Nearly 35 percent of iDevice owners have adopted Apple’s iOS 6.1.2 software in less than a week following its February 19 release, an ad network announced Tuesday. That iOS 6.1.2 became the most popular iOS version in such a short time is largely attributed to a glitch with Exchange calendars that resulted in increased network activity and reduced battery life for some iOS 6.1 users. While in line with previous iOS 6.x adoption rates, this particular data point evidently indicates folks continue to obsess over their mobile gadgets’ battery performance…

According to the data by Chitika, the swift uptake of the update was “understandable” given the Exchange bug could drain a device battery.

“This makes 6.1.2 the most popular version of iOS domestically, surpassing iOS 6.1.0, and adoption of the OS shows no signs of slowing down,” the ad firm wrote.

The iOS 6.1 update also followed a similarly quick adoption.

The first update focused on a problem some iPhone 4S users were having with performance of 3G connections. As we reported, the firmware update achieved a 22 percent adoption just two days after its release.

By four days, the software had been installed on 26 percent of iDevices.

Chitika explains:

For comparison, 48 hours following its release, iOS 6.1.2 adoption nearly equaled what we observed for the much more highly anticipated iOS 6 within the same period – a significant achievement considering this update was centered on an OS bug fix.

The adoption rate has become somewhat of a benchmark between Apple and Android.


Reports show Apple fans are more eager to update their devices to the latest software.

Indeed, while 60 percent of iOS users had adopted the latest iOS 6 Apple software, just under fourteen percent of Android devices in the wild run the Google mobile operating system version codenamed Jelly Bean, released in mid-2012.

  • TesticularFortitude

    “just under fourteen percent of Android devices in the wild run the Google mobile operating system version codenamed Jelly Bean, released in mid-2012.”

    Care to speculate why? I’d be curious to know.

    • Simple, because MANUFACTURERS do not release updates for android devices… or CARRIERS for that matter.

    • er because apple don’t license iOS out…. if they did it would be adopted like wildfire it would also devalue the brand

      • nathan coffey

        there is a version of ios ported to android though look for a goophone rom , or some others out there

  • Jose Juan Grijalva Lopez

    ok im in 6.1 iphone 5 Jailbroken should i upgrade to 6.1.2 or stay where i am and Why??

    • Yes. Fixes exchange bug, and a few others, but not the jailbreak. Do it soon, as 6.1.3 could come out any day now. You might as well, since you have nothing to lose imo.

      • Jose Juan Grijalva Lopez

        And battery problems any that you know off and thanks for the reply

      • Ahmadjoon

        exchange bug eats battery

  • Those who have 6.1.2 installed, and especially 4S users…how has the battery been? Did you restore from backup after, or set up as new phone?

    • John714

      Restored and I’m still having battery issues on 6.1.2
      This is ridiculous

      • Try restore and set it up as a new iPhone

    • I have a 4S on 6.1.2, and it’s been alright for the most part. I haven’t really seen a difference from 6.1 to 6.1.2 I don’t use exchange (Only really use calendar sync and contacts and I have a huge amount of tweaks I use, (Most for functionality, apart from that I’m pretty much vanilla) I restored from my iCloud backup and haven’t really seen any real issues.. I only updated because 6.1.3 may be coming out, breaking this jailbreak.

    • No Battery issues at all, but i’m not using exchange at the moment.

  • The reason for this is because jailbreaking users have the fear that 6.1.3 will patch evasi0n exploits, so they want to get the highest jailbreakable version.

    • teejay87

      Jailbreakers are 5%~10% of total iDevice users.
      (BigBoss data)

      • Yeah a little bit under 7 million so its actually under 5% (about 1.5%) assuming that there are 500 million iOS devices now.

      • and since no-one actually tends to fill out a survey after jailbreaking an iPhone… how did they obtain this data?

      • nathan coffey

        dude when you jailbreak cydia is automatically installed there are other ones out there but its like the software center for ubuntu there also a few others or the mac store its prettu much a deb browser for the iphone full of third party software but what cydia also does is it back up your shsh blobs for example , based on device id so one could easily get the number of jailbroken devices with knowing how many of these devices are on the software translation theres an entire database for this example when i open cydia and scroll to thr bottom mine says
        iPhone 4 (GSM), iOS 6.1 , Cydia 1.1.8
        then the next line is my udid which i am not giving out

  • chjode

    Exchange bug or those of us who waited for a Jailbreak before updating?

  • smtp25

    Big motivating factor is thats the latest iOS update before the JB gets broken in 6.1.3.

    I have exchange so no brainer for me to install, but even if you don’t now, you may in the future (up to year before next JB released)


    • Jimothy

      It’s possible that some parts of the jailbreak will carry over. Planetbeing said that if only one or two bugs are patched, he’ll replace them.

      • Chinh

        I hope he doesn’t. I’m sure he can manually create a patch for 6.1.2 that does what 6.1.3. Patch was created for jailbrakeme back then…. Save exploits for 6.2 — extra stuff on iphone5s will cross over. Ipad6 with multi account logins 🙂

      • Jimothy

        I agree, but he has dismissed that idea before. We can hope, though. 🙂

  • John714

    I’m still having battery issues on 6.1.2
    This is ridiculous… Many iPhone 4S users are having this same problem.

    • teejay87

      Then get to an Apple Store and get your iPhone replaced!

      • John714

        My phone is jail broken… They won’t replace shit

      • teejay87

        Open iTunes, click Backup iPhone, click Restore iPhone.
        Your iPhone is now fine for replacement!

      • Jose Juan Grijalva Lopez

        Restore to original then take it to apple

      • BadD KitTy

        If its not under warranty they won’t do anything but try and sell you another phone. I have no volume since update 6.0.1 and its not jail broke and they try and sell me another one. I have the 3gs, not under warranty. So if Apple’s jailbreak messes your phone up, and its not under warranty, you are F*#@%$. I have taken mine to 3 places. If anyone knows of something else I could do to get phone working again..I’m open to suggestions…Thanks..

      • nathan coffey

        first whats the problem heck ive actually BRICKED and unbricked a 3gs before 🙂 ,i was trying to do the base band myself and failed cuz i was in a hurry long story

    • Daniel Kreimendahl

      If you’re using Exchange email, try setting it for Fetch rather than Push. This made a big difference for our users in terms of battery and device heat. In addition, it reduced our W3SVC logs 10-fold in size daily.

  • ios 6.1.2 running my iphone 4s boot up 35 second.. this good job evasi0n..

  • marco

    how do i update from iOS 6.1 to 6.1.2 without losing my jailbreak and tweaks?

    • Ahmadjoon

      pkg backup is your choice

  • iPhone 4S here and I must say 6.1.2 improved my battery life, almost 2 hours of usage & 10 hours standby at 85%. Almost squeezed 8 hours usage & a day and 10 hours standby yesterday! Best I ever gotten previously on both iOS 5 and iOS 6 was a little short of 4.30-5 hours usage before and I wasn’t even jailbroken at that time ether!

  • Zapatista

    i’ll just stay with my ios 6.1.1 and i’m contented with it.smooth all the way.

  • Daniel Kreimendahl

    The primary reason IMO that a significantly lower percentage of Android users run Jelly Bean is because the carriers choose what version of Android they want to support on their connected devices. If a version of Android is not going to play well on a particular device, the carrier will choose not to qualify it for a device. This makes sense. I am not an Apple fan-boy by any means, but I will definitely give Apple kudos for having an OS that works across all the platforms, although this is likely made very simple due to the limited diversity in iOS-capable devices as opposed to the Android-capable devices.