How many times have you been swiping through a level of Infinity Blade, or Fruit Ninja, and accidentally pulled down the Notification Center? I know it happens enough to me to be a nuisance.

Well the good news is, for all of you jailbreakers out there, there are tweaks that allow you to disable the pull-down menu. And a new one just hit Cydia that actually lets you do it on a per-app basis…

The name of the tweak is DisableNCPlus, and it installs itself in your Settings app. From there, you can use it to either disable the Notification Center for all apps, or you can pick each one individually.

So say for example you like having the NC enabled while browsing the web, but you hate it during games. You would go into the DisableNCPlus app list, located in Settings, and select your games.

Now, does the tweak do anything groundbreaking? No. But what it does do, it does very well. During my testing, I disabled the Notification Center on 20 apps, and there were no missteps or crashes.

Admittedly, I’ll probably end up deleting DisableNCPlus—few tweaks make it past a week on my iPhone. But I’m sure some folks out there will find it really handy. Check it out, it’s $1 in the BigBoss repo.

  • Stuff that I have turned off in SBSettings:
    1. Activator – RAM and performance hog. Plus, I don’t need it
    2. Auxo – same as above
    3. CustomWidgeicons – …yep…
    4. Flex – same
    5. LowPowerBanner – you get it
    6. SMSTimestamps – see a theme here?
    7. Zephyr
    8. ZephyrKeyboardProxy
    9. libopener

    Battery has been awesome since I toggled all these off, RAM is back to an acceptable level of ~292-307mb, and performance is lag free.

    • Ssemiet

      How do you run SBSettings without Activator? Also, I would recommend iCleaner to speed up your whatever you have.

      • I have it installed. It doesn’t actually speed things up. It returns your phone to baseline. And I have SBSettings running in Notification Center. I havent used the activator action since my 3GS days.

    • Utopia

      Why don’t you just uninstall these tweaks and services, instead of disabling them using SBSettings (which is also a memory hog)? Quite counterproductive.

      • What if I decide I need them in the future? SBSettings clears RAM better than anything else in Cydia with its “processes” function. Plus… it is much more functional than anything I have found thus far. I tried to sub in NCSettings… but its too watered down. How is what I did counterproductive… my phone runs great and it does what I need it to do. Sounds pretty efficient and productive to me.

      • Damian W

        actually there is a tweak that clears ram even better it is called FreeMemory or something like this. I found Processes failing on my iPad 3

      • Guest

        (in my opinion) i used to be all about free memory/ram but really u dont need a free empty ram… the whole purpose of ram is to have files temporarily stored so when the same app is executed it loads up quicker… than loading all files like a freshstart which is slower…iOS has a native manager for that i mean think about it they made a whole OS but didnt think about free-ing up the ram ???

      • Damian W

        you are right, but the problem comes when you start running out of ram running multiple apps and some other apps have difficulties to open. Rare but it happened to me. Anyway, you made a good point.

        Btw, I am using my mac with 4GB ram ( today gonna install 8GB), and I have a huge problem with RAM. My mac eats the ram like candies, It is using almost 90 percent of them. On top of this, when I open 3 apps like powerpoint, pdf, safari I can say goodbye to the smooth and fast work experience. Mac slows down and eventually the apps crash. Yet, Apple did not create any useful tool to clear or manage memory that could come in handy.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      I can’t find a zephyr and auxo toggle in cydia

    • Damian W

      I would definitely keep : zephyr, libstatusbar, and activator. These three are essential and they dont hurt your iPhone.

    • sambuzzlight

      WAIT… activator hogs memory?

    • Hey, do not jailbreak your iPhone. Do a fresh restore and enjoy the standard, so I won’t hurt.

      Btw, I hate the way tweaks rely on Activator as a requirement when installing. Since Activator has installed as an app… it looks like rubbish on the homescreen.

  • Damian W

    I think the best option to disable NC is just using grabber instead.

  • Kurt

    Simple but useful tweaks like this makes the world of difference!

    • kcao

      Does it block notification during calls??

  • Wait, it is actually paid? What the fuck is wrong with its developer? Disabling globally could be coded within a few seconds, then just add a few lines for per-app support (let’s say 5-20 minutes, depending on motivation) and it’s done.

    • bw00ds

      So why didn’t you do it yourself? 🙂

      • The idea is nowhere near good, it is like going back to 4.x, also Repos don’t accept free alternatives to paid packages.

  • Oh, man, this is the tweak I’ve been looking for. I love the BANG! card game app, but you had to swipe from the top down to end your turn, etc. which would always make the Notification Center nub pop down. I tried a lot of things, like Activator, and I even used a non-jailbreak trick to turn of the Notification Center entirely. But I came to like NC, especially after getting SBSettings. So, it became a necessary annoyance. But this will solve everything!