In case you needed any more proof that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV is garnering iPhone-like hype, check out this new report from The New York Times. The outlet claims it has knowledge of one of the unreleased handset’s new features.

According to the scoop, the next-generation Galaxy device will sport a new page-scrolling mechanism that won’t require any sort of physical touch. Instead, it will use eye-tracking technology to sense where the user’s eyes are at on the screen…

From The Times’ report:

“Samsung’s next big smartphone, to be introduced this month, will have a strong focus on software. A person who has tried the phone, called the Galaxy S IV, described one feature as particularly new and exciting: Eye scrolling.

The phone will track a user’s eyes to determine where to scroll, said a Samsung employee who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the news media. For example, when users read articles and their eyes reach the bottom of the page, the software will automatically scroll down to reveal the next paragraphs of text.”

The source wouldn’t explain exactly how the eye-tracking works, and would not comment on whether or not we’ll see it demonstrated at this month’s media event. But he did say that the S IV’s new software features will strongly outweigh its hardware.

To back up the claim, Times’ reporter Brian Chen dug up some interesting trademarks filed by Samsung recently. The first, named “Eye Scroll,” is described exactly as the above feature is. And the second, “Eye Pause,” was filed without a description.

Admittedly, this eye-scrolling feature sounds pretty interesting. But it’s impossible to understand the gravity of it until it gets tested in the real world by reviewers and consumers. It could turn out to work as advertised, or it could end up being terrible.

Samsung is slated to unveil the Galaxy S IV at a media event on March 14. And with it being Apple’s biggest competitor, you can bet we’ll be paying close attention. It’ll be the handset that gets compared to the next-generation iPhone for months to come.

As for the next-gen iPhone, not much is known about the device. Most reports we’ve heard thus far suggest that it will be a modest upgrade from the current model, with an improved camera and flash system, and it could land as early as June.

What do you think of Samsung’s alleged eye-scrolling tech? Cool or gimmicky?

  • I’m sure this will be implemented correctly….

  • TesticularFortitude

    Sounds cool. Would love to see it in action.

    • Kurt

      2 fanboys don’t want you to see features from the ‘enemy’

      +1 btw

  • It would be awesome if it works as advertised …. iOS needs to step it up . We need another revolutionary apple moment !

    • yep! apple will need real-innovation on his upcoming products not minor hardware-software updates.

    • we need new technology, thats what apple needs to know, we’ve been stuck with the same technology for long and whatever change they gonna make nowadays i dont think it will inspire us as much as the new technology would.

      • Kurt

        What new technology? Write it out. Maybe iDB will write some articles that will be copied by other blogs and will push Apple to do something. There are far too many fanboys saying Apple is the best, and iOS is the best. It’s not. We need articles clearly pointing out what is needed. Maybe, just maybe we will get them. I’m looking forward to upgrading my iPad to the iPad 5, but when I think, it will be just faster than iPad 4 I feel like I should just wait for iPad 6. I want features. Make this device more useful. We absolutely need ‘swipeselect’ in iOS 7. I wonder if Android or wp8 has it. It’s so useful.

      • A whole new move, something like moving from key-press to touch screen. They should surprise us with something new and big. Let’s say a phone to be controlled using mind. Or a touch air device. Something totally new

      • Kurt

        Anything realistic? Of course using your mind to control the iphone sounds nice and all…

    • Apple should mesh the most popular jailbreak tweaks into their native iOS, stuff like biteSMS, SBSettings, IntelliScreenX, and BTStack. Maybe even in the future, they could add stuff like Barrel, BytaFont, iProtect, f.lux, and more! That would immediately send iOS soaring! It’d be hands down, the best OS out there! As far as this eye tracking tech, really??? My finger works fine lol. Next thing you know, whenever I squint it’ll zoom in for me haha. But keeping their same hardware with usual updates (i.e. latest and greatest A# chip), maybe adding wireless charging, and drastically improving their iOS capabilities with innovative features (like NFC) will be what greatly increases Apple’s sales, and, I think, make the iPhone the most comparable phone for a really long time.

      • No, we need something more because that tweaks are already known for jailbreakers

    • Well_Said

      iOS 7 better be revolutionary, top Cydia tweaks better be integrated into next iOS release OR I will be jumping ship- sick of waiting man

      • Kurt

        Funny, people said the same for iOS 6. That it needs to be revolutionary and it was underwhelming. I agree with others that it felt more like iOS 5.5. Just copy that good stuff that Android has done. I love their animated backgrounds. It wouldn’t be a problem if we could just replace the damn battery. I want to play my games when I’m not home and not worry about if I’ll be able to make a phone call later or not.

  • I’m not going to lie… If there aren’t some big changes in store with iOS 7 i’ll probably make the switch to this S IV. As much as it pains me to say it but iOS seems so far behind. I think apple’s hardware is much better but the user experience has been essential the same for the past 5 years.

    • Ernie Marin

      Until they realize that giving us more freedom over ios is a good thing, i’ll be the same crap year after year.

      • Good to know that you are crap lol

      • Kurt

        hahaha, I read it as “…it’ll be…” then I saw your comment and re-read what was actually written.

    • ap3604

      Me too.

      Love my iPhone but why would I stay with a company that is content to sit on top of the hill and just keep thing the same old boring status quo?

      Seriously apple why the **** don’t you let me customize my stock iPhone? 😡

      Multi Window on the Galaxy Note 2 is the biggest software draw for me.

      • Kurt

        Split-screen is really awesome. Also, be able to go to every single website even ones that use drop down menus that you have to have a mouse to hover to reveal the links you can use the s-pen, so thats also a nice touch 🙂 I’ll be getting the note 3, I’m done with iphones. I am hopeful, but not expecting much since Jony Ive is in control of iOS, that we will see useful features in iOS 7.

  • jordandev


    • Siv

      The irony is strong in this one.

      • felixtaf

        Sure it will use the front camera.. U have to align ur eyes to frnt camera to track… Ok! Not a great feature to make someone buy the S4. Jus to make people excited!

  • Ernie Marin

    Even though I’m an iPhone guy, I love it when Samsung gets ahead, it just means Apple has to step it up.

    • And also means that Apple will be a year or so late to the party, BUT will walk in with their own theme music, be the best looking guy, and be the center of attention for many more years after that.

      • Agreed.. They’ve lived by it til now, they’ll continue to.. ” we may not be the first at the party, but we’re the last ones at the afterparty..”

    • I have been a iPhone (3GS and 4) user but then switched to Galaxy S3 few months ago and I really love the device. Last Saturday I purchased 2 iPhone5 for my family members and I played with it for couple of hours. The only two things excite me about iPhone 5 are, phone weight and battery life. I think battery life is much better on iPhone 5 then earlier iPhones. other then that I could not find anything else that make me want to come back.

      Samsung is doing some great work with their devices. I wish I had lots of money to buy each great product. lol

  • I’m highly skeptical of it being more convenient than scrolling at will with my thumb, but we shall see. The next big thing might actually be something worth jumping ships for.

  • Dan

    The feature will probably not be that great, but it’s nice to see a company trying new things instead of always sticking with the same old formula :::coughs::: Apple:::coughs:::

    • Why would they change the recipe for success if it’s worked for so many years already? Maybe now they’ll realize that new features that aren’t the standard cookie cutter upgrades from year-to-year won’t cut it anymore. Hopefully, the larger screen was just the initial step of this, showing how the leadership change at the top will change Apple’s products for the better.

      • Dan

        you’re kind of contradicting yourself there, you don’t want them to change thr recipe for success but you’re hoping for new features? Ie: a larger screen is not the old formula 😉

      • felixtaf

        Let them change from plastic first… Its been a long time… Cheating people with gimmicks like this!

      • Kurt

        Trolling again?

      • Actually a LARGER phone is not the formula.. The idea was to keep the phone small enough to fit in ur pocket easily but also large enough to fit one hand comfortably. As long as the screen size increase didnt change those things it is still apple’s formula

      • Kurt

        As long as it looks like a certain 2007 device is apples real formula. “Think different, what’s that?”

      • Well as much as every manufacturer is trying to have ” the next big thing “, none really do. I went from trying the s3 back to apple i5. It was comfirmed. I’d love the s3.. If i was 15 but since i’m an adult and my phone is an accessory to my life not an attachment to my life i’ll go with simplicity and security

      • Kurt

        Jony Ive, should not be in charge of iOS if you want change and more features. That guy makes the products look identical or nearly identical every year. When I heard he was taking over, I said, thats it, iOS has no hope. But I’m really hoping I’m wrong.

  • Errr… hello the thing is in my hand why would I not want to touch it? This eye tracking thing is for lazy bastards, I want to touch and feel, what if my eyes were tired, and some people may have poor eyesight or be crossed eyed, and what about zooming???

    • Anon

      Scroll with your eyes, zoom with your hands.

      • What you mean no squinting of the eye to zoom… Now I’m gutted. Tut tut useless features.

      • Kurt

        What is your favorite features of iOS? Besides opening 3rd party apps.

      • Anon

        Feature probably doesn’t exist. Calm down, these are just rumors. Don’t believe everything you read. How many iPhone rumors disappeared? Hundreds. So, just wait until we have some concrete details by Samsung.

    • Agreed. I’m perfectly capable of using my digits and, if need be, S-Voice lol. No need for all this extra crap.

    • Kurt

      So you want less features. Less features is why you will always be an Apple fanboy. Thats a negative btw.

    • @dongiuj

      And what about blind people?? Yeah they should just give up on the idea like apple did with voice control because of all the people that can’t speak or have speech problems. What ARE you talking about?

  • Anon

    He wouldn’t give us any more information. Hmm… If this feature actually exists I would be glad to see someone is trying something new. This world has lost it’s innovation over the years. But, lately all the new projects I’ve seen have really demonstrated innovation, and shows we may actually move forward.

  • If Samsung realizes such things i think the tablet market will also turn over.Maybe a fusion with Sauriks Cydia will do the job… 🙂

  • Sounds like a gimmick. And while nice and futuristic, better to be used by disable people.

    • Kurt

      Maybe not better, but equally as good for disabled as is for everyone else. I think this is a feature I could get use to using. I find it a bit annoying to have to scroll when I get to the bottom. If it does it automatically I think I will like it and be impressed.

  • Another worthless gimmick to add to Android.

    • Kurt

      Man, I wish iOS had some of these “gimmicks” but alas, we only have “open app” “close app”

  • ap3604

    Samsung is adding some great software tweaks to their phones.

    Multi window

    Eye scroll


    Makes the hardware that much more tempting :)~~~

  • felixtaf

    Apple needs to step up… Step up… Nobody wants Samsung to step up from plastic! They introduce some foolish gimmicks to excite people! Eye scrolling???? Crap!

    • Kurt

      split screen, is a gimmick? you are a retarded troll. pop up windows is a gimmick? you are a retarded troll. s-pen with hover capabilities and pressure sensitivity is a gimmick? you are a retarded troll. etc, you see where I am going with all of this.

      • Dan

        I agree, I love split screen on my Note 2. Having two apps open at the same time is incredibly useful.

      • I see the troll doing what he does best..

    • Dan

      Who cares if they use plastic (most people use a case anyways). I don’t buy a phone for how it looks, I buy a phone for the features it brings. Android has countless useful features, you’d be stupid to call them gimmicks. Now I’m not bashing Apple, but no need to be so closed minded towards the competition.

      • Surely if a feature get no use it pretty much useless… I wouldn’t use eye scroll even if it was on iOS. It’s nothing to do with the competition. It is more about the way of interacting with a device that’s preferable.

      • Dan

        Wasn’t really talking about eye scroll, I’m sure it will be poorly implemented in the beginning. I meant for features such as stay awake, split screen, s-pen note taking etc

  • What if you are cross eyed?

    • Jim Thomas

      Your pages would spin rather than scroll.

      • Kurt


  • @dongiuj

    The iphone seems to me like an over priced midrange smartphone designed with OAP’s or beginners to smartphones in mind.

    • Kurt

      Grandmas is what iOS is designed for.

      • @dongiuj


  • jo-macral

    I am quite excited actually. The Galaxy SIV will be in my hands come release date, and will be my first Samsung phone. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my iPhone, however I am exceedingly bored with iOS, and it’s lack of change over the years.

  • Well_Said

    The next iOS 7 better be revolutionary, top Cydia tweaks better be integrated into next iOS release OR I will be jumping ship- sick of waiting man

  • Cool idea, but gimmicky at best. Don’t see how this technology could work better than the good ol’ touchscreen. You’re already holding it so its not like it becomes hands free. Plus you’ll still need to use touch to do things like resize the text, hit the back button, type in a new URL / click on new RSS feed… Etc.

    How well will it REALLY work, even in ideal conditions, let alone in low light / high light, someone with glasses… Etc.

    Hopefully they can use this technology as sort of a beta test to improve it. I think the better use for this technology will be in the tablet market, as most of the time you are using a tablet, you are in ideal conditions, and using one-handed touch controls on a tablet is much more difficult than with a phone.

    Innovation is good, but I don’t think something as gimmicky as this could persuade me to give up on the money I’ve invested in the App Store. I have some stuff for my Asus tablet through the Google Play store, however not nearly as much. That is basically the primary reason I am sticking with my jailbroken iPhone 5 now.

  • Eye tracking??? Does this mean that Samsung is watching your every move? Kinda freaky!

  • Mcsquared

    I agree with others, if this actually works as advertised, I think it would be pretty awesome and a big step up for the technology industry (this will clearly bridge us to other functions we will be able to use using our eyes in the future).

    But then again, how often do things actually work as advertised when first released? No matter what company it is :(. So I will wait before I get my hopes up.

  • iancarld

    Hey guys i hate your comments! We love apps from appstore. Thousand of apps. Samsung sucks!

  • Darren

    Surly this would be a battery drainer if the camera had to constantly track your eyes

  • After the fabulous response seen in the market for Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung is all set to launch its new phone in the Galaxy S series. It is said that this 5inch Super AMOLED display phone will be having a 2GB of RAM and 16GB inbuilt storage and an expandable storage up to 64GB along with a 13 megapixel camera with auto focus and LED flash capable of HD video and image recording with face and smile detection and image stabilizer. Samsung Galaxy S4 also includes Geo tagging and touch focus and a 2megapixel front facing camera. and other rumors are also going on like MaXTouch S controllers, 5G Wi-Fi, Eye-Track scrolling, Samsung Orb technology, pebble-esque design, NFC Enable.

  • sab

    I already jumped ships after the iPhone 4s. The 5 couldn’t get me back cause it is the same thing only bigger. Boring.