Have you ever wanted to be able to quickly know what directions you’re heading to just by looking at your iPhone Status bar? Well, me neither, but I’m sure there is someone out there with a need for this new tweak by jailbreak dev Rud0lf77 called DirectionBar.

As you might have guessed by now, DirectionBar adds a handy live compass to your Status bar. Simply pull out your iPhone from your pocket, hit the Home button to wake your device, and look for the little compass pointing to the North…

DirectionBar comes with a set of nine different compass icons, but if that’s not enough for you, you may find some more on Cydia – although I have to say a quick search for “compass icon” on Cydia didn’t return any relevant results. I’m guessing that because the tweak is new, custom compass icons haven’t been added to Cydia yet, and it might just be a matter of time.

DirectionBar icons

Those of you with Photoshop skills can also create their own icons and load them up to /Library/ApplicationSupport/StatusCompass via SSH or your favorite file browser.

The compass icon is updated in real time but you might notice a slight delay when the device was just unlocked or when the Springboard just started. Even though I haven’t played extensively with the DirectionBar, I’m happy to report that it works just as advertised.

Now there is the battery concern. Will using DirectionBar drain your battery? I’m not sure but what I can tell you is that I lost 4% of battery in the 10-15 minutes I was playing with DirectionBar, although I’ll admit I performed a few resprings, which never really help battery wise.

This being said, you can download DirectionBar for free in Cydia via the ModMyI repo. If you do give it a try, please make sure to share your thoughts about the tweak in the comment section.

  • Why ?

    • JoshS

      Why not? I don’t get why people are get so worked up about these kinds of tweaks. It’s a cool, little addition to your status bar that you can use if you want. I like it a lot.

      • Who’s getting worked up ? Not me , sounds like you are because I said why..
        I didn’t say it was a stupid . I didn’t say it was great , I just said why…and you jump to a conclusion assumed I was saying it was naff . Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.. And all this from the word.. why..

      • Guest

        Dude, it’s just that people are generally annoyed by you, because you spam everywhere with your shit that nobody wants to read.

      • No one is forcing you to read it ! … Was there a gun to your head ?

      • It’s shits like you that have brought this blog down .. And it’s posters like me who have been coming to here for a few years now have to deal with people like you who think they invented jailbreaking …

    • Jan

      Could be handy if you are a traveller.

  • Does this drain battery life?

    • It’s like having the Compass open all the time, so yes, it drains a bit, but it shouldn’t be that much drain.

  • JoshS

    As for the battery concern..I left my phone unplugged the entire night after I downloaded it and saw very minimal loss of battery life. At least on standby, this tweak is safe.

    • That’s because you didn’t use your phone, which means DirectionBar wasn’t working on finding out your location. The tweak only turns on when your iPhone screen is on I assume.

      • Correct, the Tweak “pauses” when the Screen gets dimmed, that’s why there might be a short delay after unlocking.

  • I like this tweak because I have a terrible sense of direction. My only gripe is that it’s far too close to the little spinning wheel when something is loading and it looks awkward. If that sounds OCD it’s because I have OCD. : )

    • Carlos Hernandez

      That’s cause ur a jackass.

      • C’mon use some netiquette here no need for name calling sir.

      • No Whammy

        Try not to be a sweater vest, Jason.

      • Right.

      • Ummmm, no. You’re apparently the jackass.

  • Bob

    It would be awesome if it only worked when you tap it, otherwise it wastes battery, a lot.

    • deepdvd

      At least have an option to disable it in Settings. Maybe a SBSettings toggle? It’s a fun tweak.

  • So. It doesn’t work here at all =/

    I thought the idea is super cool, but the needle will just stay still in my iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0.1.

    • Please make sure Location Services and Compass Calibration are enabled in the iOS Settings. Maybe it isn’t working on iOS 5 at all, I don’t have iOS 5 Devices anymore to test.

      • Thanks for replying!

        Tweak is looking great, but I reinstalled it so I could double check, but it really didn’t work. Location Services and Compass Calibration are on.

      • Hm, then it actually is iOS 6-only, gonna add a Depends soon.

  • kool tweak but i have no use for it ..

  • LOL that “me neither” part made me laugh more than I should.

  • Leo

    Rudolf… start selling ur tweaks bro… id support you all the way kid.

  • Drained my battery 10% in 5 hours.. looks awesome on the status bar, but it isn’t worth keeping because of the excessive battery drainage.. 🙁

  • Goku63

    Is this working for iPod touch 4g?

    • Nope, iPod Touch 4 does not have a compass.

      • Goku63

        I was so looking forward to this… ;(

  • Guest

    Why the fuck doesn’t it tell u weather ur going south was or west?? It just has a N sign on it! Gay!

    • No Whammy


  • Carlos Hernandez

    Why the fuck doesn’t it tell u ur going south, east, or west? It only has. N for north on it!! Fuckin crap tweak, come on guys if ur gonna make a tweak make it good from start to end! Lazy ass!

    • Actually you are right there should be an option for pointing to east so Muslims can know where to pray I’m not Muslim but I can guess they would like that idea?

      • EpicFacepalm

        There are plenty of apps on App Store for free for this. And no, it’s not always East. They are facing to Saudi Arabia I think. Which may be East if you are in United States.

      • Well this blog is mainly filled with people from the states and is from the states I was just saying from this side it would be east I know from other countries it would be different

    • As you call me lazy, I guess you think that you are not, that would mean that you are just too stupid to learn developing or why don’t you develop yourself?

      • I thought this app was really useful, but I’m going to uninstall it because of your unprofessional reply. You should really learn how to handle criticism better for future updates or apps.

      • Guest


  • Isa Altintas

    Looks like an awesome battery eater

  • Drebies

    Great App! I guess people didnt learn how compasses work. N points north, you should be able to figure out your headed WEST if north is pointing to the right.