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Phil Schiller, although probably the most active Twitter user of the Apple executive team, doesn’t tweet much. And when he does, it’s usually generic things like “new Flipboard app for iPhone is very nice,” or “way to go Giants!!!”

But the Worldwide Marketing SVP switched things up a bit this morning, tweeting out a very deliberate link to a new mobile malware report by F-Labs that slams Android for its malware issues, telling folks to “be safe out there…”

Here’s the tweet, which has been making the rounds today in the tech world:

Among a number of other things, the report shows the recent growth in mobile threats—particularly on the Android platform. Google’s OS accounted for a staggering 79% of the 301 major mobile threats that surfaced in 2012.

schiller malware report

Apple’s iOS on the other hand, which has been praised for its platform security in the past, only accounted for 0.7% of security threats last year. That’s just a hair more than Windows Phone and BlackBerry, with many more users.

If you’re wondering why Schiller’s tweet is garnering so much attention, it’s because Apple, and its executives, typically maintains a quiet public presence. But perhaps with all of the bad press lately, it’s trying to change the conversation.

What do you think, good move or bad move by Schiller?

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  • I just like the fact that he writes like any other human even though he has a sensitive job, unlike any other celebrity out there

    • Siv

      How do celebrities write? Like aliens?

    • Kurt

      A fat executive is a celebrity?

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    The tweet said, “Be SAFE out there” not ‘careful’

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Captn’ Obvious.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        It wasn’t Obvious to the writer of this article. That’s why I pointed out the mistake and It has been fixed.

  • Siv

    An act of desperation. Apple’s time is up.

    • Metroview

      I know right? Look at the screenshots in the PDF…. they’re from Android 1.5! Cupcake! I thought Apple and F-Secure was better than this. Definitely an act of desperation.

    • wait motherf***er…just wait.

  • Well_Said

    I love Apple products but com’on don’t take us for granted, be more innovative rather than court lawsuits and slow incremental product release.

    • be patient….just be patient…..they work for years on a single product…not like shamesung who launch 10-12 phone in a year.

      • Well it’s a shame. Coz shamesung innovate for all 10-12 phones but Apple can’t keep up for 1 phone alone.

      • felixtaf

        Innovate for 10-12 phones? Oh come on…. Galaxy s2, s2 at&t, s2 tmobile, s2 epic 4g, s2 plus…. S3, s3 mini… S duos… U mean that kind of innovation? They will never release a latest update for the previous device… Forcing u to buy the latest one. Galaxy note I747 s still waiting for 4.1 jellybean… While stock android phones already on 4.2.2!

      • lol fool….. first of all … DEFINE “INNOVATION” and DEFINE “RESIZING”
        There are thousands of Android phones competing against 3 Apple phones….yet Apple has got more sales (in US)

        Samsung and Google on the other hand are being so desperate that they are continuously adding features in every next phone they release….what will happen after few years ?!
        and at that moment, apple will rise….because they have ideas which your Shamesung guys can ONLY COPY….

        Apple is being patient at the moment…and I’m with them … I, and perhaps Apple, don’t care if you FAGDROIDS overpower them by gloating and blabbering about your rubbish insecure laggy OS….they know that you guys only lick balls of customisation and free apps.

      • Qiren_94

        What did Samsung “innovate” besides releasing phones larger than an average person’s palms and then relies totally on Google?
        get your facts straight, Google is the innovative one, not Box Maker Samsung.

  • Metroview

    Apple doesn’t have much malware because it’s so damn closed and limited. Android is open, limitless, and it’s people who are dumb enough to enable Unknown Sources for places they know nothing about, or falling for a tactic, just like phishing sites and emails.

    • dumbass ! it’s because it runs UNIX kernel !

      Mac OS X also runs UNIX kernel and has root access but have you heard anything about malware attack on iOS/Mac ! there “were” few malwares that too because of scumbag Java.

      iOS Jailbreaking is completely different scene, it focuses on finding bug in kernel and exploiting it for root access…

      you Apple haters are just pieces of shit that don’t know anything yet blabber about iOS being “limited”/”closed” etc. I am happy that iOS is closed because i don’t want to get my private data get infected….


    • Metroview is right. Receiving malware is user’s fault completely, and independent of OS. Android have security feature. If you turn it off, it’s your responsibility. Same in IOS.

      The report says, there are 79% mobile threats for Android bcoz, it’s most popular system based on market share. Similar case with Windows and OSX. because roughly 90% computers have windows that’s why almost 100% threats and malwares are developed for windows.

      • felixtaf

        So you are saying that, more popular = more virus/malware, not bcoz they r insecure???

    • felixtaf

      Leave the open vs closed arguement… Why the Playstore has malware apps? OS is open – Agreed… Y shud u open the Playstore to sell virus & malwares?

      • + they accept apps which require root access….how dumb !

    • Qiren_94

      Yeah, ok, agreed, it’s closed and limited, and that is what makes is more secure.
      Now explain why are there apps with malware and viruses in the Google PlayStore? When I download apps from the OFFICIAL Store, I expect them to be problem free and perfect? Why do they allow such crappy apps on their store?

      • Metroview

        have you even used the play store? no you haven’t. as of now i’m sitting on 212 apps, all installed from the play store, and have no malware whatsoever. and don’t act like the walled appstore is perfect when there’s times they had their moments of malware and data thiefs.

      • Qiren_94

        What if I tell you that, yes, I have used the Play Store. For 4 years in fact, since the day when it was
        still called “Android Marketplace” (My first smartphone was the HTC Hero, just recently switched to iPhone 5). And currently I have 529 apps over the years.
        While I haven’t encountered any malware or virus apps, a few of my not-so-tech-savvy friends and acquaintances have had them before, a few times in fact.
        The App Store isn’t perfect, yes, but the fact that it is better than Google Play remains, not to mention that the Apps also have better quality, and there are also more tablet optimized apps. I agree that there are data thefts, but certainly no malware issues, with the App Store.

  • Truly an act of desperation. iOS is fading insofar as innovation is concerned and must turn this around if they are to be ‘magical’. It just works, but the problem is it just works about the same as it did 3 years ago aside from minor OS changes and Apple is not keeping pace with Android (read: Samsung). I’m a long time iPhone user and am seriously considering the Galaxy S4.

    • Metroview

      Do it man. I went from iPhone 5 to Galaxy S3 recently and haven’t looked back at all. First feeling you get when setting up your phone: freedom, and damn it feels good.

      • lagging piece of s***, no thanks

      • Metroview

        Can’t knock what you haven’t tried. Enjoy that same old tired slightly-upgraded-every-year un-innovative OS!

      • Siv

        Maybe so with the S3 but the Nexus 4 is an AOSP device; Android how Google intended it, and let me tell you…it wipes iOS off the map. Like comparing a child’s learning software with Windows 7.

      • felixtaf

        U may have to reset it every other week or month (if u r running plenty applications), to get a smooth experience. Thats android. Wiping iOS out f map n all crap things happen when android in all devices have a lagless work… I mentioned already, my iPhone 4s is Jailbroken with nearly 100 apps installed (No lag whatsoever). Do try with Nexus 4…. U will kno, who can wipe who and what! Project butter is not buttery enuf! PS – I have tried this in Nexus 7 and Droid razr maxx… Not 100 less than 50 is enuf!

      • Siv

        I haven’t wiped my device once. Running as smooth as when I first turned on the device.

      • If you know anything about phones, you should know what phone competes with what. The S3 doesn’t lag, the Droid DNA doesn’t lag, The Razr M, Razr HD (including the Maxx Version) Don’t lag. Those are iPhone 5 competitors. The Razr Maxx was old before it came out. And My old Droid X2 (on a custom ROM) runs better than it’s competitor at the time, the iPhone 4. My X2 has a dual-core with Tegra 2, and no one heres me complaining about how i cant play the newest games 3 years later….. JUST SAYING.

      • felixtaf

        If u read my comment carefully u will know. I compared a 4s with droid razr maxx (2011 oct vs 2012 jan). 800mhz vs 1.2 ghz dual core. And i never mentioned about iPhone 5!

      • Leo

        i trade my gs3 for the iPhone 5 and there is no way in hell ill look back to a laggy product attached to a crappy piece of plastic… yuck!! anyways iphne out sells samsung.. its been confirmed 😉

      • Metroview

        Hey at least I can drop my “crappy piece of plastic” and not have it shatter! Not to mention that the edges of my phone doesn’t reveal silver with normal wear! 😉

      • Z3r0ViP

        Dude search iPhone 5 vs S3 drop test and watch the video. U’re an idiot.

      • Drop test are dicks. It does not provide any meaningful info. Why would I want to buy a product if it can survive a drop. If that’s the case buy Nokia 1100. You will be good for life.

        Search iPhone 5 vs Nokia 1100 drop test and watch the video.

      • Z3r0ViP

        Well to begin, you’re not that smart as I thought if you cant consider what to get between iPhone 5 and Nokia 1100. Plus, Metroview said he can drop his “crappy piece of plastic” and not have it shattered. I pointed that he should see the drop test because iPhone 5 last until the ultimate test while his “crappy piece of plastic” didnt even last the second test.

      • JoeCoxon

        Well put Z3r0ViP, looks like someone didn’t read the convo properly.

        Why has this blogs comments just become constant arguing anyway?

        I have the iphone 5 but android has also improved now so i’ll check out the s4 and consider it. That doesn’t mean i’ll be talking shit about the other platform. Get whatever suits you best and just shut up.

        I’m all for a decent discussion but the defensive, insecure moaning on here is just pathetic. Can we all grow up and discuss the pro’s and con’s of both with an open mind like proper tech fans?

      • Living in an age where people believe paid off youtube videos. If you really think most new android phones are weaker that way then the iPhone, try it yourself dumb ass. I promise your wrong.

      • Leo

        well i dropped my i5 in the toilet and survived. something cheap plastic wont do. and regarding drop to ground test the iphone 5 is more resistant than gs3 i dropped my gs3 once getting of my car and the screen shattered.

      • Oh it shatters. I’ve seen plenty of drop tests.

      • It’s confirmed, huh? Android out sells iOS, it’s confimed. Millions more Android devices are sold around the world then Apples. When you own an Apple device, your their bitch. When you own a Google device, you already can do what you want, way more than you can on iOS, and Google doesn’t throw a fit when you don’t do something they like.

      • Z3r0ViP

        I’ve used the S3 until it dropped from my pocket and the screen shatters. Switched to i5 and about a week ago it fell from my hand as a guy bumped into me. It flew about 15 feet, I checked, barely a scratch. Also, calling people “dumbass” doesnt make you smart, only makes yourself looks like a fool.

      • its funny as hell theres two 6 6 need one more need one more

    • Siv

      Agree with Metroview, except my first Android device was the Nexus 4. It surpasses iOS in every way.

      • gflouwer

        ha me too went from iPhone 4s to nexus 4 and I’m loving it :] no looking back

    • I switched Galaxy S3 from iPhone 4 about 5 months ago and I could not believe myself how much I was missing. It was hard initially to get familiar with new OS but then I simply love it. Everything is so much easier.

      I also purchased iPhone 5 last Saturday for my wife and I had choice to keep it But I could not convince myself to use iPhone. I am getting S4 or Note 3 as soon as it hits market. 🙂

      • Kurt

        I’m switching to Note 3 this summer also from my iphone 4S…Best phone out now is the Note 2. So Note 3 will be incredible! iPhones are just too buggy since iOS 6.

  • Its great to read the people still feels like this vs that…the world is about diversity…who cares whats better the important is that you like it!

  • AMB_07

    The fact that I see screenshots of what appears to be either Android 1.5 or 2.x really doesn’t help with these statistics’ credibility. Unless these have been tested on Android 2.3.x, 4.x or 4.1.x (the overwhelming majority of android users in the world), there’s really nothing to see here. Of course this is purely based on the screeshots, again.

    Unless you easily fall victim to email phishing & scams, there’s really virtually no way to get malware on your phone (especially if you’re on 4.x or higher). Just download from the Play Store and/or from trusted sources and you should be perfectly fine. Oh and keep the ”Unknown Sources” options turned off at all time.

    • felixtaf

      Btw y phishing & scam emails dnt affect iOS? R those emails sent only to android users? Or they alone r dump enuf to open a phishing email? And almost 95% of rooting procedure requires to open the unknown sources. Can the rooting tool be a phishing scam?

      • AMB_07

        Email phishing is primarily a PC/Mac problem but it is possible for it to occur on mobile devices and iOS could just as much be threatened as Android. After all there have been serious security flaws in iOS in the past like the pdf vulnerability that was actually exploited to help jailbreak.

        In order to root a device you need to enable developer mode, not the unknown sources. These are not the same thing. In other devices you may need to put them in “download” mode. Rooting is in every way comparable to jailbreaking and since we pretty much all know what jailbreaking means here I really don’t understand your point in calling it a phishing scam.

        But I figure from your tone that you just plain hate Android…

      • felixtaf

        I have used and using android devices too. Rooting does ask you to turn on USB debugging mode and Unknown sources. I have rooted many phones. Each procedure will be more or less same. Even popular app Titanium backup will ask you to turn on usb debugging and unknown sources. If u dnt bliv me, jus install it n open… Never compared rooting as a phishing scam, it was jus a sarcastic question!

      • AMB_07

        Allow me to doubt that my good sir. I have a GS3 and a Nexus 7 both are rooted and both have never required me to enable unknown sources, ever. If you think about it that doesn’t make sense at all. Unknown sources is meant to allow to sideload apps, something you absolutely do not need in order to root.

        Plus unknown sources is meant to be used one time only, i.e. you enable it install your thing and then disable it.
        This is not part of the rooting process and you can just as easily get by with using only the Play Store which is the safest place to get apps from.

        Also I have Titanium backup and no it does not ask for me to turn on the unknown sources, it’s a root-only app and so I need to root in order to use it. It does tell you that it would work better with USB DEBUGGING turned on but I never turned it on and it always worked just fine.
        If it was asking me to turn on unknown sources that would mean that it wants to install an app by itself which would in turn make it a phishing scam which it is not since it comes from one of the most respected Android developer.

      • felixtaf

        Hard to agree. Bcoz every root process i used for different phones, askd me to turn on debugging n unknown sources. Also I uninstalled and reinstalled Titanium backup now. It did ask me to turn on unknown sources in Razr maxx. (Titanium backup is a gifted app – im using it in evry android phones i used to clear bloatware, its not a crap)… I jus mentioned. Also, many people frget to turn off unknown sources (obviously their fault)!

      • AMB_07

        Do you have the free version? If so I just looked it up and it does ask for unknown sources, my mistake. I’ve always had the PRO version and that one doesn’t ask for more than USB Debugging.

      • felixtaf

        Yes… I use the free version. It serves me well(jus to remove bloatwares). And i have no issues with that too. I jus pointed out a fact. (Titanium backup works well even if u dont turn on the unknown sources). All root methods, except Odin methods ask for unknown sources to be on!

  • Alright, alright, let Apple debut the iPad 5, iPhone 5S, and iOS 7 before we get all melodramatic here folks. Apple takes shots and other companies take shots at each other as well. I mean look at AT&T and T-Mobile (completely different market, I know), but that’s how it works. But I won’t lie, Apple needs to step it up with iOS 7.

  • To the idiots saying “an act of desperation”, well, you’re idiots.

    I’m not sure how a software platform with horrible fragmentation issues, rampant malware problems, loaded onto cheap plastic usually with additional gimmicks surpasses iOS. Freedom? Having to root your phone to remove all the crapware, to get it to work properly? What a joke.

    I’d rather pay for a beautifully designed phone with a solid operating system, get my firmware updates promptly and on time, and not have to worry about if this app will work on my phone, or if my brand new phone will ever get updated from 2009’s operating system.

    To each his own I guess. Just my two cents.

    • well these fagdroids are only after customisation and shit…that’s why they don’t like iOS.
      they root it, show off their ROM….and when it begins to lag….restore their phone to stock OS.

      i have many fagdroid friends who keep on doing this thing.

      • Siv

        You need to work on your punctuation, grammar and spelling…oh and your taste in electronics. Because they are all awful.

    • Siv

      Rampant malware problems? Gimmicks? Fragmentation?

      Wow, you iSheeple really do love your rhetoric don’t you? Not an ounce of validity to what you just said. Please elaborate on these “gimmicks”. Because as far I see, NFC, wireless charging, etc (which the iPhone does not have) are anything but “gimmicks”.

      As for malware problems, well its pretty simple…you have to be a complete idiot (i.e yourself) to infect your phone with malware. You talk as if Google Play is infected with viruses. More than likely, malware will be in cracked apps on the net so it will affect pirates more than the average user.

      I only agree with you on one point, from aesthetical perspective, yes the iPhone does look better. But if Apple doesn’t step up its game, it won’t be long till its surpassed in the looks department as well.

  • The next iphone will track your breathing to check wether you about to have heart attack!

  • rosssimpson

    I have an iPad and an S3 so whilst all you little Android and apple fan freaks are too closed minded, I’m enjoying the freedom of Android and the stability of iOS. You lot don’t know what you’re missing on both platforms because they’re so different.

    • Qiren_94

      Same here. I have an iPhone 5 and a Galaxy Note 10.1, and i’m enjoying them both, too bad the rest of the population here just can’t seem to understand why is that possible.

  • ExRoot

    Poor taste. Would not have expected that from an Apple Exec.

  • Love my Mac for this exact same reason. 3 years in with my MBP= ZERO viruses, ZERO Malware, & ZERO times that I have to re-format.

  • “Be safe out there”

    The same can be said when using iOS maps.

  • So when people switch from iOS to Android because iOS is just to bland, you decide to talk unrealistic statistics? I have not once seen an actual virus hit an android phone (I know they exist), not even th4 7-8 that I have, Or the hundreds I’ve worked on. This this is fucking stupid. Every device can get virus’, it’s who decides what language they want to code in when making it. Obviously android is a larger target then Apple, just like Microsoft, because they have a larger customer base. I love the iPhone, but its old, it’s boring. And I can’t do shit with it stock. Any question as to why Android is seeing a higher number in customers? News flash: There are more Android users then iOS users, so no shit evil nerds are going to code for an OS that has more people to affect. Again like i just stated, Remember everyone who owned a mac was virus free? (cough* bullshit) That’s ‘cuz no one used to own a Mac so what was the point in writing a virus for them…