Everyone loves a good fight, especially in the highly-contentious mobile carrier arena. Not to disappoint, spunky T-Mobile is expected to wallop one-time suitor AT&T in a series of upcoming newspaper ads.

The ads feature the corner of AT&T’s recent ‘Truth about T-Mobile’ advertisements, asking readers whether the rival carrier may be getting nervous. In another, a snarky T-Mobile asks if their network performance is so bad, why did AT&T try to acquire the smaller network in 2011…

Although not yet released (but reported via TMoNews), the three ads apparently are T-Mobile’s response to full-page AT&T spots published earlier this month which question the speed and reliability of T-Mobile’s network.

In one ad, T-Mobile asks whether AT&T is sweating over the carrier considering dropping the standard industry 2-year contract. In another, the carrier suggests AT&T is being kept up at night worried about competing against T-Mobile.

T-Mobile CMO Mike Sievert wasn’t impressed and wrote in an email to Bloomberg:

Wow. Looks like we struck a chord. AT&T doth protest too much. Glad they’re spending their money to print our name.

Here’s one of T-Mobile’s response ads.

T-Mobile anti-ATT ad

The copy reads:

If AT&T thought our network wasn’t great, why did they try to buy it?

If you have seen AT&T’s recent advertising campaign, someone is obviously worried. What’s most surprising to us is the disparaging tone of these ads given AT&T’s failed attempt to buy us in 2011. Well don’t take their word for it about network quality.

See the facts for yourself at t-mobile.com/coverage.

New York-based AT&T was looking to acquire the carrier two years ago. True, before US regulators nixed the proposed merger, AT&T was talking up T-Mobile.

T-Mobile coverage web page

But as the Verge notes, AT&T only had eyes for T-Mobile’s infrastructure.

“As in most carrier mergers, T-Mobile’s spectrum was probably it’s biggest attraction,” writes the news outlet.

Here are the remaining two ads T-Mobile put together.

T-Mobile ATT response ad 003

T-Mobile ATT response ad 002

In other words, AT&T likely saw T-Mobile only as a stepping stone to boost LTE coverage and compete with Verizon Wireless. Besides, T-Mobile has also proposed similar strip-mining of spectrum owned by regional carrier MetroPCS.

att truth ad

Despite AT&T’s size advantage (107 million subscribers versus 33 million T-Mobile customers), the carrier led by CEO John Legere has actively distanced itself from competitors. Legere has trash-talked AT&T, calling its rival’s New York network “crap” while also back-handing its other competitor Sprint.

Along with a poison-tongued chief executive, T-Mobile wants to kill carriers’ golden goose: locking customers into two-year contracts with expensive escape clauses.

As T-Mobile will begin selling the iPhone soon – one of the main reasons consumers would jump carriers – little wonder the stage is now set for a good ol’ bare knuckle street fight.

Not the best thing for carriers, but should be entertaining for us consumers, no?

  • tmobile suuuuscks as bad as the lame suck androids they have been forced to service on for the past 5 years…lool tmobile android and samsung can all go to hell

    • Falk M.

      The way you talk and never contribute valuable parts to the comments of this site sucks way more than their network does.

      I mean, sure, that’s not really a benchmark, but yeah, their network is indeed good in some regions.

      And if you think any carrier in the US is halfway decent I suggest you try out some European countries, you’ll get jelly.

      Not even your rather big cities have proper coverage and/or speeds, yes, including T-Mobile.

      I’m not saying they are flawless, in fact no carrier in the US is actually REMOTELY close to being generally good (and I’m excluding anything that’s not a city, too!).

      Oh and please, will you start talking in a more mature manner.

      “suuuuscks [sic]”, “lame suck androids”, “lool” (oh please, will you stress your lols and hahas in future a little more?), “can all go to hell” you must hate choice and competition a lot… You truly want oligopolies and monopolies?

      You want less choice for everyone, just because you’ve made your decision?

      Hate Samsung, Google, etc all you want, but if you really think that Apple would please us all better without competition, then I have bad news for you.

      Just think of Android taking all the “crap ideas” (if you want to stay in your little world of ignorance) and realizing them into finished (or unfinished if again, you chose to stay ignorant) products, taking some of the demand for “bad ideas” away from Apple.

      And if you feel offended for how I’m speaking to you, well good Sir… What goes around, comes around.

      Grow up and you’ll face more humble replies, too.
      Don’t care about humbleness enough? Then don’t even consider complaining about the wind that’s going to hit your face for your attitudes.

    • Amillio Patino

      Angry much?

  • Jaye

    Verizon FTW.

    • umm they still cant do voice and dat on iphone in 2013 so booo verizon and sprint.. Atnt is the only option

      • Jaye

        I really don’t understand why some people need voice and data at the same time. I’d rather just concentrate on my phone call than look at porn at the same time. I can just connect to a wifi connection. Simple as that.

      • Ummm how bout to talk and surf like look up directions in apps & a number off yellowpages of a movie on fandango or pulling up a email etc. all while talkn to someone on the phone who want to say oh lemme check ill call u right back b/c I can’t talk & surf at the sametime smh FAIL!!

      • Jaye

        I wouldn’t need to do that because I’d have wifi. No point in having both data and voice. It’s something anyone can live without.

      • Yea I can live without it but I was previously AT&T customer until I thought Verizon had better coverage. They do have better phone coverage but even here in a major area of my city they have phone coverage but the data (3G) and so sloooow! And I miss talk and surf especially for maps.

      • Amillio Patino

        Because we have nation wide WIFI, right? WIFI would not be a option all the time.

      • And u can use wifi EVERYWHERE

      • I DO! … Doesn’t lag imesager or emails and such… when when you are on the phone with a boring conversation you can brows the web lol

  • To improve their network xD

  • Falk M.

    Oh snap!
    Nice comeback.

  • ap3604

    I like how T-mobile isn’t a greedy POS company the way Verizon and ATT are.

    1) They offer their customers who want less minutes the option of a $30/month – 100 minute – Unlimited Text – 5 GB data plan.

    2) They start doing away with 2 year contracts and expensive ETF fee’s.

    Hope they stay this nice when they eventually buy MetroPCS and roll out LTE nationwide over the next few years. I might even end up getting a Note II and going with the said $30/month plan above.

    • they only did that cause they had no iphone…lol watch as all those nice features go away as soon as they have the industry leading iphone in their stable..lol

      • ap3604

        T-mobile getting rid of 2 year contracts is a move that will stay regardless once they get the iPhone later this year.

      • Yeah right lol

      • ap3604

        I don’t get the “lol” at the end of your post. Doesn’t fit and seems childish in nature.

        As for the “Yeah right”, of course down the road they could switch back. But that doesn’t mean they will do it anytime soon. I’d give it at least 2 years or longer (if it works out).

      • B/c for u to seriously believe they won’t change after they get the iPhone was funny b/c I knew u really didn’t believe that & to prove that point u went on to retract your statement like come on be serious

      • Tikimaker

        Sprint got the iPhone and things didn’t change much for instance they still have unlimited data but it sucks. I had t-Mobile 4 years ago or so but the service sucked where I worked. I’ve been on AT&T since and for the most part I’m satisfied. Like most of you I want to be on a network that works so offering no contract is enticing but not worth being on a lame network.

    • You are right AT&T & Verizon are costly but you get what you pay for & that’s good service

    • The bottom line is T-Mob’s network sucks in my personal experience. Their coverage map is total BS. I have tried them two times in the last one year where they shows full 4G speed in the areas where I work and live. In actuality they don’t deliver decent 2G speed in those areas with dropped calls and poor or nill data connectivity. I have tried them with their own flagship Android devices and on unlocked iPhones.

      I am happy the T-Mob buy out did not work for AT&T because ultimately the customers won. I guess competition is necessary to have a healthy business environment and customers benefit from it. In this case where the T-Mob network actually works, lol.

      I have switched from greed AT&T to StraighTalk prepaid still using AT&T’s better network than T-Mob’s POS.

      • Amillio Patino

        StraighTalk also uses T-mobile’s POS.

    • Adrian12369

      I have that $30 a month plan. It’s great!

    • M42

      Unless you can pay cash for the full price of a phone, you’ll be on a contract. T-Mobile has a tendency not to be straight in their ads. Their unlimited data they advertise is actually capped after so much use. Their huge 4G network is a joke. It’s as scarce as two dollar bills. The nice magenta map they show in their ads displaying 4G coverage is false. All that coverage is 2G and not 3 or 4G.

  • TheAsianDVD

    I like your picture all the way at the top lol AT&T.

    But yeah, I think that’s more of a rhetorical question that T-Mobile asked.

    “Why did AT&T try to buy us”

    Hopefully this is very entertaing for consumers and we win in the end.

  • Tmobile sucks balls. They charged me $200 extra cuz according to them , i called Switzerland. Wtf i dont even know what language they speak over there and im fucking black and doubt they have black ppl living there lol. They couldnt even show me the proof that i called, they only told me that my imei number some shit i dont even remember. Then they had the nerve to ask me if i wanted to upgrade. Hellz noz, Suck these balls tmobile, these giant balls. How about you upgrade these balls in you mouth.

    • Amillio Patino

      If you talked to them like that i can see why they wouldn’t refund you.

      • I was nice the whole time until they told me they couldnt. And even though i did talk to them like that it shouldnt matter because i pay for my shit, these cock suckers

  • atnt does not have to worry about tmobile unless they sell iphones for 50% off

    • Amillio Patino

      Yea they do cheaper rate plans. Lower EFT’s, soon to be no EFT’s. And soon to be selling your Jesus Phone. 100 dollar to 50 dollar comparable rate plans do the math. Far cheaper in the long and short run. Plus T-mobile rate plans dont charge because you are using a iPhone versus Flip Phone.

  • Jesus, really? Well, I guess the majority of people don’t understand the reason for the attempt to purchase them. It certainly wasn’t for their high-quality network….

    • Anon

      It was to acquire market share and destroy competition. It was only a fail because the government intervened to prevent AT&T from becoming a monopoly.

  • T-Mobile is also about to get the iPhone, which was AT&T’s exclusive flagship device for a few years, but is now shared with Verizon and Sprint which has no doubt cost them customers.

    The difference with T-Mobile is they run UMTS (GSM) just like AT&T and will likely have iPhones that can do the one thing Verizon/Sprint iPhones can’t: simultaneous voice and data out of the box. I, for one, will jump to T-Mobile in a heartbeat if that’s the case.

    And I’m not the only one. And AT&T knows it.

  • This is funny just yesterday I was with a friend & his phone wasnt work he ask if I get service where we were at I said yeah I got full bars he cont. to keep tryn to understand his x where his bars should be then ask to use my (at&t) phone to call TMobile customer service to see what’s the problem I laugh watchn him go back & forth transfer after transfer until he just gives up & hopes 4 the best b/c it reminds me why u switch to AT&T b/c I too had numerous phone calls as such. TMobile sucks big time I don’t believe AT&T tried to buy TMobile b/c of their “call quality”

    • TMobile just offers alot of flexibility to a contract & maybe that’s to make up for their lack of reliable service

    • Amillio Patino

      And i dont believe your friends dog asked to borrow your phone to call his friends story.

  • Pretty sure it was to get more spectrum and then improve it way beyond the current T-Mobile network. Just seems like both companies are butthurt that their plan didn’t work out the way they wanted back in 2011.

    • Tony R.

      You got it! AT&T just wanted to cannibalize T-Mobile for the radio spectrum that is allocated to it. If the acquisition had worked, they probably would have folded T-Mobile into AT&T and T-Mobile as a brand would have vanished from the U.S. market within a couple of years.

  • Ooooooo they jelly.

  • ic0dex

    All 3 networks suck somewhere in the US so get over it.

  • M42

    They simply wanted to get rid of a competitor in the market, that’s all. Nobody in their right mind would want to buy a mostly 2G network because they thought that was a good network.

  • Sarah

    Stumbled upon this article today after another awful experience with At&t. Can’t believe I signed up with them, so glad to be leaving them for tmobile, even though it’s costing hundreds of dollars to cancel the at&t contract. T-mobile can have worse coverage, I really don’t care, at least I won’t be bent over a barrel in monthly fees and bullshit.

    • Tony R.

      Consider a no-contract, pay-as-you-go plan from any one of a number of companies. If you don’t like them, the cost of leaving isn’t zero, but it can be much cheaper. Look for one that operates on the (1) Verizon, (2) AT&T, or (3) Sprint network, in that order, because Verizon has the best coverage and Sprint the worst. Third-party cell phone providers lease space on one of those three networks; e.g., Virgin Mobile USA uses Sprint infrastructure. Of the three, AT&T is the only one that has a GSM network, a global standard, so if you have a GSM phone and need to travel, it will work pretty much anywhere in the world just by inserting a prepaid SIM card.

  • JustinCLI18

    Their network doesn’t suck at all. I had better consistent data service than Verizon by just a little..it depends on thenregion, and not juwt because of the service in one place.. on the same route to a city which is 2 1/2 hours away from NYC where I got on a bus to Philadelphia. But T-Mobile is on par with Verizon..seriously.

  • Mpress

    I’ve been with tmobile for 6 yrs. They are always changing…constantly. They never have the coolest phones. (Glad theyre finally getting iphone) They make up for poor data zones and call dropping with great plans. I wld advise anyone who needs access to data as they travel NOT to go with tmobile. When I’m traveling w others I notice us tmobile customers are always left twiddling our thumbs. They offered me 250MB ..(yes I said megabytes) of att when I’m out their coverage area for like $10 more a mo. Of course I laughed and told them pull up what I owe period because its time for us to depart. That’s when they made an offer I couldn’t refuse.. so I’m still with them, lol.

  • Rick Fithen

    T-Mobile? hehe. Checkout 45697 on T-Mobile… nope. AT&T here.

  • Tony R.

    AT&T wanted to buy T-Mobile for the radio spectrum that they control, nothing more. They most likely would have quickly converted T-Mobile subscribers into AT&T or GoPhone subscribers within a year or two, then would have dismantled the T-Mobile infrastructure in the United States.

    The result of the failure to acquire T-Mobile has caused AT&T to sunset their 2G service, effective January 1, 2017, which is a big pain-in-the-ass for thousands of m2m (machine-to-machine) subscribers who use AT&T’s 2G services for wireless alarm systems, automated remote system monitoring, etc. All those 2G GSM radios will need to be replaced with 3G or 4G units within the next 14 months, and for some locations 3G coverage may be poorer than 2G is now.

    I’m not a T-Mobile subscriber., and brief experience today trying to send an email as an SMS text message to a T-Mobile phone convinced me I’ll never be a T-mobile subscriber. It turns out T-Mobile silently dropped support for email-to-SMS around 2012 or 2013, but they still haven’t updated the documentation on their Web site, nearly three years later. Emails sent to T-Mobile phones simply vanish into the void, with no error messages returned to the sender. I would have alerted them about this problem, but try as I might, I can’t find way to send an email to their Webmaster, and I’m not going to waste a stamp to send a paper message to their office in Albuquerque. They demonstrate every day that they don’t care about their subscribers or potential new subscribers. Now, that sucks.

    • kochu

      I am a T-Mobile subscriber too. They really suck. I still keep them because of the cheaper plans and global free data. You get what you pay for.