Looking to spice up your iPhone’s Home screen and Lock screen? If so, then look no further than LivePapers, a recently released jailbreak app available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

LivePapers allows you to enable animated wallpaper that you can display on both your Home screen and Lock screen. You can interact with the wallpaper on your Lock screen using taps, and configure settings for each of the custom wallpapers.

By itself, LivePapers isn’t exactly a home run, but with the purchasable addons, the jailbreak app is tons of fun. Take a look inside as we go in depth with LivePapers, plus we’ll talk about and demonstrate its purchasable addon packs.

I know most of you will probably balk outright at the battery implications of running such a jailbreak app, but developer, Porkholt Labs, promises that the app is battery efficient. For those that have been following me and my iPhone habits for a while, you probably know that battery life has never been that huge of concern for me. Keeping that in mind, I didn’t notice any massive hits to my battery, though, admittedly I haven’t been monitoring as closely as you likely will.

To pull off its smoothly animated wallpapers, LivePaper uses OpenGL ES, an efficient standard for embedding 3D graphics. This seems to have paid off, as the animations seem to be much smoother than similar tweaks that I’ve come across in the past. Porkholt Labs promises that the animations and increased performance are on a level never seen on any iOS device due to this. I can say that the animations are certainly impressive, especially with either one of the addon packs enabled, but watch the video, and you be the judge of that.

The addons

While LivePapers in itself is free, there are currently two paid addons available in Cydia: Bubbles Pro, and Nexus. Each addon, which is $0.99 a piece, is what really makes LivePapers come, well, alive.

Once one of these addons is installed, you can configure its animation effects to a pretty hefty degree. For example, the Nexus LivePaper includes options to change the strip width, strip width, velocity, depth tolerance, and strip count. Bubbles Pro, on the other hand, includes a lot more options like custom colors, particle lifetime, particle size, touch action, particle edge, and so on. The point is this: each custom LivePaper addon pack features its own self contained set of options that can be customized to change the look of your iPhone to a fairly significant degree.

Without at least one of these addons, LivePapers is a run of the mill affair. There’s basically only one stock animated wallpaper that comes bundled with the free version of LivePapers, and there are options to use stock wallpaper or a solid color wallpaper that’s adjustable using simple RGB sliders.

If LivePapers continues to receive additional addon packs, then I can see this becoming the de facto standard for animated wallpaper on jailbroken iOS devices, it’s that impressive. Even though the addon pickings are slim at the moment, I think it’s worth checking out, and yes, it’s iPad compatible. Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo, or if you’re browsing this on your iPhone, click here to be taken directly to Cydia.

Let me know what you think about LivePapers in the comment section below.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Personally I don’t like this Tweak. There needs to be a lot more wallpapers and also my i5’s battery is bad enough without this. So this one is a no go for me

    • Memory hog… From 500 mb to 125

      • David Villamizar

        It works great on my iPhone 4, no memory hog at all if you set less strips than shown in the video.

  • Chingiz Saidov

    Will it work will the iPad?

  • I like this tweak a lot. But sometimes upon waking up my phone, the animation is frozen.

    • That’s to conserve battery (which it does a terrible job at to begin with.) Would you want it always running?

  • Nevermind

    • Jeff

      I’m going to go ahead and give you a pass for not seeing the link in the article above, even while trying to be a smart alec at the same time.

      • RarestName


      • David Villamizar

        Different, maybe better. I found this stops the animation after some time to save battery, it starts again after you touch the screen, and this uses graphics instead of video, which I think is a bigger memory hog.

    • look like battery booster…

  • JaeM1llz

    Why would I choose this over, say, vWallpaper, which is 100% free and has more functionality and you can add any video you want?

    • SimonReidy

      Because a looping video drains a ton more battery than hardware accelerated graphics rendered in real-time. Plus it won’t look as nice due to video compression.

      • Jeff

        Rendering in real time sounds like more of a battery hog than playing a pre-rendered video. Plus with vWallpaper you can make your own custom wallpapers relatively easy.

  • Dlck

    jeff, how do you do those new videos of yours?

  • Would love to try this out, though I don’t see myself using it long term, but my only worry is memory usage… Jeff, is there a tweak/utility to monitor my memory/system tasks usage on the iPhone?

    My battery has been draining dramatically fast lately and I don’t know what’s causing it… Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Ray V

      Sbsettings give you the available system memory.

      • Yeah, I know that, but I need to know specifically what’s running, the tasks, and how much memory it’s taking up

    • sbsettings

  • I started using it Sunday. Finally uninstalled today after realization of the obvious to come, battery hogging.

  • Works flawlessly on my iPad 3. Make my iPad look awesome without any battery drains..

  • Luis Finke

    This was very well programmed. I put it on my ipod and It still ran just as well as it did before.

  • It crashed my iPhone 5 left and right! UNINSTALLED

    • after i installed this i couldnt delete anny app without my phone rebooting like crazy. I deleted the haze weather app and had to put my phone on safe mode to get rid of this tweak

      • If you have Infinity Dock it will crash, you must disable “IconSupport” from loading in to Mobile Substrate. You can do this by going into Springtomize under “more” and then going into “Mobile Substrate Addons”.

      • Thanks man. It worked like a charm

      • yw : ) according to the new springtomize this is no longer possible but you can still manually disable things from loading using ssh sftp and renaming of files in the MobileSubstrate folder.

  • Siv

    Thanks Jeff.

    Yet again though, I feel compelled to ask…why go through this hassle when you can get this feature NATIVELY on Android?

    Guess this is just gonna get a barrage of hate from iSheeple.

    • Maybe because some people don’t want an Android device just for the wallpaper? Besides, there is no hassle here. You just have to download it from Cydia. I think it took me 3 taps to get it installed.

      • David Villamizar

        Personally I think Android apps suck against iOS apps, so I’m not willing to change to Android, iOS is good but it lacks some features, features you can get with a jailbreak.

      • Kurt

        split screen? s-pen apps? jk~

      • felixtaf

        Split Screen? It may be useful sometimes, not all the time. Popup player – Seriously, No one can multitask watching a video and reading a mail! S-Pen apps ? – Most people dont use Note coz of S-pen but coz of SIZE!

      • I can’t use Android keyboards, they just don’t do the job for me.
        Not even third party keyboards, other then that Android is definately not an OS I would use for a personal phone, but it is nice for some having fun with and messing around with tweaks.

      • David Villamizar

        Those are not Android, but Samsung apps, which makes it even worse to me, I really don’t like TouchWiz(S-Pen apps included). If I buy an Android phone it has to be a Nexus, no matter how good a GS IV/Note 3 hardware could be.

        The Split Screen is good, but is not a deal breaker for me, since it lacks any sort of interaction between both sides of the screen(e.g. dragging text or objects from one side to the other).

      • Siv

        Me and you are on the same page.

        AOSP is Android how it should be. Not Samsung’s Touchwiz crap.

      • Siv

        Its not the hassle of downloading and installing it which as Jeff demonstrated, is fairly easy, its the hassle of getting it to work. I appreciate it might work for some or even most people but you cannot claim a 100 success rate.

        Meanwhile these same tweaks are built natively by professional programmers employed by Google. Android delivers these features seamlessly.

      • you get pay by google or something my god!!

      • Siv

        Nope. I just have common sense.

      • felixtaf

        Professionally programmed Live wallpapers will eat battery n lag too. I have a second device that is an android (Galaxy S2). I dono wat u r trying to imply. Buy an android bcoz it has live wallpapers built-in?

      • Siv

        I doubt the live wallpaper itself is causing the lag. You probably have a ton of other apps/tweaks installed, which combined, is causing the lag. But then you would get the same problem on iOS.

        I am using a Nexus 4 with a live wallpaper, no lag whatsoever.

      • felixtaf

        Not evry1 jailbreak to get live wallpaper, its more like rooting! Lag in an android is not new, but Nexus devices r smoother.

        Also, Tons of apps n tweaks should not make ur phone lag. I own an iPhone 4s (Dual core 800Mhz processor, 512 mb ram), I have nearly 100 apps n games installed and I have no lag whatsoever. Do this to your Nexus 4 (Quadcore 1.5GHz with 2 gb ram), it will LAG! Android devices are NOT BAD AT ALL. But i PREFER iOS!

      • Siv

        Fair enough 🙂

      • Nothing has a 100% success rate. Least of all Android

      • Siv

        It does when the feature is NATIVE to the OS. If a live wallpaper does not work on an Android device, you can expect a refund.

        It likely having a non functioning compass on your iPhone. You wouldn’t expect a success rate below 100% would you?

      • Were you around for the whole Apple Maps debacle?

    • f1ght3r

      Why are you compelled to ask stupid questions? People have their own preferances. Android or ios, what does it matter. Wouldn’t be very interesting if everyone had the same phone with the same features, wallpapers, themes, sounds etc. maybe you need to embrace differences in technology and not just refer to iPhone users as isheep, it was never cool

      • Siv

        I like there to be competition but only amongst equal players. Until it is open, iOS will never be on the same level as Android. Sure, when you jailbreak it, you raise the notch up a bit but with all the bug crashes, etc its still not up to par with Android where these features are built natively by professional programmers.

        Apple does build great hardware, they just need to pair it with great software. That’s my only gripe with the iPhone.

      • lol did you forget Google did not invent this stuff 🙂

        Google can’t say they came up with the foundation of what a smart phone is. Remember the iPhone is over 30 years in the making and Android will only use what was Pioneered by many companies not named Google. So the ignorance of trying to downplay iOS and its apps is pretty stupid. Considering the iPhone runs much better in many aspects, Apps being one of them in quality and security, Another big one is power management. When someone uses my phone they are always very impressed by battery life. Considering how horrible most LTE phones do with battery consumption. The simplified experience of iOS is what makes it much better when using it as a day to day device. The iPhone is “an ipod a phone an internet mobile communicator” RIP Steve

    • Ray V

      Because some people will enjoy it. Others will just enjoy the news (like myself).

    • RarestName

      Why download a Nexus clock widget on a Samsung GALAXY phone when you can get the clock natively on a Nexus phone?

      Yup, same concept 🙂

      Anyway, I’ve just removed all of my tweaks (restored to 6.1.2) and I realised that I don’t even miss the home screen widgets and home screen themes.

    • SimonReidy

      You’re right. As soon as we see any tweak remotely like Android, we should throw our iPhones out the window and go buy an Android phone. /s

    • Kurt

      I’ve seen so many interesting wallpapers on android like live wallpapers, and another one that is more of a panoramic photo that moves a bit with each page. I think iOS has something like that but its not just different pictures which kill the feel of what a panoramic picture can do. Are the live wallpapers on Android battery killers? I don’t care so much since I’ll get another battery with the note 3 but just curious.

    • You sound bitter.

      • Siv

        You sound like someone who needs a new line.

  • Can somebody compare for the Coolest features/effects with less battery drain btwn LivePapers AnimateAll vWallpaper GoDesk (but GoDesk is still not updated for iOS 6 🙁 )

  • Guest

    Great tweak, I love it. Only issue so far is the wallpaper stops animation when NC is pulled down.
    Edit: Ah never mind, simply locking andunlocking the screen fixes it

  • People who used/using Android will love this if the have iphone.
    Cool concept.
    Well My Xperia S got many LWW and I really love using them.

  • FlamingOzone

    I deleted my aquaboard for this! But it still looks cool when it’s charging though

  • I think this is a very good tweak compared to others that have tried making this.
    Firstly it does not use much RAM.
    Secondly it is very smooth.
    And finally it does not consume a lot of battery

  • cool idea but i dont like any of the animations available

  • breagz

    Anyone else noticed that it doesn’t work on the emergency call screen?
    If someone steals my phone and tries to use the famous ‘lock screen hack’ to access my contacts they will have to do it while looking at a boring static wallpaper. This makes it a no go for me I’m afraid.

    Twitter: @breagz

  • I tested this tweak out. I was concerned about memory and battery wastage. However, after two days of testing and monitoring functionality and battery consumption–just using it as my SB background–it has not made a difference (battery consumption after a full day of work and similar usage was EXACTLY the same…. and there was no lag whatsoever in functionality). I’m very impressed.

  • brodyskow

    Is there a way to use livepapers with a custom lockscreen such as colorflow?

  • seigo.ipod1224

    Is there any way to get this on my iPod touch 5G (iOS 7.0.6 Jailbroken)