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For some reason, Apple insists on keeping frequently used settings toggles buried deep within the Settings app. From the Lock screen, doing things like enabling/disabling Bluetooth or Wi-Fi take more than a few steps.

Activating a device’s Airplane mode, however, is a bit easier, as it sits on the top level in the Settings app. But for those who still find the process to be a pain, we’ve got a new jailbreak package for you called Shake Air…

Shake Air is a simple tweak that enables you to toggle your device’s Airplane mode option on and off by physically shaking it. And that’s actually all there is to it. There’s no icon, and the only option in Settings is an on/off switch.

In my testing, the tweak worked just as advertised. Shaking my iPhone 5 quickly altered the state of Airplane mode, and I saw no reliability issues. It is worth noting, though, that this only works when your device is locked.

I’m not quite sure who I’d recommend Shake Air to. Its purpose is pretty niche, and I believe Activator can already do this. But hey, it’s good at what it does and the price is right. You can find it in the BigBoss repo for free.

  • Yes because sbsettings is too mainstream…

  • “Dude, your phone was out of service all day, what was happening?”
    “Sorry, my iPhone shaked in my pocket and turned on Airplane Mode.”

    • Dan

      LOL thought the same thing

  • With most of these jailbreaks, I just think…the point?

    • smtp25

      Because someone had the need or bored so wrote it, and offered it up to anyone else interested.

    • Guest

      You’re an idiot.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      Jailbreaking is awesome

    • You need to edit this to …tweaks .. Or you need to learn the difference between a jailbreak and a tweak..

    • I wouldnt base jailbreaking off of these articles, as i siad in a previous post, there are many many tweaks/apps that are actually useful and make using the phone more fun, fluid and easy.

      • I’m not saying that it’s pointless or anything. I just think that things like this are a little silly. I am sure someone would find a use for it, but I wouldn’t personally. I also wouldn’t jailbreak my device for something like this, however there are other jailbreak tweaks which make me want to jb my device for.

      • okay i gotcha. yah this app is almost a joke in my opinion. Its like the dev said hmm if i make this, i wonder how many dumby will d/l it!

  • luckyarcher

    Dont install this tweak if you’re gonna do the harlem shake

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Actually you can’t activate airplane mode from the lock screen by shaking the phone using activator. That is where this tweak comes in. Seems a bit pointless to me but Hey, at least it works, Jack.

    • Invoke sbsettings via activator holding the status bar when your phone is locked. Voila! there are the toggls, including airplane

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Sbsettings sucks. Here’s my dislike

      • Watch out. We have a badass here lol

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Really? Are you 12?

  • M Last

    don’t shake your ass :)LOL

  • sbsettings is more than enuff for anyone

    • bloodshed

      dude, i think nobody uses that anymore!
      i can tell from the dislikes your comment has..haven’t you heard of ncsettings, Auxo maybe (more than toggles, and paid)..better alternatives in my opinion..unless you use some particular toggles which can only be integrated to sbsettings.

      • I dislike NC anything. I like sbsettings because its like control+alt+delete for my iphone. But i know that too is something most users dont like in windows. This tweak in reality is a 1 trick pony.. I want articles that at least cover a few one trick ponies together, like how this tweak compliments another and another. Just a request though, i find myself returning here less because the articles are very one dimensional. Which i can also see as the comments are becoming more hasty, angry and short

    • Dan

      I still prefer sbsettings as well 🙂

  • Double clicking the power button on my iphone toggles airplane mode. I set it up with activator

  • m_agee2790

    So this is for lazy people I guess.

  • REALLY? I have like 5 tweaks off the top of my head that developers would love to have covered on this blog… Heres some hints for some good articles that people would actually appreciate, LIKE and would cause some good bug fixes to be created as a result of the increase in popularity..

    So you covered safariswipes.. What about Swipe Safari! Replaces pull to refresh tweak amd does 45 other gestures.. All customizable. And by the same dev, SwipeNav! Gestures will cool effects added to UItables, fully customizable too.

    And Auxo got such bad coverage in the multiple articles that could have been put into one, half the errors caused by activator etc werent discussed.

    What about the new SBrotator for ios 6!

    I get that there shuld be incentive to write articles for you guys ($$$) but if you covered some good tweaks i think youd see a better return. How about DietBar, DietBulletin, CustomBanners, LowPowerBanner.. I really did enjoy coming here to get some good blogging on jailbreaking and news for apple but i feel like SUBJECT QUALITY has shifted. Still great writers though. Thanks for the hard work