite simple too.

      • Bro, don’t try to teach fishes how to fly… They won’t ever understand it anways.

      • LMFAO, definitely true 😛

  • Damian W

    yawnnn, i think i fell asleep while looking at it over again for the last 5 years. Another one?

    • Read the article. First sentence, “there are a million and one ways” meaning Jeff already knows that there are handful of them. Ending of the article states that the kid could be 12 years old. That’s why he made the article.

      • Damian W

        who said I did not read? Of course I did. As you may know my previous comment did not refer to the article. Sure it is interesting 12 year old made it. Yawn..

  • Boss

    FakeCarrier has been doing this from day1

  • M Last

    good job!

  • Guys, go back and read the whole article and show your respect for Jeff to bring this up and above all, for the kid!

    • I hate kids. End of line.


        A lot of people say they hate kids but what’s funny is we were all one once. What, did you automatically hate yourself for your brief childhood days or something? Hating kids…pssh, so stupid.

      • Guest

        Yea, we were kids, so? We WERE, later in life we stop being “kids”, and yea I actually hate it how I was as a child.

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      • Guest

  • Congrats to a kid who’s done something 20 other people have already done…
    Not hard to copy some code off a website and “make your own” app

  • Isa Altintas

    Kudos kid keep ’em coming

  • Guest

    Jeff, you are retarded. Really.

  • Hah, people make me laugh everyday, first of all, many developers in the iOS Scene have started developing when they were very young, including me. But the most important thing: This Kind of Tweaks is as old as MobileSubstrate and Source Codes are spread all over the Internet… And I don’t know about you, but I myself could already copy and paste at the age of three.

    • Dlevi309

      And this kid also faked a jb..

  • Dlevi309

    Age doesnt change anything… I created CarrierEditor at the age of 12. (Now 13) but also, this guy Jay has history of faking a jailbreak so i wouldnt really give him credit for something this dumb.

  • adam lompis

    I wish a had half the talent these kids have when I was twelve or thirteen!! Repeated tweak or not.. good job buddy!

    • Guest

      Yea, you’re right, copy & paste is an amazing Talent.

    • tggt00

      I am twelve (almost thirteen)..

  • Bob

    Why’s it matter how old the developer is? If you avoid giving criticism because of someone’s age, they think they’re doing fine and don’t try to improve. I remember when my maths teacher told me I was going to fail my algebra test, which would lead me to being dropped down to a lower class. He said that I really need to improve. I went home, studied for around 9 hours, I came in the next day and got the best results in the class. I was so worried about being moved down a class, in the end I moved up to the top set.

  • triggerfiend

    living in a generation where 6 yr olds have ipads and ipod touches, those little bastards are so lucky.

    • Chuck Norris

      We had nintendos and other stuff. Those things costed a fortune! Just think about it, a Nintendo costed 299.99 back in the 90s. A wii costs 299.99 back in 2006. I’m pretty sure a Nintendo would of cost a mere 500+. We had those items and they have these. I personally would take my Nintendo and old (huge) tv and play all day with friends than an iPad.

  • So yeah guys I’ve make fake jailbreaks but seriously I am just trying 2 b a good developer rud0lf77 your a jerk just because my tweak is better than yours.

    • LOL You actually think you can compete with me? Dude, better shut the fuck up.

      • Guest

      • Fuck off