evasi0n untether cydia

If you’ve been experiencing booting problems with your jailbroken iDevice, then a new update to the evasi0n 6.x Untether may be of sincere interest to you. evasi0n Untether version 0.4-1 was recently released in Cydia, and it brings with it fixes to booting problems that were happening during some reboots.

If you’ve been experiencing booting issues, then you should head over to Cydia right now, and upgrade your evasi0n Untether package.

evasi0n untether 0.4-1

The update doesn’t require a reboot or anything else special, just install it and go. Have you been experiencing booting issues with your jailbroken iOS 6 device? If so, did the evasi0n untether 0.4-1 update fix your issues?

  • Badazzdes

    If mine hasn’t experienced the booting issues, do I still have to upgrade it?

    • grdbu6@aol.com

      no, but it is always best to upgrade

    • Yes.

    • It takes 2 seconds…you could have updated faster than it took you to write this comment.

      • Badazzdes

        Yeah… and it only took me 2 seconds to write “you are an idiot”…

      • I’m the idiot? You asked if you should upgrade? Why on earth would you not upgrade when it takes 2 seconds from within Cydia. pffft. Here’s some advice for your feeble brain….upgrade it.

  • great… so um who is working on the new backgrounder twEAK/

    • Damian W

      hm a bit off the topic…but yeah, good question. Probably nobody right now.

  • I was experiencing boot issues until this update. Every time I rebooted, the apple logo would disappear and reappear a few times with a significantly long boot up time for an iPhone 5. No longer! 🙂

  • Wassim Omais

    Yes, my 4S has been experiencing these problems whenever I did a hard reboot. The apple logo went black and then came back up again, went black about 5 times and then turned on. Sometimes it would accidentally boot up into safe mode. I am hoping that this fixes the issue 🙂

    • It did for me on an iPhone 5 with the same experience!

  • FTO

    That’s Why i Love Evasi0n.

  • jgr627

    I’m having issues with the maps app when using it for directions….can’t switch apps or it crashes to safe mode…..anybody else having this issue?

    • i had the same problem have u got Assistant Enhancer installed because that is what was causing the problem for me

      • jgr627

        I actually don’t have that tweak installed I do have auxo n I think that might be the issue

      • It’s Auxo actually. I’ve tested it. It doesn’t happen everytime, but it happens often and only when in Maps, and switching to another app. With Auxo uninstalled, it doesn’t happen. Here’s hoping for a fix!

      • jgr627

        It might be more then just auxo b/c my cousin has the 1 tweak installed (iblacklist) n it still crashes when using maps

      • Probably a different issue. The author of Auxo has come out and admitted this is from Auxo and will be fixed within a few days (hopefully)

      • yeah, auxo is the problem here, i uninstalled auxo and still after about 12 hrs i havnt faced any crash yet. the sad part is, our other alternatives like “Multicleaner and Close Enhancer is still not updated for ios 6 🙁

      • czbird

        I miss MultiCleaner so much…

      • Toni

        Use swipeAway it is great

      • thnx for reminding me about it Toni.. it works with ios6 🙂

      • yea i have the same problem. but i have assistant love.

      • What I did was just restore my device and re-jailbreak it. Everything is fine now.

      • same problem here but i have assistant love

    • Joe

      I’m having Maps issues too. I don’t have AssitantEnhancer installed, but I do have Auxo. Prior to a few days ago, I’ve never had an issue with Maps. I’ve had Auxo installed since iOS5 days.

      • Guest

        I also have problems with Auxo, causing my device to reboot when I am listening to music and pull up the switcher with zephyr. I uninstalled Auxo and have not had any problems with anything since.

      • Joe

        Hmmm, I’ve never had reboot issues like that (spontaneous reboots). Maybe the unexpected app crashes are attributed to Auxo. I love the tweak so much though. I’d hate to give it up lol. I’ve always thought it was well worth the $2.

  • No booting problems but problems syncing my apps from Instalous . Can anybody help ?

    • Talking about pirating is taboo here. Everyone does it in one way or form, but most get uppity and pissy if you bring it up…so best not to get the “app police” after you.

      • 10-4 .
        I’ll check my yard and make sure there’s Nowbody hiding in it !

      • Everyone doesn’t pirate, ask any dev or the evad3rs. Or me.

      • I dont pirate either. BUT i wish i did it with stupid QUASAR. I paid 10 bucks for a buggy app that now does not support iOS 6. And the developer is missing in action

      • Never downloaded a song?

    • SimonOrJ

      It’s impossible to sync crack apps from iTunes to your iPhone. You’ll have to buy the app. Installous has been taken down few weeks ago, but even with installous, syncing cracked apps is impossible.

      • I buy my apps, but you have no idea what your talking about. Cracked apps are just too shady. Think about it, your allowing root access to your device from an app that may have been modified in a way that may be malicious. No way of knowing unless you know what your doing. Support the devs buy their apps.

      • SimonOrJ

        I’m talking about syncing pirated apps here. Sorry if you didn’t get what I said. The comment wasn’t directed towards you.

        I also buy my apps.

      • App sync anybody ? Of course you can sync cracked apps in iTunes . How do you think the millions who use piratebay get on ?

      • Sir/ma’am… You realize the risk you took allowing people to get you to download their jail break and run it on your phone? They are trustworthy, but its a huge risk nonetheless.

  • Now i have a rebooting problem, my ipad 3 was working fine but now it keeps rebooting, anyone know how to revert back?

    • When the Apple boot logo shows up, hold down the “up” volume button. This will disable MobileSubstrate. Kinda like a more advanced Safe Mode, from this you’ll be able to go into Cydia and uninstall the update.

      • SimonOrJ

        That is dangerous: Uninstalling the update.

      • thx for the feedback but if i uninstalled evasi0n i will loose the jailbreak and will have to restore it with itunes

  • SimonOrJ

    Weather.app seems to be out of order forever. Is there a fix for it out somewhere?

    • Arshdeep Soni

      Hi if you would like a permanent fix to the weather issue please look at my YouTube channel and please subscribe If it worked

      • SimonOrJ

        Thanks for your input, but it seems like there’s no way to reach your YouTube channel from here.

  • Update causes iPhone 5 to freeze up when launching apps randomly requiring a hard reboot
    Also auxo is causing the phone to freeze hope they fix this soon

  • well… booting is the same as was with 0.3-3… I have quiet a few tweaks installed so I expect to reboot longer anyway 🙂

  • no it doen’t fix the OTA update

  • I have an issue with my iPhone and iPad, while typing if i want to type two uppercase letters i cant hold the shift button instead of that i must double click the shift button then the letter.
    anyone facing the came problem?
    While i’m typing this comment i just thought this might be happening because i have the swipe select tweak installed. Can any one confirm.
    Thanks heaps

  • recently works fine on my iPhone 4s after jailbreak using evasi0n ver.1.5

  • Aloha Jeff i have conformed that this update is the cause of some major problems first off it will freeze up your phone randomly while launching an app or just answering a call. And this is on a constant basis i have restored my iphone 5 in DFU mode twice first time i did i reinstalled all tweaks except the update from 03-3 to 04-4 worked flawlessly as soon as i updated to 04-4 problems started up again i am now on my second reinstall from DFU mode using evaders 1.4 tool not upgrade to 04-4 and i cannot send them a message through Cydia i get a mail damon just wanted to let you guys know. On a good not battery on my iPhone 5 has gotten better with the 6.1.2 firmware

  • Benjami Lindqvist

    I have problems with my weather app. I’ve tried running the command in terminal that I found online, but still can’t get the weather app working. In some post I saw a sentence that said that new version of evasi0n will fix the weather app crash, but no…

  • Instantly saw a difference.

  • steve

    I jailbroke my iphone 5 ios 6.1 using evasi0n and I accidently deleted cydia. How can I get cydia back. I tried reinstalling evasi0n but it says this iphone is already jailbroked and that I already have cydia. I dont have any other cydia programs on my iphone .


    • Prob need to restore and rejailbreak it. sorta the same issue im having.

  • I was having issues with apps and batt life after evasi0n. i saw cydia had an evasi0n update. i installed it and now nothing works. game center, safari, and every cydia installed app. it updated my untethered break to a tethered one and when tried to rejailbreak it evasi0n gave me an error to use cydia to do whatever. so im having to update to the newest 6.12 software just so i can use evasi0n again to break it into untethered state. any ideas on this problem?

    • now im tryin to restore from an old backup just so i can do all this shit again

  • patrx

    i have a 3GS iphone. it was jailbreak before to 5.1.1 version. but i accidently click upgrade to 6.1.3 in itune as i have use it to unlock my iphone 4S. now i jailbreak it but it only goes to 4.1 version. is it posible to upgrade my 3GS 4.1 to 6.0 version, they said it is still have no new version to jailbreak it. pls advice me.