facebook 5-5 update

Facebook just posted a nice little update for its official iOS app, bringing it to version 5.5. This is the app’s third update in as many months, as the social network continues to improve its mobile experience.

The change log for today’s release includes a new button design, which makes it easier to comment on, like and share stories from your News Feed, and support for Facebook’s free in-app calling feature…

Here are the release notes:

New button design makes it easy to like, comment and share posts in News Feed.

  • Improved buttons to like, comment and share posts
  • Share button to re-post stories from your News Feed now available in all languages
  • Call friends for free right from Facebook (US and Canada)

The free calling feature launched in Canada earlier this year, and some parts of the US, via the Messenger app. Now, it appears in the official app. It’s your typical VoIP service, and uses your existing data plan.

Frequent Facebookers will appreciate the new sharing buttons, which standout far more than their predecessors, and are easier to tap. If you have the app, make sure to grab the update. And if you don’t, you can find it here.

  • Waiting in Europe for the VOIP service!

  • It crashes a lot!!!

    • Sean


    • It could be a few reasons. Your device has an older iOS version that wasn’t thoroughly tested by Facebook, since Apple doesn’t allow downgrades. Or it is an older device. Or if you have a relatively new firmware, and your phone is jailbroken, try to restart and hold the volume up button while loading (that will disable all the mobilesubstrate tweaks, which could maybe cause some sort of conflict with Facebook).

      • Running 6.1.2 and You Dont Say :O About Booting Up Trick … I can easily go safe mode 🙂 Anw I solved my problem my own way Thanks

      • Yeah, if Facebook works being in safe mode, that means some tweak is causing a conflict with your Facebook app.

  • oh god noooooooo.. facebookk gets worse with every damn upgrade… what a damn mess…

  • All this shit please fix sound on notifications problem its been nearly a year round

    • I’m getting sound notifications. It just started like 2 days ago so it must have upadated with the latest release.

      • Did u do anything in particular for the sounds to work?

  • i still can’t delete my own comments from other people’s pages or my posts to my own wall without using the mobile site… or does this update fix that issue? or am i just ignorant and don’t know how to do it properly?

    • Sir.Rhommi

      I Wish It Did, But No

    • harry

      if u want to delete ur comments from other pages or ur post ,go to ur profile page on the right side under cover photo there will be written activity log click it and remove it from there anything,u wish to delete.

  • Why cant I delete my own comments on other peoples posts?? This has been the same for the last two updates. SUCKS!!!

  • Sir.Rhommi

    Why Have In App Calling If FB Syncs To Your Phone’s Contacts?

    • disqusted

      VoIP calls. Use data connection, not cellular. Major difference. Except data is more precious than minute allotment these days, so unless you’re using wi-fi, VoIP may actually work against you rather than for you.

      I can say that I can surely tell a clarity difference between the two (VoIP being noticeably “crisper” and less muffled). I know, how can a person’s voice sound clearer than it does over a phone line (even a land line)? Well— tech people, especially telecom experienced ones understand it certainly CAN get better, from a signal fidelity perspective… but practically, it’s harder to imagine.

      Same thing people wonder can visual tech actually get clearer than 1080p (practically, not technically)— well, yeah. You really don’t notice how much an older technology that you’re used to is lacking until you experience the better tech. Then the old one sucks, whereas it was fine before. For instance, I can hardly watch DVD’s anymore. And SD resolution channels on 1080p TV? I just can’t fkng do it. It’s horrible. It’s like taking a 100×100 video and maximizing it on your monitor. It looks like hell incarnate.

      What does this have to do with Facebook? Fuk all, truly. Only my first sentence applied to it. The rest was just an unintended rant to no one in particular other than myself.

      You know what else will be badass? H.265 coding. Can’t wait for that badass bitch. Half the file size at same quality as H.264 (or double the video stored at the same file size without any quality difference from H.264)… theoretically. If I didn’t just make that up. I rarely make things up unless I’m trying to, then I’m pretty good…

      Audio will go to lossless, eventually as bandwidth continues to expand; I think lossless compression algorithms themselves are reaching (have reached) the point of diminishing returns. Compression is not going to increase more than a few %, max, while still remaining lossless. There is a theoretical limit.

      We know audio has perceptual limitations (human hearing is only so acute)… that being some 20Hz-20,000Hz if you’re young and have not experienced music. Otherwise you’re probably more like 18,000Hz on the high end, in reality. Nyquist’s theorum says we need double the bandwidth (perceptually/digitally) to recreate true transparency; thus human hearing being 22,000×2+a little overhead = 44,000+100… 44.1kHz per channel; so 2x that total. That’s a pretty set upper limit for transparency— ABX and prove otherwise for freaks. 16-bit is sampling frequency, related to quantization. So why is there 24/32-bit, and 192kHz and all this. I forgot. Probably to do with multiple channels for the latter? As far as I know, studios (when recording source audio) only use 48kHz at 24-bit depth, MAYBE some 32-bit but would argue how much precision is just impractical. What good are dynamics and range if producers compress the hell out of the audio and raped those right out. Classically cited example being Metallica’s Death Magnetic as the “WTF, this is when compression goes wrong”. Lets introduce clipping and artifacts. This audio standard served us well for so long, lets try and ruin it. Obsolescence through absurdity, not by the digital medium’s inherent failure. You make it fail, by producing unnatural tonal and frequency distortions via digital manipulation of analog sound. ADC is an estimation; a representation of a physical/natural state via digital (1’s and 0’s) means. Hence the “conversion” term. It’ll never be perfect, because reality does fit to integral/real numbers. Your most basic/pure tone is a sine wave; the circumference (one 360° turn, is 1 hertz) unraveled to a linear representation (graph) plotted as x,y as frequency and amplitude— what the f*** am I doing? An I teaching a god damn class on acoustics 101? How did I even get involved with this. My tangents are LEGENDARY. My rants are revered and reveled, but painful, no matter the opinion. I break things. When programmers code for exception handling… They’re doing that because of me. I must be limited, or I will take down entire network clusters, demand every bit if RAM and every CPU cycle until servers crash, unable to handle the sheer amount of data I will invariably present. I AM A BUG. I stress-test resources. Many of those resources have a nervous breakdown from the stress I apply. I retire servers. And their failovers, all the same. If I destroyed the first one, why would I not destroy the backup server(s)?! Parallel computing, resource bonding, these are feeble protections. My comments are digital destructors. Period.

      • disqusted

        Suck on that one. Impressive. You fix my grammar errors in your head, if you even catch them; I’m too lazy after typing that to fix petty things. I’m just shocked that didn’t confront a character limit of some sort. That makes me want to really test it out. All in all— Disqus— my hat is off to you… you took that like a BAMF and didn’t even hiccup. I bow to you. Though one day, I will destroy you. Respect is one thing. The rules of the highlander must be upheld— there can be only one. Be gone! (That’s to me. GTFO of here and stop typing, wanker. That’s just stupid.)

  • This update doesn’t fix the two major problems. Constant crashing on both stock and jailbroken devices and no sound for notifications. Facebook devs suck.

  • gfdgdfgd