Zephyr Screen Area Featured

A new update to Zephyr just appeared on Cydia, and it contains at least one new feature. If you were attuned to Twitter about a week ago, you may have noticed a somewhat intense conversation between @_Yllier_ and Zephyr developer, @Chpwn.

Basically, the conversation began when Yllier created a hack for Zephyr, which makes it possible to limit the screen area where a “swipe from left to right gesture” is valid. He created the hack with the intention of making it easier to use apps like Gmail, and Facebook, which both rely on the swipe gestures that can interfere with Zephyr.

To make a long story short, Chpwn wasn’t pleased that the hack was released due to issues it could cause with future updates, support, etc., and he asked Yllier to remove it. Yllier did eventually remove it, but not before he received a nod from Chpwn agreeing to include the useful feature in a future version of Zephyr. And that, folks, is where we are now.

Zephyr Screen Area

This new Screen Area setting contains four options: the default, Whole Screen, which makes Zephyre function as it has always function, along with Top Half, Top Third, and Top Quarter. Each setting makes the space where the swipe from left to right app switching gestures more restrictive. This allows you to interact with apps that use native swipe from left or right gestures with less interference from Zephyr.

What do you think about the update? Are you happy to have such a feature? Personally I think it’s a great addition to an already awesome tweak. Props to Yllier for coming up with the idea, and props to Chpwn for being gracious and implementing the many suggestions he’s received over the lifespan of Zephyr.

Update: It has also been brought to my attention that Zephyr 1.6 has a new 3 finger pinch gesture as well. This is similar to the iPad’s pinch to close gesture requiring four or five fingers.

Zephyr 3 finger pinch

Obviously on a device as small as the iPhone, a 3 finger pinch is much easier to pull off. I can confirm that it works very well.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Looks cool

  • Sweet. I disabled the left and right swipe because i would always do it on accident. nice addition. But now someone needs to come out with a tweak for a native fullscreen iphone 5 camera…

  • jordandev

    Uh… options for bottom half/third/quarter would be nice. Seems like an obvious omission.

  • After update the notification center close automatic 🙁
    It was a good tweak when it was simple!
    I paid for it and now I have to use a cracked version because the real one not work with iphone5, ios 6.1 🙁

    • Damian W

      i believe the dev is gonna fix the bugs soon. He always did before. I found 2 annoying bugs in this new version.

      • sambuzzlight

        is it me or did zephyr became less ‘powerful’? i cant exit sometimes while in scrolling apps like facebook or messages even sometimes the stock camera

      • Damian W

        Yes, zephyr sometimes breaks in pieces when you imstall other tweaks that somehow conflict with zephyr. Long ago i discovered that if i disables one of theses tweak: springtomize, libststusbar or music controls pro, zephyr would work again.

      • sambuzzlight

        hmm i dontuse many tweaks. just have activator, ncsettings, photoalbum+ etc but i had the same setup on ios5 and zephyr never gave me a problem

      • Damian W

        I install around 50 tweaks and even they have nothing to do with switcher. Zephyr stops perform well. I dont know which tweak is responsible for it

      • sambuzzlight

        pretty sure it’s not a tweak :/

      • Damian W

        I am guessing zephyr has some compatibility conflicts with some extensions and it is really difficult to find them since you would need to install multiple tweaks to see zephyr perform bad.

      • sambuzzlight

        true that

  • andyr354

    Super! Now I can still switch tabs in chrome and use app switching. Happy day

  • Damian W

    Seems to be buggy, if you swipe below the chosen area of the screen for switching apps, the window closes instead.

    Also, 4-finger mutltitasking gestures are not responsive as they were before. Sometimes the screen does not catch 4 or 5 fingers and nothing happens. However when zephyr is disabled, the 4-finger multitasking is fast again.

    • also the notification center close automatically 🙁

      • Damian W

        yeah, sometimes keeping it simple is just better. I wish he did an ON/OFF switch for all the different functions. If you could simple disable one feature and keep the other one. Example, 4-finger gesture I would like to disabled in zephyr but still use them as before.

  • Everyone knows about the ability to turn off the side swipe gestures for specific apps in Zephyr’s settings, right?

    Never had a problem with doing it by accident once I disabled certain apps. Words with Friends for example would drive me crazy with Zephyr. Then I just disabled that app.

  • Jim

    if you use grabber , swipe gesture does’t work

  • Aber1Kanobee

    Dig the back story…drama between dev’s. This will be a nice update, but would have to agree-> options for bottom half/third/quarter would be nice

  • Mar1o

    In my iphone 4, swipe didn’t work in message app. To close apps auxo did it simple and better.