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When it comes to getting rid of those little red bubbles that hover over your app icons, there’s been no shortage of options in Cydia. Let’s see, there was BadgeClear, BadgeRemover and No Badges, to name a few.

But unfortunately, most of these tweaks either haven’t been updated for iOS 6 or cost money, making them non-options for a lot of folks. And that’s where the new jailbreak package Clear Badges comes in…

The tweak itself is dead simple. It doesn’t have an icon, and there are no options to configure. Simply install it from Cydia, go to your home screen, and put your apps in wiggle mode by long-tapping one of them.

Once the icons are wiggling, you can get rid of any badge by double-tapping it. And for those of you who don’t want to remove each badge individually, there’s a compatible ‘Clear All’ SBSettings toggle available.

I know there’s nothing groundbreaking here. Springtomize 2—and I’m sure other tweaks—do the exact same thing. But for those looking for a free, iOS 6-compatible badge-deleter, this is as good an option as any.

If you’re interested, you can find Clear Badges in Cydia, in the Big Boss repo. And again it’s free.

  • kd


  • wonderboydave

    too bad it doesnt work while u press clear via notification center.

  • tao

    simple and effective and free !!! 🙂

  • Jeffrey Yeo

    Battery Doctor Pro have a clear badge function too…. and much much more,,, and is also FREE

    • queen_ir3ne

      What’s the course for Battery Docotor Pro?

      • Jeffrey Yeo

        I don’t understand what u mean by “course”… if u meant the price it is free.

      • queen_ir3ne

        Lol oops, I meant source.

      • Jeffrey Yeo

        LOL… it is under BigBoss repo. u search batterydoctorpro and it return something in Chinese 金山电池医生专业版. Dont worry as the app is totally in english… Cheers!

    • but it drains out battery very much!

      • Jeffrey Yeo

        i’m not sure why u have this problem but i have no draining battery issues

  • Battery Doctor pro is the best and only tweak necessary to manage iOS efficiently. It has the best UI in any jailbreak tweak I have ever seen and the notification centre widget is absolutely stunning and does clear badges and MUCH more. It can easily replace SBSettings or NCSettings… It is one of the lesser known but one of the most amazing..

    • qaasd

      I agree with you 100%, for me it replaced ncsettings+quicklock+bgremover+badge clear.. amazing app !!

    • Agreed…!!!! Its the best out there, made me remove NCSettings and quicklock, and i just love the UI

    • Benja

      Where is this function within battery doctor pro? I’m not able to find it

  • is there a tweak (it was badgeclear on ios5) which does clear badges after I clear notifications from notification center??

  • Springtomize has the exact same feature as this.

    Still prefer Battery Doctor Pro.

  • To get rid of the 1 on just get softwareupdatekiller. Therefore you’ll never accidently update your device OTA.

  • I’ve searched for Battery Doctor Pro and can’t find it.

    • The name starts with some Chinese characters. I had this problem too. go to BigBoss repo and scroll down to end, then start scrolling up, u’ll get it. I got that in the same way. 😛

  • is there a cydia app that does this like how Android clears badges? And what I mean is that if you clear it from the notification center, it also clears the badge as well

    • Tikimaker

      I had a hell of a time finding it too. I downloaded the deb after googling it then once installed it required an update when I finally saw the title was in Chinese. Of course I did all of this before I saw your post.

  • Benja

    Where is this function within Battery Doctor Pro? Cannot find 🙁

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Ya, had it. It was causing issues and I had to uninstall. Worked well til something crashed my sb.