In the never-ending quest to handicap the iOS vs Android horse race comes a new flash analysis for 2013 forecasting Android will dominate smartphone apps, while Apple remains the clear leader with tablets. According to ABI Research, Google’s mobile operating system will control 58 percent of smartphone app downloads.

On the other hand, just 33 percent of apps will be for Apple’s iOS. But with only two months into year, the research firm’s findings are being questioned…

Overall, smartphone apps will be downloaded 56 billion times this year, according to the research firm.

But some are questioning ABI’s decision to name Android the smartphone app winner so soon – particularly considering the Apple’s continuing foray into China and its recent decision to offer payment plans as a way to counter low-cost Android handsets.

Along with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent comments to investors that China could become the firm’s top market, the iPhone maker and the nation’s largest carrier – China Mobile – are still talking partnerships.

Additionally, recent reports suggest Apple is experimenting with payment plans that could make its smartphone more affordable in nations such as China and India, where a large portion of consumers opt for post-paid, low-cost devices.

Another fly in the ointment when it comes to the ABI figures is that while Android may win the battle of raw smartphone app downloads, Apple is winning the app revenue war.

As TechCrunch points out, veteran app developers keep returning to iOS as a sure cash generator. Then there is the whole issue of iOS covering not just smartphones, but tablets as well.

According to ABI, Apple will have a lock on those apps with 75 percent of the about 14 billion apps meant for devices such as the iPad. That’s compared to all Android tablets (excluding the Kindle Fire) which the research house expects will account for only 17 percent.

Even ABI questions if Android’s success with smartphones can transfer to tablets.

“Arguably the most pressing issue for Google is how much of this handset momentum will ultimately trickle down to tablets, where Apple is holding the fort remarkably well,” ABI analyst Aapo Markkanen notes.

  • IOS is and always will be the smartphone app winner. Most of the apps of android are just mobile web apps that look ugly and crash all the time.

    • Not to mention most apps on android are , live wallpaper , themes , task killers and launchers.

    • GalaxyNoteFTW96

      Sadly this simply isnt true 🙂 all my apps are games that are either exclusive to the play store and can be found in the app store. And btw, u must really stop saying the apps are crashing. U are referring to the budget phones which no one buys. My galaxy note 2 is blazing fast and has never had an app crash once. Please dont make such ignorant comments ever again 😛

      • They crash because, I as a developer hate coding for android.

      • Kurt

        “They crash because, I as a developer hate coding for android.”

        They crash because you suck at developing.@galaxynoteftw96:disqus and I get your point.

      • rajavelu_v

        I use s3 and I shud say it s not as fast as it was praised and even opening of call log and contacts takes more than a second and wat i find in play store most is LW and lock screen third party apps crashes or doesnt work at times. honestly.

  • I couldn’t agree more, Have been saying this since Android 4.1 came out… And the iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 is the best proof… Same to iPhone 5 vs Nexus 4

    • LOL Guys seriously? Are you still going to ignore that Android 4.2 is better than iOS (I’m talking smartphone.) Forget about shitsung, I’m talking google and pure Android, the ones that didn’t copy

      • We ignore it becoz the os jb 4.2.2 is only on 1-2% of device and it will take year for update for OEM 😉

      • rajavelu_v

        Touchwiz is ugly as hell .Stock android FTW

    • felixtaf

      Its not about android vs iOS. Its about android apps vs iOS apps!

      • Yes apps, When you are running pure Android you wont have problems with apps, Games are not even an issue… And apps on Android are getting better day by day (take Twitter and Facebook for example.) I didn’t say iPhone apps weren’t awesome, I’ve dealt with iPhones for 3 years. But Android has really stepped up to the game with the PlayStore.

      • felixtaf

        You are right about the speed. But, the quality of android apps. Performance wise both devices/OS are capable and performing well. The quality of android apps r still a concern. Most of the apps looks crappy. Major apps r getting better. Not all the apps though!

      • You are so wrong specially on game side , games are specific to certain gpu for example max payne runs on galaxy nexus on 4.1.2 but crashes upto this date on s3 running on jb 4.1.2 which is twice powerful than galaxy nexus

  • Mehh.. I like Apple mostly because of the Jailbreak possibilities. And Apple did not make that.

  • felixtaf

    58 % of smartphone apps from ALL android smartphones (LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawai, Pantech and other China knockoff’s running android)… 33% from Apple! Which s more here? As a company, Apple’s iOS holds 1 out of 3 apps in market… As an OS, less than android!

  • android suuuucks

    • erod434

      Have you even used it? And I mean real android from google on a nexus 4? Because if you have you would realize that in many ways it is better than ios, however the fludity and apps are much better on ios and for tablets ios is by far better than android.

    • Kurt

      You misspelled Apple