I don’t think I need to introduce Auxo, the jailbreak tweak that redefines the iOS app switcher, to anyone. We’ve been giving Auxo its fair share of love since we first exclusively previewed the tweak a few months ago. And for good reasons. Auxo is one of those beautifully designed tweaks that not only improves on the stock iOS experience, but does it in an incredibly elegant manner.

When evasi0n came out last month, Auxo was the third tweak I installed, right after biteSMS and Zephyr. The love affair with Auxo lasted all the way until yesterday when I came to realize that although delightfully crafted, the tweak just didn’t do it for me. Let me explain…

There is one main function I want my app switcher to have. I want it to show me quickly and clearly what I have opened so I can rapidly switch between apps without having to think twice. Until Auxo, the stock app switcher had wonderfully fulfilled this simple requirement I have.

Over the last few days I’ve been wondering if Auxo actually met this requirement. Based on my daily usage, I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t.

Although beautifully designed, Auxo only shows you a very small thumbnail of your opened apps with an even smaller icon of the actual app. In my experience, and of course this is based entirely on my experience and yours might be different, it’s harder to actually figure out what you’re looking for in Auxo.

More often than not when using Auxo, I had to really focus to see what I was looking at. Obviously I didn’t have to spend 20 seconds to figure it out, but this extra split second was already too much. To me the goal of the app switcher is to quickly see what you have opened so you can quickly access it. Anything that makes me react more slowly than the stock app switcher is counterproductive to me.

When I tweeted I was giving up on Auxo yesterday, I believe I really hurt Jeff’s feelings. As you might have been able to tell, Jeff loves Auxo. Earlier today, Jeff said on Twitter that he likes to see what he’s about to open before opening in full screen. I agree with Jeff. I like to see what I’m about to open too, but Auxo makes this harder than it is on a stock switcher. If Auxo offered me the ability to see several of my opened Safari tabs to quickly go to the one I want, it would be a different story, but it doesn’t.

switcher vs Auxo
Auxo vs. the stock app switcher

The most important point I’m trying to make is that when I open the app switcher, I usually know where I want to go. Seeing a little thumbnail and a little app icon doesn’t make it easier for me to figure out what I want to open. What makes it easier is bigger icons, just like it is on the stock switcher. And that’s really what icons are for. They’re here so you know exactly what you’re looking at without having to think about it. If you have to open an app, seeing a little thumbnail preview won’t change anything to the fact that you still have to open this app. Auxo makes the experience more visually pleasant, but it doesn’t make it easier or faster.

And that is the main gripe I have against Auxo, but there is another small annoyance.

From time to time when using Auxo, I would accidentally kill apps by swiping the thumbnail down. What was again beautifully designed and coded became more of an annoyance than a convenience to me. I don’t think I have fat fingers or shaky hands, but every single day I managed to accidentally kill an app or two. Not a big deal. In most cases the apps I accidentally killed were not the one I wanted to launch, and even if they were the apps I wanted to launch, it wasn’t a terrible burden to go back to the Springboard to launch them again. But it’s the little things.

A few of my Twitter followers said I was missing the point of Auxo. I don’t think I’m missing the point. I’m well aware of all the awesome features Auxo brings to the app switcher. I just think they don’t make my flow better.

For example, I rarely, if ever, manually kill an app. I know it will probably come as a surprise to many of you who keep tab on memory usage and all that good stuff. But I don’t. My iPhone 5 is as fast as it was the first day I got it and I never bother worrying about memory usage because I really don’t have to. In this sense, the ability to kill an app or all opened apps isn’t very helpful to me. Speaking of memory, I’ve seen many comments from Auxo users saying the tweak has bad memory leaks, and in some cases, some users reported random crashes. I don’t keep tap on memory usage so I wouldn’t know about that, but from my experience, Auxo has always been a very stable tweak. From what I can tell, it never caused any crash on my iPhone.

Some argued the toggles were also one of the main reasons why you’d want to use Auxo. Well, I use NCSettings, which works wonderfully for me. Some of you highlighted the quick access to brightness controls. Fair enough, but I can’t remember the last time I manually changed the brightness of my iPhone screen, so again, this is useless to me.

The one thing I’ll probably miss from Auxo is the iPod controls which are a clear improvement on the stock controls, but I think I’ll survive without this cool feature.

In case I hadn’t made myself clear enough, I have an immense respect for Sentry and Jack Willis, the guys behind Auxo. I think they did a fantastic job at re-imagining what the app switcher should be like, but as I explained, it just doesn’t do it for me. Of course, I don’t expect you to agree with me. I just thought I’d explain my reasoning behind my giving up of Auxo.

  • seyss

    auxo is gay

    neither the screenshot nor the icon are viewable

    • CollegiateLad

      I’m gay. That kinda hurts my feelings.

  • It wouldn’t be that hard to find the app you want if you didn’t disable the icon labels in the app switcher.

  • Richard

    Multifl0w -> best jailbreak app ever!! Pitty it stopped.

  • Think a major problem is that a lot of apps look identical; black or blue navigation bar at the top and/or bottom with the actual content sitting on white. That can make previews confusing :/

    On a side note; I love the tweak but memory leaks and having to manually kill apps made me uninstall it. If they’re fixed, I may reinstall!

  • Soulreaver2k8

    It is a great tweak but I had to uninstall it because of the giant memory hog it became on my iPhone 4s. I guess having an iPhone 5 with the extra memory would help but at this point I have to live without Auxo and I am fine with that. I still go all my other tweaks to keep my satisfied. If Auxo gets optimzation updates in the future … then maybe I’ll switch back.

  • Sebastien, might I suggest MultiStorey? It was my go to switcher tweak as it displayed 8 app icons very cleanly. Over daily use I found I would never have to even swipe to a different page.

    For me, I love having the close app gesture. Before iOS 6 I would use CloseEnhancer (swipe up to close app). That has since disappeared so I use Auxo as a compromise.

  • Jon

    The first tweak I installed after jailbreak was Auxo, I think it is such a well designed tweak, after several days I was noticing a memory drain on my 4s, I went through each tweak and discovered in my case it was Auxo, I have uninstalled it and don’t have any memory drain issues, to be honest I have not missed it and use kill background in switcher to close all apps, I would use multi flow if it was comparable I do like the larger switcher.

  • I never thought this post would be made…. it made Jeff cry on twitter.

  • Joe Benning

    Auxo is a memory hog on 6.1.2! I had 30MB at any given time, as soon as I uninstalled it…back to 275 on 4S.

  • I think it’s a big improvement, it’s defiantly staying on my phone!!!

  • bloodshed

    i think i speak for everyone when i say Auxo is a great and reliable tweak..but:
    1- a cracked version won’t do.
    2- i think it’s better to install it on newer idevices (iphone 5, ipod 5th gen).
    i believe it causes crashes, slows down, and drains battery faster on older devices.

  • hanzel

    Crashed to many times, especially when an audio app was active (music, spotify, TuneIn Radio, etc). too bad tho.. not worth the money this way

  • Long live Switchy. has the simplicity while adding more functions.

  • Chinh

    Can’t wait for multifl0w to update

  • Auxo was a memory hog. I uninstalled as well. It had some nice features but was slowing down my 4S too much. After uninstalling, my iphone was back to normal.

  • i un jailbroke my iphone because auxo kept crashing my phone my phone became way to unreliable

    • Joe Benning

      You went back to stock? Why didn’t you just uninstall the tweak? Lol…

    • Damian W

      why on earth would you do such a horrifying thing.

  • Installing auxo, my iphone 4S memory was decreased to 50~70 mb. No matter how many times i kill the bgapps, refresh and kill processors memory won’t recover. After removing auxo, my memory went back to 250+mb.

  • Sawyer Reavis

    hi does anyone have the iphone 4s 5.1.1 folder

  • TonyVee73

    I don’t understand why people love this… I think the JLauncher is a much better App Switcher. I wish it would be updated doe use with iOS6 already!!!!

    • Damian W

      jLauncher is a great idea with not a great finish. And it needs to be updated regularly.

  • Carlos Briones

    You definitely have a point Sebastian, but I’m going to have to side with Jeff. I’ve had many of the same bad experiences (the little things) as you have but for me the good out ways the bad, and Auxo is still one of my top tweaks to install. Glad to see someone with a different view point on Auxo though, a nice read.

  • Sure I understand your point, but think of Auxo as a switcher improvement. Rather than a replacement. Then it makes a lot more sense and is a lot better as a switcher.

  • Vitaliy T

    I AGREE with this post.. The moment I installed Auxo, I found myself trying to figure out what app im trying to switch to. That was really annoying. Plus I dont see a reason of why would I NEED to know what will the screen look like if I switch over to that app… UMM I already know what it will look like? lol. its not like the app dramatically changed since the last time you opened it.

  • Eugene

    Agree with you. Tried Auxo, but uninstalled by the same reason. Now using CardSwitcher with NCSettings, but still missing Multifl0w support for iOS6.

  • Maybe you should try MissionBoard?

    • Damian W

      and CardSwitcher

  • christodouluke

    I completely agree with you.
    I’ve never been particularly impressed with auxo. It is not “how apple should have done the switcher”, as people like to say.
    I might use it if the previews were bigger though.

  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this article pointed out a problem that could be seen and understood from a functionality-based stand point. It’s better to be honest than not. I love Auxo, but I also respect Sebastien’s views as well. As well as Jeff’s, and all the other writers on iDB, because the articles are always informative and give you a different angle on things. Appreciate this diversity, it doesn’t have to change your views.

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    Honestly its one of the best out there and i say this while my iPhone rebooted for the n-th time for the past few weeks. Visually i get much more info what is running, i get more convenient way of switching on and off different features and i get a fast way of closing apps (one finger only).

    There are downsides though:

    1) Auxo keeps a png screenshot of the app’s full-screen – (that’s how it shows you the app’s content), the issue is that its constantly writing to the filesystem and on a flash-based device you DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS.

    2) Auxo its not pre-loaded and there’s always a delay when you come out of app or if you are in an app that requires a lot resources.

    3) Auxo crashed my Springboard numerous times and while the latest public build fixed a lot of my problems – its still pretty annoying when you want to switch and you end up rebooting the phone.

    I’ve bought it almost day one, so i’m pretty much on it from the start and i can say that the updates and the support is amazing, its not a perfect tweak by all means, but im sure A3 are working on towards this perfection. I believe though that if Apple do this as a system component (i.e. the resource impact would be negligible) it can be an amazing feature.

  • Lordthree

    I disagree. I find it easier to see apps, close apps, and still have the other function controls. Most app switchers that show more screen also completely get rid of music and mirroring controls. Auxo is fine. It’s only getting better. Crashes are few

    • CollegiateLad

      Cut the shit. And quit it. Sebastian is giving his opinion. He sure in the hell didn’t ask yours.

      • Lordthree

        Fuck off

  • Michael

    It crashed my phone a lot and made all my icons and apps come out of my folders and then i had to put them all back one by one.

  • You have to write everything you think?, the latest posts is about you being uncomfortable about almost all tweaks.

  • bloodshed

    why i installed Auxo? lol
    after all this whoop about Auxo..i thought i will give it a shot and try it officially, as i tried a cracked version before (which i really hated)..and guess what!..a significantly different and better experience..i kinda supported those against this tweak before, but now i really like & appreciate it.
    the only reason supported my purchase is the ability to close certain apps, or all at once, easily. i prefer the stock icons while switching apps and for the toggles i already have NCSettings which does the job pretty well. it doesn’t provide much for some, but it’s nice to have.

  • iDara09

    My experience with Auxo, having a hard time adjusting the brightness when I am in a hurry. Its brightness button kinda small, however I can adjust the volume very well. So I don’t really know is it about button or brightness section itself.

    • Damian W

      for brightness Music Controls Pro is the best. Just go with this one. Anything else is tedious.

  • It is pretty disappointing I’d have to say, it does indeed crash on me too a couple of times a day and I bought this too.

    Now I just leave it installed and using it for the sake of that fact I bought it otherwise if I don’t then I know I just wasted money buying it to have it sit there.

  • mhchehade

    Auxo’s creator is mad at you Sebastien

    • Not at all. He actually said he will try to implement a few tricks in a future version of Auxo to make me happy 🙂

  • samdchuck

    Totally agree, good thing I tried it before I (didn’t) bought it.

  • Dlck

    you know, i think its just that you’re dumb…..

  • bigzjoseph

    I demand a refund for auxo

  • The Auxo team just tweeted this:
    @A3tweaks: Thanks to all you beta testers who’ve been providing feedback over the past several days! #MemoryLeakIsDead

    We will be submitting tomorrow.

  • Try “Multistorey”. A simple n free tweak. It doubles the size of the multitasking drawer, allowing u to see more apps at a time. On top of that it provides enhanced music controls too.

  • I uninstalled it because it is…. (Franky’s voice) SUUUUUUUUPER UNSTABLE! It makes opening the switcher slow, unlike when it is just Zephyr alone. Though still a good tweak.

    • Damian W

      zephyr slows down with many other tweaks, not only with Auxo. I used to have problem with Zephyr on iOS 5 same like now with Auxo.

  • tomthom7

    For those who use Zephyr and Auxo have the crashed problem, I just find out what the problem was and only one solution make it work again. On Zephry setting section, swipe to the bottom and you’ll see the Notification Center (iPhone) [ Enable ]…. just turn it OFF. After you turn OFF the enable, it worked perfectly. Just try or maybe work for some guys of you.

    • bloodshed

      exactly, well said.
      the same happened to me and i had to turn that feature off (even though i like its style of having a quick peek to check the time or battery while in full screen apps, gaming..etc).
      however, this was on 6.1.1..i updated to 6.1.2, jailbroke using latest evasi0n and now i have both auxo and zephyr installed (With the Notification Center (iPhone) enabled)..for now everything is going smooth and no crashes like before at all. hopefully it stays this way.

  • The reason i uninstalled it was because of zephyr. I will never uninstall zephyr, but i just found Auxo uninteresting

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I thought Jeff wrote this… I thought the world was ending

  • I always seem to accidentally open in app when clearing individual apps. Hate that.

  • Get Switchy and be happy!

    • Is it compatible with Zephyr and its landscape mode? In iOS 5 it wasn’t.

      • CollegiateLad

        Zephyr works great for me. Auxo too

  • Uninstalled it myself some days back too.

  • Its so hard to please some people… Tuts

  • batongxue

    Apart from other parts that I can not agree.

    I just totally don’t get it why you would swipe your thumb down by mistake.
    I mean, is it that hard to control your thumb’s move?
    Come on, human’s hand is a freaking miracle!

    PS: Still waiting patiently for Auxo to support iPad!

  • I like Imperium better.

    • Damian W

      imperium is really good, I wish the dev would updated it and add some extra new features. I would like to see iPad version too.

  • Jeff is gonna kill youu noww!!

    • CollegiateLad

      Don’t be an ass hat