iOS 6.1.3 beta 2

Believe it or not, Apple has seeded a beta for another iOS update to developers today. The company has already issue two software updates, 6.1.1 and 6.1.2, in as many weeks, and only released iOS 6.1 three weeks ago.

Today’s developer software is marked as iOS 6.1.3 beta 2. The first beta was actually sent out earlier this month, known as iOS 6.1.1 beta 1, but it’s been renamed to iOS 6.1.3 due to the recent iOS bug-fixing updates…

This update, as we previously noted, includes several enhancements to the Maps application for Japan. According to 9to5Mac, it also fixes the lockscreen bug. And of course, as always, there’s a chance it fixes the jailbreak.

With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to stay clear of updating to iOS 6.1.3 if you are jailbroken. Pod2g reported that the original version of this software, beta 1, did not break evasi0n, but beta 2 has not been looked at yet.

In the past two weeks, Apple has seeded iOS 6.1.1 to iPhone 4S users to fix the 3G connectivity problem, and iOS 6.1.2 to repair the Exchange bug. With those fixes out of the way, we expect iOS releases to return to normal.

If you are a developer, you can download iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 from the iOS Dev Center, and let us know if you find anything interesting in there.

  • Wow. Apple just can’t seem to get it right huh? Just release something stable (that doesn’t bust the jailbreak and finally
    Improves my 4S battery life) and sit on it for a while already

    • its not the IOS thats fucking up your battery its the jailbreak so no need to complain on the IOS

      • You are speaking without even knowing what the fuck you are talking about. No, the battery was shit prior to the jailbreak, so it’s not the jailbreak itself. In my past experiences, jailbreaks never decrease battery life

        Long story short….shut your fucking mouth until you know what the fuck you are even talking about.

      • Damian W

        well, jailbreak does affect the battery in the long run. If you have installed many tweaks you will see faster drainage and longer charging. If you install only few major tweaks then it is not gonna affect battery.

      • perhaps some tweaks do, but the jailbreak itself does not. it’s simple code execution for root access. it has no gain/loss on the battery at all.

        perhaps if patrick clarified, he wouldn’t have looked so gosh darn silly! el oh el

      • I don’t install many tweaks, and the other night I left my phone unplugged overnight (was at 100% when I went to bed). It was at the typical 94-96% when I got up 7 hours later. I never thought anything of it, until last night when I re-jailbroke but other than that, it was the stock OS (no 3rd party apps except for cydia). Put it next to the bed at 100%, woke up with it still at 100%. I almost thought something was faulty at first. I loaded some apps on, went to work, was still at 100% an hour later. Finally dropped to 99%.

        tl;dr: jailbreaking definitely affects battery life.

      • I noticed my 4S sitting at 100% for longer than normal after I updated to 6.1.2 (and re-jailbroke it). Maybe it’s a farce to make people believe the battery drain bug has been solved…

      • Kurt

        ever notice how incredibly fast it drops after getting down to 25% or so? then almost each minute it is dropping. Apple has it rigged to make it seem like the battery is so good while its up in the 80s and 90s. I noticed this years ago. My other phones never had such an issue. Apple also did this trick with their bars for the 3G signal. Apple is very dishonest about these things. Oh, maybe I’m just “holding it wrong.”

      • JW

        Common misconception about the way batteries work.

        tl:dr: jailbreaking definitely does NOT affect battery life, in and of itself. [fix’d]

        The difference you experienced is a function of a stock charging process that Apple and pretty much every modern device using LiPo batteries use, which is that they vary by up to 5% or so the actual “100%” amount. You just happened to notice it after JB is all.

        Stock design rated (ie manufacturer guarantee) capacity, brand new, zero charge cycles, is 1430 mAh in an iPhone 5, for example. My current capacity, at this very second, is 1346 mAh, which is 94.13% the mfr-rated capacity. My estimated maximum capacity at this very moment is 1346 mAh also. Next to my battery icon on the status bar, it reads 100%. I am at 69 charge cycles btw.

        iOS displays estimated 100% as 100%. (You’d be more irritated probably if, as the phone aged, you had a visual reminder that only a few months after you bought it you never saw greater than a less-than-100% after charging all night!) The charging firmware will re-estimate and do it again the next charge process. I could link you to studies, but you can take my word for it: It prevents prematurely aging the cells of the battery to not literally charge to absolute max capacity each time. So it will cut off earlier, and call that 100%. Between charge cycles (50% or more drain, not little ones) I’ll see 100% vary +/- tens of mAh. Over time, of course, the trend is downward as it ages.

        However, the caveat to the above is, iOS and most OSes will not exceed 1430 (or whatever) when estimating max capacity. When my iphone 5 was newer, only a few cycles, I logged something around 1500+ mAh after a charge. Thus, my iOS displayed 100% for a good couple hours of casual usage until it dropped down below that maximum rated capacity. Certainly, I did not magically use no power for that time period. This will vary by manufacturer (something you will not see as a typical iPhone owner, but there are different battery suppliers) battery batch, ambient and operating temperatures, and many things. The only certainty is that you were at one point in possession of a battery that was qualified to have a nominal max capacity of 1430.

        Older issues similar to this are the result of handling this estimation differently, such as owners of other phones noting that, upon disconnecting from a charger, it will go from 100% to, say, 75% very rapidly, before seemingly discharging at a more acceptable rate. Even worse handling results in “some” crappy handsets doing it the other way around — as the phone ages, suddenly, the last 20, 30, and increasing amounts go by much too fast. “I was at 50% just an hour ago and it’s dying, wtf!”

      • What you wrote sounds plausible –
        I should’ve clarified my tl;dr: jailbreaking sets your phone for failure so to speak – somewhere along the way, a rouge tweak will be installed (or incorrectly installed), thus creating bugs in the software that drain the battery faster.

        my other point was that, at some point along the jailbreak/restore/jailbreak/restore/upgrade/restore/jailbreak path, some process was “left running” which was draining my battery faster than normal.
        I routinely let my phone drain overnight, just to get an idea of how the battery life is doing. For about a year, it was the “typical” 3%-7%, but I had never done a “test” on a fresh iOS install. My understanding was that this was normal behavior, but I am now convinced that 3%-7% drop is way more than it should be – under normal circumstances there should be virtually no battery drain over the course of 6-8 hours (and no phone use).

      • JW

        You may like my other rather long post which goes into more on the “lines of code, especially bad code, drain the battery; JB allows users to install any code” train of thought, below somewhere. It is long, hard to miss.
        I’ve had to troubleshoot that issue before. This is why JB really isn’t for anyone other than a power user, because most of what you tweak, maybe 75% of it, ends up being actually backed up in your iCloud/PC backups. Most things, PLISTS, whatever, just sit there doing nothing unless you reinstall whatever old JB tweak was there… Some of them actually do stick around “for good” unless you intervene and clean things or restore in a time consuming and difficult way. An example is battery percent. Standard in iOS as an option now, but back in the day even a clean restore would wind up displaying it for me on the status bar, as I always enabled it when JB. This was backed up and preserved, to the amusement of the JB community circa iOS 3.x.

        I can usually tell pretty quickly if I’ve screwed something up, and also fix it pretty quickly, usually. This last time around, 6.1 itself was killing my battery, and wasn’t fixed until 6.1.2. I believe it was actual network activity around the Exchange bug, because my 6.1-running iPad is wifi only and having the same odd drain. Need to update it.

        Overnight life for me if unplugged is a function of a couple things, primarily what data network I’m on. Wifi consumption is fairly constant at idle, regardless of signal strength. As long as I’m on wifi it doesn’t usually use too much overnight. For actual cell coverage however: LTE is right at about -113dBm at my house, which is like 1 bar. If it stays on it, I’m okay. If it drops down to 3G however, despite that signal being -90 or better, or 5 full bars, it’s gonna die quick. This is a fact of life unless you are on Verizon, for the most part.

        Despite per-second LTE consuming more battery than 3G, LTE is so much faster on Sprint and often AT&T than their 3G or “4G” (AT&T) that the radio finishes its business much faster. Only Verizon currently has consistent and reasonable performance (ie sufficient spare bandwidth) on 3G. This is primarily a metro area problem obviously, since I’m comparing to LTE. Sprint 3G in the boonies, if it is there, is usually quick as 3G used to be, before widespread smartphone adoption.

        My phone, idk if this is a Sprint network profile thing or an iOS thing or both, once dropped to 3G, tends to wait a while before returning to LTE, unless I manually intervene by toggling airplane mode. This can result in significant battery use even at idle overnight. Sad, I remember the heyday of then-called EVDO, rev 0, on Sprint, getting 1.5M down and 100ms ping times all day long. Now we’re way past that, the 3G spec would allow much faster DL speeds but I rarely see 400K, and ping is usually 300+. In especially bad areas I get literally “no” DL on speed tests and 2,000+ ms, or the test times out. This is standing beneath a cell tower with -60 dBm, which is almost the strongest signal literally possible.

        Sprint is really struggling, after they built out WiMax so heavily and the industry went with LTE instead. Backed the wrong horse, like HD-DVD. It’s taking a while to recover. But man, when I’m on LTE… Idk what’s wrong with AT&T but theirs is shitty. I have a screenshot where I did side by side tests around places in the city, and Sprint destroyed AT&T every time. AT&T has oversold or under built their LTE in my market… I usually see the characteristic, asymmetric 3M down, 10+ up, 120ms ping of oversubscribed service. Sprint is unlimited data and I always see better than that, especially ping which is typically 50ms, and my favorite was seeing 29M down, 15M up, 49ms, in the AT&T store, while their handset was seeing less than 1.5M down (on LTE!).

      • yeah, to me it just speaks of the need to start fresh with each jailbreak – don’t restore from your itunes backup. There are plenty of ways now to save app data, that it’s not worth it (for those wanting to avoid battery drain). It’s not a matter of it, but when, the phone’s battery life will take a hit.
        Like I said for about a year I had 3-7% drain in as many hours, thought this was normal due to “4G” (on the 4S) and LTE on the 5 using idle whatever (simply staying connected, fetching, etc). But clearly not the case – apple designed the phone to be very power efficient, and here I’d been screwing up the whole time, thinking it was normal.

      • JW

        Same here, I’ve been JB for so long it had crept up on me. I also attributed it to network issues when sometimes it wasn’t (I was in Japan for a while and had SoftBank, poor coverage where I was located but they had the iPhone! Lol). I think the code base has come a long way too, new JBers are much less susceptible to accumulating “cruft”(but more susceptible to inexperience leading to bad tweak installs maybe!). But us oldfags have a bit built up I think.
        But a series of unfortunate events led me to learn this. I lost my JB 4S and got a 5, about a week after the 5 released, and spent enough time on non-JB iOS to note how well it handles power use. Granted, iOS 6, though not a major public bragging point, has greatly enhanced options for native apps to multitask, almost completely. Nearly all of them just freeze in the background now, and with all the 5’s RAM load back instantly. Plus 5 minutes (I believe) of time for background task completion (safari page loads, large Evernote syncs, google drive uploads, etc). I used to *require* backgrounder. Now there are only a couple non-updated apps it’d help with, and that’s their devs’ fault.
        There’s cleaner apps in app and Cydia to help in the respective areas, but a safe bet if tech savvy is the current iterations of PkgBackup (Cydia). You can literally backup everything (I think, or close to it) that iTunes backs up, photo stream, app data, etc. and selectively restore or not, including PLISTs. As I take my iPad 3 to 6.1.2, as I did my 5, that’s how I’ll be doing it.
        Overall I’m really pleased with the iOS + JB ecosystem, as I always have been. Things are so polished and simple. My Lumia 920 makes me want to punch a baby. Win8 phone is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Toggling airplane mode, Bluetooth, other stuff like that freezes that instance for 2 – 10 seconds! What the fuck is it asking of the baseband that takes 10 seconds? And if older versions of iOS felt painfully locked down with zero inter-app integration, boy, try WP8. Or the MS-imposed 30 minute minimum refresh on “Live”tiles. There’s a fucking oxymoron for you. And yet certain apps if left open (Camera, some mapping/GPS apps) will turn the phone hot as fuck and kill it in an hour. Sometimes even after you close all apps. We’re spoiled over here in iOS, really.

      • ridonkulous

        My 4s is jailbroken. I am currently at 1 day 19hrs standby and 3hrs 36 minutes of use and have 38% battery left. Pretty damn good for being jailbroken. Nice try though…..

      • Patrick

        actually my iphone 4s can resist like 6 hours of using (Facebook,twitter, and most wanted) with the jauilbroken device

      • JW

        No, dummy, jailbreak = root access. That’s about it. Beyond that, the more you add on, the more lines of code are being executed. Written well, most of these will have zero noticable impact, as many just replace existing code with different code, and a few lines makes little difference.

        Poorly-written tweaks that leak memory or get stuck in loops in the background without actually crashing anything will hurt battery, of course, but the mainstream, popular Cydia tweaks don’t do any of that.

        Some of them, like ScreenDimmer as an excellent example, help save battery. In the case of many users who have a five-minute or disabled lockscreen timeout and run at full brightness (most of the retards I know), this would save a fuck-ton of battery.

        SBSettings toggles and similar allow a lot of battery saving too. Just yesterday, an actual Apple-approved Appstore App got stuck accessing GPS in an infinite loop, my phone was hot as fuck, and I was able to isolate it quickly using a JB tweak that estimates power consumption of individual open apps.

        These 3G and Exchange bugs themselves, now being fixed stock, sucked a ton of battery. When I drop down to 3G (indoor LTE with Sprint is sparse as yet), battery usage was insane, even worse than 6.0, noticeably. The jailbreak tweak that adds Push support to the Appstore app Sparrow was able to give me a workaround without resigning to a corporate-life-unacceptable 15-minute fetch period (artificially imposed by Apple for Gmail setups, but now setting up Gmail as ActiveSync was killing my battery… come on!)

        Themes, bad code, tweaks that run by intercepting and halt other functions (Firewall IP for example, wherein the originating app my repeatedly re-request the data, resulting in CPU cycles), and of course things like MyWi by its very nature, if left enabled accidentally… these will kill the battery. Long story short, users who don’t understand what’s happening under the hood fuck up their batteries. Jailbreaking just opens up more options for clueless users to tweak things under the hood.

    • Tricki68

      I hear you with the battery life on the 4S. I thought that the most recent update would help some, but no. As long as my 4S stays jailbroken, then I’m happy.

  • Mark

    I just updated my phone yesterday.

    • Tricki68

      I did the same. Re-Jailbroke it last night & now another update. Happy for now.

    • It’s just a beta. This probably won’t come out for another 2-3 weeks.

  • fred

    Still no LTE for Telcel Mexico, sad to have a bad speed in U.S.A. border

  • bowl karoon

    I HAVE A IPHONE 4S wtf apple release it on 1 week 3 fimware 🙁 f***K

    • Apple hasn’t released anything yet (to the public anyway). This is just a beta version for developers only.

      • Mark

        But it won’t be long till they release the public version.

    • Mark

      I also just updated my phone to 6.1.1 probably a week ago, then I updated to 6.1.2 when evad3rs released the evasi0n v1.4 few days ago, and now here we go again. I haven’t even installed all my previous tweaks yet.

      • Kurt

        Apple needs to fix the battery drain. That should be number 1. A phone with no battery is useless. If we could replace our batteries like Samsung devices this would be a small problem and not a big one.

      • Then don’t update. It’s pure common sense….only unless you have battery life problems.

      • Mark

        I’m actually not wrathfully grousing about this update, but rather just tellin’ a story or a statement if you like, in fact I enjoy updating and re-jailbreaking as it refreshes my devices and I do it as soon as a new jailbreak tool is released.. So yeah I’m cool, no problems at all.

  • Jonathan

    I’m not that surprised that Apple havent broken the jailbreak. There’d be no point because people wouldn’t sacrifice their jailbreak for 0.1 update, let alone a 0.0.1 update. And then it would just give more incentive to the jailbreakers to find new exploits, which Apple would then have to close. When Apple could just wait till iOS 7 which is more likely to have features that people want.

    • EpicFacepalm

      Apparently that’s because Apple doesn’t want to lose its commercial users. This is the second critical MS Exchange bug. So they quickly released fix for only that bug. Simply because it is a very critical bug, so they postponed fixes for other things.

    • Kurt

      what features is apple going to more than likely have in iOS 7? iOS 6 sure didn’t have any.

      • Jonathan

        While iOS 6 was quite weak in terms of features, the backend wa changed quite a bit. I’d expect in iOS 7, multiple user accounts for the iPad, and AirDrop straight off the bat.

      • Kurt

        multiple user accounts for the ipad seems like a no-brainer, in the sense that it could be useful for many. but i don’t think we will ever get that (always a possibility). what’s airdrop?

      • Jonathan

        Airdrop is a feature on macs that let you transfer files between macs even if they aren’t connected to the same network

      • Kurt

        you really think that apple will put that in ios7? or you want it? i can’t really see apple doing that. maybe one way from the ipad to the mac but not the other way around. i just hope we get a heck of a lot of new features soon. i hate feeling like my iphone/ipad can’t do half of what android’s can.

      • I absolutely love airdrop..

  • With so many updates have been released recently. Apple is not that much of different from Microsoft.

  • Sebastian, did you try my vulnerability?

  • seyss

    where’s the most important info? changelog

  • Kurt

    iOS 6 = Bugs galore

  • KillYourName

    I wish they can fix iOS App Store via. Wi-fi, because I can’t connect into iOS App Store via. using Wi-fi since iOS 6 came. Since iOS 5.1.1, I can came into iOS App Store, I had tried again downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 and it still works on my iPhone 4. But I update it again to 6.1.2, and it isn’t fixed iOS App Store yet.

  • genXhippie

    I surely hope this up and coming update is still jailbreakable, upon its initial release. :/