You probably haven’t noticed it personally, but did you know that banner notifications are supressed while the Siri interface is open? Well, to be honest, I didn’t either, until I saw this tweak pop-up in Cydia.

The premise behind Unveil is simple, allow banner notifications to be displayed within the Siri interface. If you’re someone who absolutely must have access to banner notifications at all times, then Unveil is something you should consider using.

After installing Unveil it just starts working, hence, there are no options to configure. Unveil is a simple tweak that, in my opinion is not absolutely necessary, because the banner notifications appear immediately after the Siri interface is closed.

Knowing that, if you’d still like to try Unveil, then head over to Cydia’s ModMyi repo where it can be downloaded for free. If you’re browsing this post on your jailbroken iOS device, then you can hit up this link for a direct link to the tweak on Cydia.

What do you think about Unveil? Is it something that you plan on installing on your jailbroken device?

  • Damian W

    you should review infinitytask tweak

    • Damian, infinitytask kind of works. It gives you some kind of :where is the nearest hotel” or “Siri, im hungry” but it does not ressembles the same experience as in USA. I;d love to “buy me a ticket for X movie” or, id like to go home, or some of those things. I know im asking too much but hay…. dreams are for free arent they?

      • Damian W

        you must be talking about some other tweak? infinitytask has nothing to do with Siri. it is a background multitasking tweak.

      • my bad, sorry. I thought it was one of theses “siri tweaks”

      • as a matter of fact i will review the infinitask. I usually test the tweaks you talk about in the forums. The ones you praise and the ones you bash lol

  • seyss

    I wish Siri worked on my country..

    • sambuzzlight

      i wish i had siri on my phone :/

  • I know this is off topic jeff. But, is there any tweak that gives actual time, like liveclock. i used to have that in my 4s but is not iOS6 supported. I also miss live weather. Even though those tweaks were memory hog

  • I’ve noticed that Jeff uses his iPOD for useless tweaks. Whent it comes to the real deal he uses his iPHONE. I totally understand you dont want to load your device with crap

    • sambuzzlight

      lol ‘real deal’.. +1

  • fuckyoujeff

    Jeff, you are such a fucking bastard. Reviewing this crap immediately, but many other Tweaks not at all. I hope you and your family die a cruel death, motherfucker.

    • Why are you being such a D**k? The guy reviews whatever he wants. That was totally uncalled for

  • John

    What’s the clock tweak and face on notifications?

  • It’s not worth the effort.