ios 6-1-2 update

In line with previous reports, Apple has released iOS 6.1.2 this morning to fix the Exchange calendar issue that has garnered so much attention in the past few weeks. The bug significantly increases network usage, which affects device performance and battery life.

As you can see in the screenshot above of the firmware’s release notes, the patch for the Exchange problem appears to be the only change in the new software. But still, we recommend that jailbreakers refrain from updating until it’s been deemed safe by the community…

iOS 6 has actually been having Exchange difficulties from the get-go. Back in October, a problem with declining meeting invitations was discovered, that sent meeting cancellation notices to an entire distribution list, effectively canceling the invitation for all attendees.

The more recent issue, which also has to do with Exchange meeting management, causes a continuous loop between iOS 6.1 devices and Exchange servers while trying to synchronize recurring calendar meeting invitations, leading to significant drops in device performance.

But Apple promises the problem is fixed this time around. So if you’ve been affected by the Exchange bug, and aren’t worried about losing your jailbreak, feel free to update to 6.1.2. It should be available over-the-air, or as usual, you can find it on our Downloads page.

If you are loving your jailbreak as much as us though, you’ll want to stay away from the update for now. Today’s release comes just one week after iOS 6.1.1 and two weeks after the release of the evasi0n jailbreak, so needless to say, we’re approaching it with a level of caution.

We’ll let you know as soon as we find out something concrete.

Update: As noted by Federico Viticci over at MacStories, today’s update also fixes the passcode bug that was brought to light last week.

Update 2: It seems that iOS 6.1.2 is jailbreak friendly.

  • God I wish they would just release a rendition of iOS 6 that had some substantial changes…

    • CollegiateLad

      What changes would you like to see?

      • I could list a handful of Cydia tweaks I’d love to see implemented. Swipe Selection, Tap to Remind, Tap to Note, PasswordPilot, SMS Timestamps, SwipeBack, BrowseInApp. Those are just some that are realistic to want in an incremental update. Towards iOS 7, I could list a much heavier handful…

      • Kurt

        He didn’t expect an answer. He thinks iOS is more advanced than Android and WP8. Keep living in 2007 CollegiateLad

    • pauleebe

      That’s gonna take until iOS 7 if not later

      • Kurt

        ios 7 will suck too

    • Hellothere

      I’d take a rendition of iOS 5.1.1 over any update

  • the question is:
    is iOS 6.1.2 jailbreakable?

    • Jeff

      You shall know shortly.

      • Todd Young

        I sure hope so…

      • trying evasion 1.3 on 6.1.2 would give us an answer… 😉

      • I do not believe that would work. The program would detect as unsupported firmware. Evad3rs would have to push out a 1.4 update to make program understand 6.1.2 is compatible (if they deem fw jailbreakable).

    • Last sentence in the article. “We’re working hard to find out its jailbreak status, and we will be reporting back to you as soon as soon as we get some concrete information.”

  • It notifies user in changelog that if you want to see more about security fixes of this firmware to go to their security update page… seems sketchy for jailbreak.

  • what if i update now to 6.0.1???will it work ?or will i be stuck to update to 6.0.2?

    • pauleebe

      I think you mean 6.1.1, and the signing window may still be open, so if you don’t have blobs, you may be able to catch 6.1.1 but I would do it right away.

    • nope i literally just tried to update to 6.0.1 and it automatically gave me 6.0.2. im pissed so i just advise you stay where your at to be safe

      • You can’t update to 6.0.2, that door is closed when you haven’t been on 6.0.2 before and saved your shsh blobs.

  • Why there’s not the way to update iOS throught cydia. I would imagine app”cydia’s OTA” … App could do only needed changes? Not exploits fix or fix without uninstal cydia ….?

  • The iPhone 5 and the iPad mini are still vulnerable according to @planetbeing

  • Kyle Willis

    What a ragtag organization ! get it right the first time the 2nd update in a fortnight ffs i, pissed to keep having to start over ! Apple should be less hasty take more time and release IOS when 100% tested and perfect instead of peeving people off .

  • Tony

    iOS 6.1.2 Does Not Fix The Passcode Bug 🙁

    • Kurt

      There are a TON of bugs not fixed. iOS 6x.x are the worst firmwares

  • Marshall

    Hi, i just wanna ask, can a jailbreak iPhone direct update to iOS 6.1.2 from the phone?

    • Marshall

      coz i found very time consuming jus for a little update from apple…

  • Justin

    I updated to IOS6.1.2 and now the phone is stuck in a reboot loop. The apple logo appears for about 6 seconds then dissapears and then repeats. i tried holing power and home in to reset it but nothing… what else can i try? The computer doesn’t pick the phone up either.

    • Hellothere

      Google: Restore iPhone in DFU Mode

  • Kurt

    iOS 6 sucks so bad. how many bugs???????? when will they fix the battery drain bug?? APPLE SUCKS

  • Marcus Maldonado

    Does anybody knows if this new crap called 6.1.2 fix that 3g stuff for 4s like on 6.1.1?
    I know it is a stupid question but nowadays, who knows.

  • If I don’t use Exchange, is there a need for me to update and rejailbreak? I don’t want to waste my time if there is no real point in doing so. Password bug doesn’t affect me either.

  • david alejandro holguin

    upgrade to 6.1.2 and still spending a lot of my 4s battery

  • if i dont use exchange, the bug affect me? i mean, should i update ios 6.1.2?

  • sanjeev reddy

    what the fuck is going in apple company? is better to close apple company as early as possible. every 2 or 3 days they release new firmware.if u don’t know how to fix the bugs just go your homes and sleep. a small request don’t release new firmwares. if u have 100% u r firmware is good then release otherwise just calmdown

  • Yopop

    I am not able to update my iPhone 5 to 6.1.2. It says requested build is not supported. Can somebody help me out here? my device is JB. thanks a lot.

  • deb

    Thanks Apple. You’ve now broken my iPhone 5 with this latest update. I can’t sync at all and it totally crashes out. I have to force iTunes to quit just to get out of it.