Samsung ad (iPhone 5 launch 001)

Apple, the world’s greatest marketing machine, is no longer untouchable. That’s the sentiment shared by Ken Segall, the former creative director at advertising firm TBWAChiatDay, the guy who came up with the name “iMac” and worked alongside Steve Jobs on Apple’s famous Think Different campaign. In a post over at his personal blog, Segall opined that Samsung’s commercials are getting the best out of Apple and he offers two reasons why that’s the case…

He wrote Monday after The Oscars:

Apple’s advertising history is as famous as its products. But something’s changed. While you can still argue that Macs and i-devices have a ton of appeal, you can’t argue that Apple is still untouchable when it comes to advertising.

“The fact is, it is being touched – often and effectively – by none other than Samsung,” Segall wrote. “Samsung has made remarkable inroads in a very short time, for two big reasons.”

For starters, he remarks, Apple is “battling where it used to crush” because Samsung outspends the Cupertino giant and other companies – and by a large margin, too.

According to independent analyst Horace Dediu, Samsung is spending a fortune – an estimated $12 billion a year – on advertising, commissions and sales promotions. Specifically, Samsung Electronics spends more on advertising than Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Microsoft and Coca Cola (whose primary cost is advertising) combined spend on ads promoting all their products.

Of course, Samsung Electronics also sells TVs, refrigerators and a bunch of other products, but Dediu etimates that Samsung’s other divisions don’t require as much marketing expense, leading him to conclude that “the vast majority of this promotional spending has been in support of their mobile brands, Galaxy in particular.”

And second, Samsung isn’t afraid to openly mock Apple users in ads, which “seem to be striking a nerve”, Segall opined.

The company continues to bash away at Apple, delivering ads that are well produced, well written, and seem to be striking a nerve. In contrast to Apple, which has been sticking to its product-based ads, Samsung has been scoring points with its people-based ads – most of which play off some growing negative perceptions about Apple.

Segall points to Apple’s failed retail campaign featuring Apple Store Geniuses that aired during the Olympics as an example of advertising gone wrong.

The last time Apple tried to stir things up was when it unveiled a brand-new campaign during the summer Olympics. And you know how that turned out.

The Apple Store campaign crashed after Apple quietly pulled the Genius commercials from YouTube. He also remarks that Samsung during the Oscars aired a series of ads while Apple only aired the new iPad commercial during the broadcast.

Here’s Apple’s ‘Hollywood’ iPad ad seen during the Academy Awards ceremony.

And one of Samsung’s ad featuring a Tim Burton cameo.

Segall writeS:

On this first day after the Oscars, there’s some buzz out there about the [new iPad] ads. But for the first time ever, Apple is struggling to get its share. Samsung continues to gain momentum, thanks to its double-barreled approach of creativity and big spending.

He likened Apple to President Barack Obama after his first debate against Republican challenger Mitt Romney in last year’s U.S. election:

I imagine Apple is feeling a bit like Obama after his first debate with Romney. It deeply believes in its ideas; it just needs to express them more forcefully.

He thinks Apple should “recalibrate” its approach to advertising:

There are too many smart people at Apple and Chiat to take this lying down. I expect to see Apple do exactly what Obama did. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and it’s time to recalibrate.

It all started back in November 2011, shortly following the iPhone 4S announcement the previous month, when Samsung debuted its now famous ads which mock line sitters.

The bashing continued last holiday with the Galaxy S III ads and into this year with new commercials that take light jabs at iPhone users while ridiculing BlackBerry owners.

The opportunity presented itself, explained Samsung’s ad agency 72andSunny which came up with the anti-iPhone commercials just hours after Tim Cook took the wraps off the iPhone 4S. Here 72andSunny’s partner and creative director Jason Norcross discussing the creative process behind these ads with Bloomberg TV.


As a fanboy, I’d rather Samsung didn’t mock Apple users. Be that as it may, Samsung’s Christmas ad was arguably more memorable than any other tech ad I’ve seen.

I like innovative advertising as much as the next guy and Apple itself is no stranger to poking fun of its rivals (hint: Mac vs. PC ads), but it’s usually a worrying sign when two companies attack each other publicly with ads.

By the way, Ken Segall is also the author of “Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success”, a book on Apple that focuses on the company’s Simplicity mantra.

So, do Samsung’s ads cross the line and is the anti-Apple theme childish?

And more importantly, will the strategy backfire?

  • MagicDrumSticks

    I don’t think it’s childish. Dog eat dog; survival of the fittest; whatever you want to call it. Competition encourages innovation; we are the winners.

    • Z3r0ViP

      “innovation” you should have quoted that for Samsung.

    • I feel like it’s politics. Stop telling me what the other guys are doing wrong and tell me what you can do right. I don’t like when a politician puts his opponents flaws out there over telling their own strengths, and I feel like that’s what Samsung does in their ads. Apple tells in their commercials what their products can do; Samsung tells us what Apple *CAN’T* do. It’s a huge turn-off for me.

      • Kurt

        guess you never see any of the samsung ads because they are full of features. s-beam, s-pen, etc. apple does not tell what their products can do. only what apps can do. not one single feature of the ipad. not even one. only what third party apps can do. thats saying a lot to people paying attention. and why samsung is more and more appealing to apple fans.

      • Samsung can’t tell that Apps do this and that because there’s no great apps for Android tablets. People want diversity…you know

      • I think you forget what Samsung new products can do with Apps… Make them Crash Faster!

      • Kurt

        Another comment? Why read an article you hate and comment soooo many times? Why troll people on here? Learn to be kind. Instead of calling names and cursing like a teenybopper

      • Anton Zuykov

        “People want diversity…you know”
        I just need a working smartphone.
        I don’t give a f*** about diversity. If my phone lags, again – diversity will not help.

      • Thats why you should get an iphone and ipad. It just works and dont lag.

      • Anton Zuykov

        i know. I got iPhone already to do some app development.

      • Once you realize that those samsung features are useless and gimmicky to most people the better. Id take a quality Aluminium made phone to a phone that boast the technology to high five each other to send files or a stupid stylus. The only good thing about Samsung phones is Android and to some people, its large screen. Even so, id still take a jailbroken iOS over Android anyday, and ive used them both.

      • Kurt

        Having split screen is useful. Having a popup window is useful. S pen is useful etc. you can like iPhone more but be honest by pure simply not fooling anyone

      • I forgot to mention the amount of Appstore apps the iphone has over the Play Store, it matters. S Pen that useful? How about telling that to the amount of people that dont use a Note or Note 2

      • SoCoMagNuM

        I think the S Pen is pretty useful. Say u need to jot an idea down real quick. Soon as u pull S Pen from holding a notepad pops up and u can jot that idea or number longer needing to find paper and pen or even searching for notepad app. I just happens and saves. Simple. Plus doing art work has never been easier than using a finger. The S Pen is much more precise. People are in denial to say S Pen is useless. Plus it hides away intothe phone flush so its not an eye sore.

      • You mean typing cant note down most things? And if you really need to use free hand your fingers arent good enough? The S-Pen would be useful to people who know they need it, thats about it.

      • Andrew Chong

        Aww, u just dissed my iPhone 4 ..

      • It’s pretty obvious this Article is attract many a Samdung troll. Most Apple users really don’t give a fuck what Samsung is upto, much like the focus of Apple ads.

      • Kurt

        You say you don’t give a **** but here you are reading the article and making multiple comments on it. I don’t own a Samdung device. But I can’t wait to be a Samdung user when the note 3 comes out. Then I’ll smash my 4S to bits.

      • s0me

        It seems to me that Samsung is telling us what they can do and what Apple/Blackberry cant. I’m not a fan of any brand out there (i own the 4s and ipad 3 never had Samsung/android) but i cant be so ignorant to believe that Apple is the best and everyone is copying them.

      • Well said! Promote your product on its strengths, that’s if it has any I guess..

      • Kurt

        You’re commenting yet again?

      • And you are reading and replying to my comments… . 😉

      • Andrew Chong

        U may be too young to remember the Apple versus PC ads that Apple used to do … what goes around comes around – karma I guess..

      • I will take the bit about being too young as a compliment.. 😉 you into 80’s music, very good era!

    • Tr1pTr0p

      YES! +1!

    • How long before Sony comes along with an ad campaign slating both don’t both Samsung and Apple to promote its own devices… . Samsung are shameless! They copy everything Apple and then slag it off! Copying Apple is not innovation!

      • Kurt

        Another comment? You said you don’t give a ****.
        If you don’t like the articles about Samsung. Then don’t read them. And then, don’t waste your time trolling

      • Err… Hello, this is a blog where you post messages and people reply, you are replying so its obviously working. I hate Samdung products, cheaply built, plastic tat and I’m gonna voice my opinion.. . How is that any different to what samsung do with its ad campaigns. Tut tut

  • working on who? android and samsung suck.. they will not beat apple anytime soon.. cause all folks care about is the next iphone and the next iPad.

    • Kurt

      step 1) Go to youtube
      step 2) Search iPhone 5 vs Note 2
      step 3) watch videos
      step 4) realize your mistake and come back here and edit your ridiculous comment.

      • Kurt… Again, delete ur account and kill urself u pathetic droidfanboy. U obviously LOVE Samsung, cool, now go fuck yourself.

      • Hyr3m

        Sex and violence ?

        What a beautiful mind you have…

      • Kurt

        He thinks I look like I’m in a boy and so he has a crush on me but hates himself for being a fag. Now he is taking it out on me. I can’t help it I’m good looking and have a beautiful wife. Oh well

      • Hyr3m

        So many people don’t have enough hair and are jealous of the likes of us handsome lads… I know the feeling ^^

      • Kurt

        Maybe a new avatar pic with my wife will keep him at bay. Although, maybe his love will grow :-O

        I knew you would be able to empathize with me!

      • Hyr3m

        That’s one good looking picture you’ve got there mate! (kind of an understatement there…)

        I guess it could go either way for his heart… Oh, to be young and to feel love’s keen sting… xD

      • Dan

        Nothing wrong with keeping informed on both sides of the track, He simply exposed the ignorance of the OP.

      • Kurt

        Thanks broski~

      • Android doesent suck but the Note1/2 do…

      • Kurt

        note 2 is better than iphone 5, so what does that say about our iphones??? ouch

      • Wake up and smell the coffee…

      • Kurt

        its 1:45am here. Time for me to go to sleep, and dream of one day owning a Galaxy Note

      • Its funny because you love so much Samsung and the Galaxy Note that you can’t leave a iDevice Blog.. does that make sense? off course it does…. you love Apple!

      • Any time I see these long fights about who’s product is better, I stop reading it and turn on some super Mario music, it really makes it so much more entertaining.

      • lol.. Now that’s a really good advice…

      • It just makes everything so much better. Haha

      • Kurt

        I like the iPad. Now go away troll.

      • what is the point in trolling an apple fan site when you are a samsung fan? and your pedantic juvenile and often stupid comments just showcase for everyone what a troll you are. i don’t like justin bieber so i don’t search out bieber fan sites…i don’t like GM vehicles so i don’t search out GM fan sites. it’s pretty sad and pathetic that you are obviously a samsung and android fan yet go out of your way to troll here and argue with people. dude get out of your mom’s basement and enjoy life for fuck’s sake. get a life.

      • s0me

        Just search for “apple fan sites” and you wont find idb. Maybe he owns a jailbroken iphone/ipad and wants to be up-to-date with Jailbreak stuff. Commenting is a “thing” you do when you express your opinion about a given subject and everyone is entitled to his own opinion… I dont understand why some of you guys are so bitter and go apeshit when someone has something negative to say about Apple. Apple is not feeding you, you feed Apple’s bank accounts.

      • i don’t care if people have opinions or if people don’t like apple. to each their own. the point is…if you don’t like something then why go out of your way to whine about it, make fun of it, put it down, trash it, make fun of others for liking it? there is no point other than….the person is a troll with no life. idb is, without a doubt, a fan site for apple product. it is pointless to come here if you don’t like the source material.

        it’s one thing to come here for info and stating your opinion, be it positive or negative to the source material. everyone is entitled to their likes and dislikes however it becomes something different when you don’t like the source material and you make it a daily task to go somewhere just to stir shit up. kurt is a troll and that is the issue.

      • Kurt

        Your the troll. I like iPad and will buy iPad 5. Since note 2 is superior Nd has more features. I’ll be switching to that. You are not apple. Why do you take that so personally? It’s so pathetic you get so upset and attack me personally. Again you are not apple. Me liking the iPad but not the iPhone is ok so relax. Calm down. Everything is gonna be alright. Close your eyes and think of fluffy bunnies.

      • Chill the fuck out and get a life. Don’t be a loser like for ever. The one and only person I see here taking things personally and yet attacking the views of others is you… Chill the fuck out.

      • Kurt

        Again, think of fluffy bunnies. Everything will be alright. Just calm down and relax. Breathe. Breathe. That’s good. 1 fluffy bunny, 2 fluffy bunnies…

      • Matt i think your the biggest troll ever for even replying to that comment .. Troll Troll Troll ..

      • well said

      • anything that runs android suuuuucks..

      • jump off the bridge please! and same here joe all the people i know only talk about the rumored 5s i honestly cant wait for it and the ipad and of course iwatch lol

      • Kurt

        Why do you want me to die? I’m not Samsung, I’m not at fault for them making superior products.

      • and that’s all thanks to apple because their the only company samsung copies and yet apple is still top of the table and they even mock apple fans with their commercials, wow ain’t that jealousy right there they can only wish for people like apple fans but no they get people like you

      • It’s not Samsung, I like Samsung just not their phones. Every electronic except my phone is Samsung, I just don’t like u and u look like ur in a boy band.

      • Kurt

        I wrote about you above Go

      • lol apple > samsung FACT

      • Kurt

        You mean <

      • Hyr3m

        Surely you meant “OPINION”!

      • Dan

        He can’t tell the difference between opinion and fact, I’ve tried explaining it before.

      • Hyr3m

        Yeah I’ve noticed that a while back actually; He’s very categorical… one might call that “wishful thinking” if there’s evidence of Joe making decisions (like buying an iDevice) based on what he wishes to be true rather than on facts…

        Joe, hang in there ! (and don’t let a psychiatrist diagnose you…)

      • Kurt, most of those videos show a good fight, and more reviewers wouldnt claim a winner, the only thing that would make people realize their mistake is the comments section, all those antis like you. Note 2 is not even a fair comparison, its pretty much like comparing a desktop to a laptop. Not many people would want to carry a Note 2 around. Id say the Galaxy S3 is fairer, and in those videos, there are plenty which would say the iPhone 5 is still better.

      • Kurt

        Only CNET says iphone 5 is better than note 2. every other video says note 2 is better, you should base your beliefs on CNET. Like Leo Laporte said, if you mention negatives about Apple products you will be blacklisted from WWDC and other special events. CNET knows this and won’t jeopardize it. Leo Laporte is a huge Apple fanboy and has the biggest tech video podcast network and tech shows, with over a million listeners/watchers and since he is honest about Apple products he is blacklisted.

      • The Verge and Engadget both give iPhone 5 a better review score.

  • Hyr3m

    FFS Christian… You’re using that graph you never understood again? “Galaxy advertising” -> Seriously? It’s blog entries like this that discredit iDB and Christian himself…

    • Kurt

      Yes, that graph is not limited to only galaxy adverts. But all of samsungs products which are more than apple could dream of

      • Trol trol trol lol lol ol lol! U a Troll.

    • Yup sorry about that. We rephrased the paragraph to bring some clarification 🙂

      • Hyr3m

        Thanks very much Sebastien!

        However, I can still see the line about “galaxy advertising” which is preposterous…

        1st of all, the “Samsung electronics advertising” for 2012 is (estimated) at 4billions. Marketing expenses obviously include advertising but also include other expenses like product unveiling shows or travels, hotels and food for marketing meetings and other seduction operations towards other companies for example.

        2nd, and to quote the original-original article Christian was referring to : “Considering that their other divisions don’t require as much “marketing expense” (semiconductors, LCD certainly, and TVs and Appliances to a lesser degree due to a smaller sales growth) we can imagine that the vast majority of this promotional spending has been in support of their mobile brands, Galaxy in particular.”

        “… we can imagine that the vast majority …” -> meaning at least 60%… except he forgot about digital cameras, computers and printers to name just a few… So his assumption about “the vast majority” of this 4billions is probably not that correct.

        CocaCola actually spent more on advertising in 2011 than the whole of Samsung Electronics…

        It’s the third blog entry in which I see Christian misunderstanding this specific graph (or maybe someone else using Christian’s “analysis”?) and pulling numbers out of his rear-end… And I haven’t been reading everything in here so there may very well be other occurrences of this…

        (Also, I think he forgot to put the link to that original article written by Horace Dediu when he wrote “See The cost of selling galaxies.”, which is the name of that article)

      • This whole graph is kinda flawed to begin with. I don’t see how Dediu would compare Samsung’s Advertising+sales/promotion+marketing altogether to Apple’s only advertising. It’s like comparing apples to oranges really. I’ll make sure we never use this graph again in the future as it is confusing and doesn’t give an actual picture of things.

      • hey can you also please ask some tweak devs to start working on a new back grounder teak for IOS so we can have real 100% multi tasking?

      • Kurt

        Yes write an article stating the needs for a backgrounder app. ie playing you tube vids in the background

      • SoCoMagNuM


      • You can play videos while in background on iOS. There’s API’s available for that that DEV’s can adopt and Quicktime (on Safari) have that. Actually you don’t need 100% multitasking. If you’re not watching the video (image), while in background, you only need to hear the sound of that video, so the different api’s available on iOS make that. It’s better because use less ram and less power consumption. This is how multitasking on iOS works and don’t need to be changed. Dev’s only need to adopt those API’s already available for a long time.

      • Hyr3m

        It is a bit flawed indeed…

        That’s a very good idea 😀

        However, reading the guy’s original article we can understand the whole thing a bit better because there are several other graphs kind of explaining the break-down of these numbers… It is an interesting article and it would deserve a post worthy of it but I guess that’s not really necessary as these numbers are getting old… estimates of 2012 rather than actual figures with 2013 estimates for example…

  • Ernie Marin

    Apple can stop selling the iPhone and iPad, and easily live off the Mac with no problems.

    • mmm… they could live but not thrive…

  • nope samsung advertisement don’t work on me their just jealous so they mock apple users in fact it make’s make hate samsung and its users even more

    • CollegiateLad

      We hate you even more

      • but you suck just like android and samsung so we dont care about you…

      • CollegiateLad

        We are two delicious men. When you say suck. Wowzy!!

      • i think even gay folks would laugh at how silly you are..

  • In other words, this guy is trying to make Apple feel guilty and hire him again to make new ads. He knows about advertisement and how to sell his job. So, well done Sir, well done.

  • Seigi

    Samsung is not just mocking people, Samsung is mocking everybody

    ads has theory and genres, for theory it must be

    awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, and purchase

    Samsung using none of these other than babbling 😛

    for genres, Samsung also uses nothing other than showing off

    However, i cannot deny that Samsung knew how to use Marketing Mix >_<!

  • leart za jmi

    even if samsung will make the best phone, will be always a word in my mind: samsung is “cheap”. a brand that insists that we should buy samsung instead of iphones, offends me, let me choose…

    • Yeah, cheap plastic Android crap

    • yup as long as it runs android its crap..

    • SoCoMagNuM

      Sooo….the first 4 generations of iPhone weren’t made of plastic right?…. wasnt until iphone 4 the phone became glass (that easily shattered on BOTH sides..way to go Apple) then aluminium backing on the iPhone 5. So yeah..only samsung makes cheap plastic products lol

      • leart za jmi

        my friend, here we love Apple products, this is a apple fan blog, so if you are a samsung fan, fine, i think there is a korean blog with samsung fans, and since samsung copy everything about apple, please copy this to, we talk only about apple. so go and admire your korean friends and your “inovative” device

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Whats the name of this article?……….it has apple lovers written all over it right?……burned.

      • leart za jmi

        are you feeling lonely or what?

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Not when just a few moments ago me and my girlfriend just expressed the love we have for one another. Dealing with people like you is a side thing lol

      • leart za jmi

        ok, now go and fuck yourself

      • SoCoMagNuM

        That was the most well though out original comeback of all time. You should be proud but please..dont mistaken me for your own private practices lol. I have no need for that. Sounds to me you have more important things to do…like finding youself a partner if you haven’t already. That should be you focus instead of bitching on a blog about an article you could care less about Mr Apple Lover lol

      • leart za jmi

        still writing here, you love apple to, you can’t leave the apple blog

      • SoCoMagNuM

        As an Apple Lover you sure do suck at the defense department lol. Your not even that entertaining. Going find someone with some sort of intellect to have a more meaningful discussion/rebuttal. Now you are truly alone..

      • leart za jmi

        people why buy an iphone start reading the apple blog..
        people why buy an samsung start reading the apple blog to..
        it’s that shit stuck under the shoe, it don’t ask you if its welcome

  • Don’t feed the Android trolls with articles like this

    • iDownloadBlog is changing to a sDownloadblog. If we wanted to know crap about Android or Samsung, we would visit that websites. But maybe Im wrong and the “i” doesn’t stand for “idevices”. Almost every article now talk about Samsung, Galaxy…

      • Christian Ziberg should start an android/ Samsung Blog, we are sick and tired of this kind of news, they are off off topic.

      • Kurt

        Don’t read them. Sebastien deems them necessary for good reason. You just haven’t figured out the good reason yet. So move along…

      • Must be some fucking stupid Android Fanboy like you to answer this, Go back off, this is an Apple Blog, we don’t need you here.

      • Kurt

        Don’t be a little twat.
        My phone is an iPhone
        My tablet is an iPad
        You go away you troll. We dont need you here

      • Evreyone here know your a troll, so go fuck off

      • Kurt

        You’re starting fights like a little twat. That’s a troll. You are what you’re calling me. Are you stupid or are you stupid?

      • Now now kurt.. Your troll number is up, it’s common knowledge you a Troll and a twat. Stop calling other ppl troll, you troll. Now go troll off somewhere else to get ur troll kicks… Tut tut.

      • Kurt

        You’re always trolling me. Go away gay boy.

      • Yeah agree the fckin twat Kurt trol droid bitch.. He needs to move to droid blog.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Actually this article is on topic, you aren’t. If your not interested in article, why the hell are you reading it? Lol people on these blogs that feel the need of self entitlement. You dont run the show. How about starting your own “apple blog” see how many readers follow you. Its simple..if all you want to read is just Apple articlesarticles then dont click on an article pertaining otherwise… just sayin

      • Kurt

        “If you don’t like it it’s simple…just don’t read it” It’s been said 1,000s of times. Not only do you not want to read articles about Samsung, but you spend the time reading them and commenting on them. You amaze me with your pathetic ways.

    • android trolls eat cheap plastic for breakfast lunch and dinner

      • Kurt

        Android phones eat iphones for breakfast, lunch and dinner then diarrheas them out all over Tim Cooks front lawn.

      • When I read “diarrheas” the only thing I saw was your mind. Because it’s full of shit.

      • Kurt


      • Yes, I know you’re. Well… we all know.

      • Kurt


  • TonyVee73

    I love my iPhone 4S. I tried a Galaxy S2 for a while and I didn’t like it. I wouldn’t consider myself an Apple fanboy but I don’t see myself owning anything but an iPhone.

    Lately, Apple ads suck and Samsung have been awesome. End of story love the Samsung commercials. It won’t ale me buy a Galaxy S-anything, though.

    • samsungs ads can be as good as they want fact is android sucks.. samsung needs to make their own OS

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Apple needs to get better at making ads

  • Wasn’t the iPhone made of plastic back when it started?

    • No. The original iPhone (the first one) was made of aluminium. The iPhone 3G and 3GS are, indeed, made of plastic, but a good one that doesn’t bend so easily. A good one, like the HTC and Nokia. Not that crap that they use on Samsung devices that are so cheap like their chinese clones. You can’t tell the difference between a clone Galaxy phone and a “original” galaxy phone because both look and feel cheap.

  • I don’t understand why people are on here if they do not own Apple products. I own Apple products, they all connect to each other and simplify my life a little. If you don’t like Apple or own any products, why would you come to a site dedicated to their products? Makes no sense. I like Apple because it suits me, I never liked Android, I felt they were buggy, and it wasn’t as seamless and fluid as my iPhone. That’s me, if that isn’t your case then that’s fine with me. It’s all about what works for you, Apple works for me, if Android works for you that is awesome and I am happy for you. I don’t hate Android fans, or companies that use their OS. Personally I felt the SII and SIII were not my style, the SIII is too big along with the Notes. I will say that they are nice, but not for me. When I ask someone to do something in the settings of their Android phone they all say “Hold on, I got to find that” that alone tells me that they are not as fluid and user friendly as my iPhone.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      #1 This blog is linked to my “google reader” so I don’t go out of my way
      #2 Ive owned and supported Apple products since iPod classic/iPhone 3G/4/iPod touch and jailbreak community up until last year when i made the jump to S3 (it was like a breath of fresh air)
      #3 if i wanted to find something in the settings i just drop down the notification bar and its there…no searching as you mentioned.
      #4 all those jailbreak tweaks and themess and tricks that people desperately depend on idevices mostly came on android devices and if not then a friendly trip to the Play Store will fix that issue. No more waiting for jailbreaks and no root needed unless you want to install custom roms which open up a whole new world of opportunity.. basically changing ur phone completely to a customized experience.
      #5 People complain about people trolling an “Apple blog” well sir your trolling an article thats pertained to Samsungs advertising strategies talking about people “not fans” of apple should leave. The article is pertained to both parties so it open to discussion to everyone not just apples entitlement defense team.
      #6 if article doesnt pertain to Apple.. dont complain. Dont read. Just politely move along. Its simple.
      #7 even if it does pertain to just apple and someone compares it to another device..thats ok cause its call “discussion” ya know when people talk about things and engage in conversations. Thats the purpose of this blog to engage in conversation not personal attacks because on ones preference.
      #8 Samsung products are made of cheap plastic…so were the first 4 generations of iPhones and then they when to glass that shattered and cost even more to repair. Finally got it right just last year with an aluminum backing. Plastic actually is more tolerate to drops that you think but still doesnt stop glass from shattering.
      #9 if you made it this far I think i said enough lol. Few moments of my life wasted trying to reason with some people thhat are so narrowmind (general statement not personal attack) People need to embrace the technology around them and stop the personal attacks.

      • #1. I never singled anyone out.
        #2. I never told anyone to leave.
        #3. My comment was aimed at the people that only comment “Android sucks” or “Apple sucks”
        #4. I gave my reasons for not liking Android, and Samsung Phones.
        #5. I didn’t make anything personal, nor did I attack anyone on here.
        #6. I stated that if someone likes Android that is great, I for one am not on here to make someone like Apple.
        #7. I read this article because I enjoy reading about advertising and how it works, or fails. I am not saying that either is the case with these ads.
        #8. Back to taking it personal, looks like your the only one, you need to chill out.

  • The worst thing Samsung fans can say is that they’ve innovated. What exactly did they do? A smart stylus? seriously? And for all you that will bring in specs to the table, no that is not innovation, thats stuffing more specs into a much larger size phone than an iphone. It makes sense. Android innovates, Samsung is not Android. And Samsung pretty much stolen 80% of Apples Innovation since the iPhone, then the iPad.

  • Quoted from a Moderator on Android Headlines:
    you’re flat-out wrong if you think that Samsung has “raised Android to
    the standard it is today”. Yes, the South Korean manufacturer is the
    biggest factor to Android’s popularity, there’s no denying that.

    But Samsung don’t have coders working at Google on the Android team
    do they? All they is take Android and slap Touchwiz on top, and rebrand
    main features of Android as there own. S Beam anyone? Oh, and why the
    hell did S Voice have to even exist at all?

    Samsung are good at releasing kernel sources quicker than anyone else
    but they don’t contribute much to Android itself. Sony are the biggest
    contributor to the AOSP by far. Let’s also not forget the repeated steps
    taken by Samsung to take the limelight away from features of Android.
    They have their own Music hub, their own app store, so on and so forth.

    So no, Samsung doesn’t “contribute” to Android at all, they just
    take. They’re the biggest reason Android is popular but they make no
    effort to bolster Android whatsoever.”

    If an Android fan/ editor of a blog dedicated to Android can see the duplicity of Samsung, why can’t anyone else???