OMG, Apple is doomed, run for the hills! Yes, the stock is taking some beating, but business fundamentals look as good as ever. Apple is doing just fine without Steve Jobs and remains the most profitable technology company out there – and by a large margin, too.

That’s why I’m glad comedian Bill Maher mocked some media outlets for insisting on a negative spin to their Apple reporting. “What does it take to make people happy in this economy?”, he asks rhetorically. “This is our problem, nothing is ever good enough.”

He nailed it. Arianna Huffington (rightfully) blames the stock market. Apple should give stock manipulators a finger and just follow in Dell’s and Amazon’s footsteps and go private again. At least Tim Cook & Co. would no longer have to wear the straight jacket of what these crazypants analysts are expecting. All of Wall Street runs its spreadsheets on Apple devices, by the way…

A typical Apple bashing example: a January 2013 Gizmodo story titled “Can Apple’s stock recover without Steve Jobs?”. Whenever I see a question mark at the end of the headline, I know a writer is desperate for page views.

But it’s not just blogs.

Fox News filed the “Why Apple is ailing” report and LA Times has its own take titled “Investor’s appetite for Apple sours”.

My favorite Apple doomsday headlines: “Apple is doomed doomed doomed” (clickbait, much?) by my former boss Jonny Evans at Computerworld and the “Apple’s doomsday comes into focus” write-up by BGR.

Anti-Apple headlines 001

Surprisingly (or not?), even The Wall Street Journal, an unofficial Apple mouthpiece, is guilty of sensationalist reporting (I say stock manipulation).

Case in point: researchers at Good Technology last month found that iOS activations in the enterprise market rose from 71 percent to 77 percent. Yet, the credulous Wall Street Journal chooses to run the story under the suggestive “Android Tablets Gain on iPads in Business Market” headline.

To make the case for this factually incorrect title, writer Amir Efrati opens his WSJ report story with this:

There are signs that Apple’s grip on tablets has been weakened among consumers, who are buying more devices made by Samsung and Amazon. Now the trend is trickling into the business market.

That’s according to new data from Good Technology, one of the biggest mobile device managers, known as MDMs, that give tools to corporate IT managers to oversee employee devices.

Nevermind that Apple devices actually grew their enterprise share over Android year-over-year. Maybe that’s why the WSJ report buries hard numbers at the bottom, with the very last paragraph reading:

Overall, Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices made up 77% of new devices using Good Technology software last year, up from 71% in 2011, with Android-powered devices making up much of the rest.

AAPL taking a nose dive in 2012?

It’s not the products or sales performance: 13 of the 50 largest U.S. hedge funds were dumping their Apple holdings, putting a tremendous pressure on other Apple investors to sell their holdings as well. And as a result, Google had replaced Apple as the hedge funds’ favorite stock in the fourth quarter of last year (Apple is now #4), as seen in a table below via Fortune.

US hedge funds dump AAPL

Apple voted Fortune’s World’s Most Admired company for the sixth year in a row? Yeah, but three days earlier, Forbes pompously gave us a list of reasons why Apple won’t top the list this year.

And so forth, and so forth – you get the picture.

Note to media outlets: credibility is all you have. Trade it for short-term traffic gains and you’ll be done soon.

By the way, Bill Maher didn’t get his facts straight: Apple last quarter reported $54.5 billion in revenue, not $42 billion (via Fortune).

Journalism these days…

  • AlukaRulz

    when i heard about “Apple is DOOMED” I came here right away!!!


    • Siv

      Wow…so the fate of company you have no stake in, financial or otherwise, induces a life threatening condition for you? That’s pretty sad and tragic at the same. I pity you.

      You are a textbook example of an iSheep.

      • kgelner

        New headline “Apple Haters too stupid to recognize sarcasm”.

      • Siv

        Exactly what part of that post screams out sarcasm? Please enlighten me. To see it as a legitimate response by a iSheep (just as yourself) makes perfect sense. He saw the headline, was presumably scared and was then relieved after realizing it was just Zibreg spewing nonsense. Can you highlight to me where the sarcasm is here?

        I am not sure if you follow iDB regularly, but if you did, you would know that this sentiment is expressed time and time again here. iSheep just blindly follow Apple. It’s almost like a cult. Very scary and also disturbing that some people have developed an emotional attachment to a corporation.

        Anyway, that’s all I have to say on the matter, no point arguing with an iSheep because once an iSheep, always an iSheep.

      • You realize he was being sarcastic, right? And that anyone with $430 can ACTUALLY have a financial stake in the company.

        Why would anyone be reading articles on this site if they don’t like Apple product? Let alone commenting.

      • Siv

        There was no sarcasm. Read my reply to ‘kgelner’ below.

        I own several Apple (and Google) products so I have vested interested in keeping up to date with Apple. Also I do not hate Apple, I just hate the fanboys/iSheep that blindly follow it.

      • Qiren_94

        Not sure if don’t understand sarcasm, or just simply dumb.

    • Haha. I think the sarcasm of this post has been greatly misunderstood 🙂

    • Mark

      I felt the same too when I saw the headline. Haha

    • I think apple isnt dumb, so in my point of view his letting samsung get some head in the market and maybe in a near future his gona show up some amazing new technology that they maybe have being testing for quite a time now.

      Just my opinion.

  • triggerfiend

    wow aapple is doom!

    • Sporadic

      English, please?

  • Bob

    I see Christian is into yellow journalism.

    • Occassionally

      • ap3604

        Definition: Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers.

        Whatever it takes to get the page clicks huh Christian? 😉

      • I think you missed the point of this post. I’m not even sure you went passed the headline.

      • AMB_07

        When most of you guys here pretend to be actual journalists I think it is understandable that some of us might want to skip some of the usual crappy “articles” presented on your site.

        Especially when someone like Christian wants to think of himself as being above a trusted and reputed source like the Verge or WSJ. It just throws all credibility out of the window for me. Please don’t play innocent it just makes it worse.

      • Hyr3m

        Surely you meant “Systematically”.

  • iDB does this too, take this article title for example. How many people you think will click on this article just because of the title!

    • Dunno, but clearly my headline is meant as a sarcasm as I deconstruct the sensationalist Apple bashing. Most of the other Apple-bashing write-ups are for real.

      • Maybe it is but I’m not talking about just this title, you guys do it all the time. Every blogging site does it, it’s nothing wrong with it just don’t try & call out other sites when you guys do it as well. And I will agree this site doesn’t do Apple bashing but this site is dedicated to Apple products and Apple news so of course you wouldn’t. Other sites that might do Apple bashing cover technology news as a whole, not just Apple!

      • kgelner

        There’s no “of course” about it, other sites dedicated to Apple have hopped on the Doom Wagon plenty of times since it drives clicks.


  • Tr1pTr0p

    Apple hasn’t met the expectations? Then how about they implement those damn replaceable batteries? Removable storage? How about CHOICE that goes at least one step beyond choosing between two colors and storage size?

    • even google is moving away from removable batteries…

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Well, in my opinion, they’re making a mistake. The same goes for removable storage.

      • kgelner

        Since Apple and Google are both doing the same thing then obviously your opinion has some flaws.

      • bw00ds

        No, Tr1pTr0p is the consumer. His opinion is not flawed. Just because two corporations, granted major corporations, are moving in the same direction does not necessarily mean it is the best for the consumer.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Both are doing the same thing, hence I think they are both making a mistake when it comes to this. I don’t think that (in this case) my opinion has flaws, but you don’t seem to realize I don’t actually have to blindly follow either side. There is a thing called the middle ground and I’m glad I’m a part of it.

      • Manuel Molina

        Yes but it’s to save room for all those huge batteries they put in their phone anyways.

    • removable battery? Most OEMs are moving away from way (ie, HTC One and Nexus 4) removable storage? As long as streaming picks up steam, I don’t see this being an issue. I love the fact that I can watch my iTunes/Amazon shows with downloading them to my device. Apps take up enough space. Even as a frequent traveler, there are plenty of options.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        The main reason OEMs are switching to non-replaceable batteries and none expandable storage is extra profit, not convenience or design. Look at the iPhone. By limiting the user to only several storage options, and cleverly pricing them, Apple easily makes a fortune. The 64GB iPhone 5 costs $200 more than the base 16GB version. If the base model offered expandable storage, user could easily expand storage up to 80GB for only $40 extra, which would only hurt Apple’s profits, which is not something they’d appreciate.
        I’m all for streaming and cloud storage, but until network coverage improves to the point where streaming is even possible, I’ll need to carry around my external HDD. That isn’t really a problem at this point as much as waiting several minutes for this page to load while I’m tethered to a slow 0.1G network. I’m also a traveler. 😉

      • Jason

        Memory cards have their own problems. I’ve seen a number of friends with phone data lost due to cremated memory cards – these were quality ones too not cheap fake ones. Which leads us nicely to the massive fake card problem that makes one doubt even reputable suppliers always get it right. So you can keep your memory cards thanks, I just use mine to backup my phone data and that’s it.

  • Anybody who doesn’t want their skanky old shares of AAPL can please give them to me. Thanks.

  • trumpet444

    “stock manipulators”…….otherwise known as the fed

    • micaiah


  • Siv

    If the situation was reversed and Apple’s stocks were rising, you would be praising the analysts. Double standards at its best, Mr Zibreg.

    • kgelner

      That’s because it would show some signs of sanity. Apple itself is prospering with increased sales across the board. So in fact rational analysts would be predicting a gain. Instead analysts run for the hills with every rise in sales, and drive Apple to a P/E that’s an order of magnitude worse than Amazon or Google – even though Apple currently has better prospects for growth in multiple markets!

  • The most ignorant ones are the ones who say Apple is doomed because of Steve Jobs death, and give no further reasons why.

    • Qiren_94

      Yep, there are those idiots everywhere. It has been 2 years since his death and Apple is doing fine.
      And those feng shui masters from China and Hong Kong actually said that Tim Cook will have much more ideas than Jobs after 2 years since he begin as CEO, LOL.

      • Guy

        Actually the really funny bit is that many of the same people used to say that Jobs had little to do with Apple’s success, that it was all fanbois or other equally stupid argument. Now that he’s dead, it’s all “Apple won’t make it without Jobs.” Wish they’d make up their minds

  • Wanna know how can apple can become more success by dropping all the apple product to lower prices because if it high no one can affort it to buy it apple shoul be like Microsoft with lower prices on computer and table 🙂 and it’s about time to do some business with flash on table people will buy more table apple then Microsoft why people buy Microsoft table because of “FLASH” that’s the only problem the apple have 🙂

    • ClaudieX X

      English please!!

    • kgelner

      If it’s so expensive how is it then it’s by far the top selling tablet and in the U.S. the top selling smart phone on all of the carriers that carry the iPhone?

      The iPhone with contract goes as low as free.

    • Ahmed Karoui

      A whole paragraph without a single “full stop” or “comma” ?

    • Guy

      You mean lower prices like retail WIndows 8 vs OS X? Oh wait…

  • ExRoot

    Why on earth are people who have no financial stake in this company so effected by it? It’s like mass hypnosis!

  • bw00ds

    If many in the media are reporting that Apple is doomed, then the opposite is probably quite true. (Disclaimer: I am no Apple fan. I’m not an Apple hater, either.)

  • AndyDontCare

    A question mark tells you Gizmodo is desperate for views? Go look at the steaming shit they write and you’ll see how desperate they need to be.

  • GalaxyNoteFTW96

    I love my Mac, but i hate the iDevices. This is why i have a Galaxy Note 2. I dont want Apple to fail, since they make the best possible computers one can buy, but they really are going to go down at some point if they dont step it up with iOS.

  • apple will fall soon but not yet

  • chjode

    Amazon is not a private company. They are publicly traded.

  • Hyr3m

    “All of Wall Street runs its spreadsheets on Apple devices, by the way…”
    Woah Christian! I’m glad you didn’t pull that conjecture out of your ass again; otherwise it would’ve been really bad…

    It might have been relevant to mention how another one of his guest then explained how the stock market is influenced by expectations. You know, give the answer to the subject of the article… maybe ?

  • Manuel Molina

    Have an issue with the article or website, don’t read it. Simple. The article is what it is, and if you didn’t get it, then I’m sure he will try to ensure that you understand the sarcasm the next time around.

    I’m not sure why people base on here so much, but rush every 5 seconds to check here when a jailbreak is needed and those other “awesome sites” fail to publish that form of news.

  • Hyr3m

    Only one question remains: When does Doom 4 come out ? 😛