Haptic feedback

Haptic Keyboard is a new jailbreak tweak that institutes haptic feedback with each press of a key on the iPhone’s keyboard. Similar tweaks have appeared on Cydia in the past, but their compatibility has been spotty with recent iOS updates.

The purpose of haptic feedback, is to give the end user the sensation of actually typing on a physical keyboard, instead of a piece of smooth glass. Unfortunately, in the case of this latest version of Haptic Feedback, the idea is much better than the final execution.

As you’ve likely already discerned from the screenshot above, Haptic Keyboard causes your iPhone’s keyboard to suffer through graphical glitches when installed. The glitches appeared often, and were a real distraction when it came to getting anything useful done.

Glitches aside, the most frustrating aspect about Haptic Keyboard was the feedback itself. The vibration response was weak and uninspired, and worse yet, the tweak lacked any settings to customize the experience.

Haptic Keyboard may be free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, but I wouldn’t waste my time if I were you, at least not on this 1.0 release. Still, if you’re determined to go against my advice and you’re browsing this post on your iPhone, you can find its direct Cydia link here.

Note: BigBoss repo manager 0ptimo says that they are removing Haptic Keyboard from Cydia, if only temporary, while they determine if the submitter is the genuine author or not.

  • Fail.

    • FlamingOzone



    Why even post this if the software is junk?

    • So you don’t have to download it yourself and waste your time? The whole point of reviews is to review both good and bad stuff, thus keeping you from wasting your own time.


        If I didn’t know it existed, I wouldn’t search for it.

    • Guest

      Link Bait

  • Just get HapticPro from Ryan Petrich.

  • I downloaded it earlier today because the simonetech repo hasn’t updated there haptic feedback package yet. This was a huge disappointment in comparison. The Simonetech feedback was the best one in my opinion, and personally cannot wait for it to be updated!

    • Most stuff in there looks like it’s been stolen. I wouldn’t touch it with a stick, I rather pay and get unmodified, not crashing tweaks instead.

  • Pedro N

    I use HapticPro from Ryan Petrich and it works really well. If you really want the Haptic feedback of your iPhone’s keyboard, spare a couple of bucks for this one tweak, fully customizable (Intensity, latency, etc. of the feedbacks) by Ryan Petrich (whom needs no introduction to the jailbreak community)

    • Eric Su

      How is the battery life with it? I’ve heard that haptic can cause increased battery usage

      • Pedro N

        I’m using it for a little over a week now, and it seems pretty reasonnable. I changed the settings of it because it feels too powerful and exaggerated at defaults. I am surprised in a good way because I’ve been watching the battery skeptically and I don’t see a lot of affect. I write circa 10 messages, write on facebook, search apps and songs, go on youtube, etc over 4G in a daily basis; and recommend this awesome tweak to everyone. The haptic feedback also happens on other buttons, like icons, or “back” buttons, etc; really cool. (I don’t use BattSaver, also)

  • Works fine for me…

  • Joonyaboy

    Never liked haptic feedback for typing, but nice to see it as an option

  • Supafly_Boy

    You guys should seriously consider adding a review and scoring system for tweaks. For example Haptic Keyboard would score 2/10.

    • Maik

      Absolutely support this. I so much miss an ability to review and rate tweaks directly in cydia. This site could become the next best reference!

  • Louis Cameron

    I don’t care about Haptic Keyboard, what I would love to see is a jailbreak tweak that allows me to be able to hear the “clicks” of the keys, even when in silent mode.

  • sooooo this app sucks..?? lol

  • Siv

    Want haptic feedback? Buy a Nexus 4.

    I am writing this with haptic feedback 😉

  • JaeM1llz

    HapticPro has been out for a long time now, what’s the point of reinventing the wheel?

  • PathKiller29

    hey Jeff looks like looks like you have showcase installed. i actually get that keyboard glitch from showcase.

  • Nice to see Jeff give reviews on “Bad Tweaks” too…..Always helping us find what we need and now even letting us know what we shouldn’t download and waste our time on such tweaks. Thanks Jeff.

  • This app works fine. I have no problem with bugs or crash.

  • Jeff seemed to like this tweak about as much as he liked dreamcoin 😉

  • Teethsmasher

    Will this spoil the vibration of the phone?

    • Pedro N

      Nope. It takes a lot of power and pushing the vibrator outside the voltage threshold to break it.

  • ‘Haptic Keyboard’ tries to make your typing experience more engaging’ How, vibrating only?