iPad mini (flat, finger)

Apple is widely expected to do some major updating to its tablet line this fall. The latest reports allege that the company is going to give its 9.7-inch iPad a complete makeover, and squeeze a high resolution Retina display into its smaller sibling.

The latter scenario is particularly interesting, because screen resolution has been the one complaint users have had with the current iPad mini. But according to new data from iSuppli, consumers may end up paying more for the extra pixels…

 The Mac Observer shares the iSuppli report:

“According to iSuppli, the price of the 7.9-inch panel is around US$32/unit and the total material cost of entry-level iPad mini is around US$188/unit. If iPad mini adopts the Retina display, the dots per inch (DPI) will be higher and the brightness of the backlight modules will have to improve. This also means the number of LEDs used will increase, and therefore market observers believe the total cost for iPad mini will increase by more than 30% if it is equipped with the 7.9-inch Retina panel.”

The added $12 per unit means one of two things: Apple would have to 1. eat the extra costs, further knocking down its already-declining profit margins. Or 2. pass the extra costs onto consumers by raising the prices on all of the new iPad mini models.

It’s hard to recall a product, if there is one, that Apple raised the price on from one generation to the next. But a lot of people have done the math on this rumored Retina display mini, and it just doesn’t seem possible for Apple to keep its $329 price tag.

Of course, the Retina iPad mini itself doesn’t seem possible. The tablet is just 0.28 inches (7.2 mm) thick and weighs 0.69 pounds (312 g). Apple would need to drastically change its display tech (see IGZO, OLED, etc.), among other things, to make it work.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll get answers to any of these questions until October. That’s when Apple is expected unveil the new mini, alongside a redesigned iPad 5. But with the 7.9-inch tablet quickly becoming one of the company’s most popular products, expect to hear a lot more about it between now and then.

What do you think, would you pay more for an iPad mini with Retina display? And if so, how much more? $25? $50?

  • Boss

    they would have to pay me

  • abbyruleover

    No. I din’t pay more for other apple products when they were updated.
    (Put up a poll.)

  • I lost interest at its current price point for the iPad with no retina and only would’ve purchased a retina version for its price. If it rises any higher I won’t make the purchase for it either.

  • Kattman

    Doesn’t seem that bad

  • I think I’ll buy one when retina is coming. Perfect for reading 😉

  • ap3604

    Why would I pay Apple extra for a retina display when I know that eventually they will upgrade it to retina for free so that they don’t fall behind their competitors?

    • ap3604

      Also, why the hell doesn’t Apple just take the $12 hit on their $141 profit per iPad mini? It’s not like a $129 profit instead would kill them :-/

      • Apple does not make a $141 profit on the iPad despite this being the difference between its selling price and its BOM. Far more goes into a product than just manufacturing. Although I agree that the mini has a steep price tag, Apple doesn’t profit as much as you would think out of it.

  • Yes a retina with full screen movie playback

  • samdchuck

    Just realease it already!

  • Dan

    Already expensive enough, I wouldn’t pay more. We already get screwed with prices over storage, are they going to start with retina/non retina as well?

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Ya, the price charged for storage is fck’n redic.

  • No

  • If the larger iPad release pattern is followed there will be minimal/nil improvement in speed (processor and RAM). These will be saved for the next update.
    I’d wait n purchase the following model. (I bought the iPad 3 and was very annoyed when the iPad 4 was released).

  • 4p0c4lyps3


  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    Not really… unless it comes with a set of kitchen knifes and Gorilla glass, so i can watch really touchy drama scenes and blame it on the onions. Other than that – i find no use for it.

  • Y’all are a bunch of liars. You know you’d be the first one in line when they launch.

    • They’re a fucking blog/news site. Of course they will… what’s your point?

  • Daniel

    Retina, faster CPU and more RAM won’t change anything if I can do the SAME things on my new IPad mini.
    But not just Apple, everyone is doing this. “Exynos Octa bla bla…” who cares if I can do the same things on same way.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    I believe the price of the current iPad mini is a place holder for the mini 2, in other words: $329 is too expensive for the current mini and marginally reasonable for mini 2 IMO. Just remember the price of the Nexus 7 and the rumors that it will be upgraded with a 1080p display. So: NO i won’t pay a single cent more. In a matter of fact I believe Apple should drop the 16GB model and move the 32GB one to its price, 64->32 and 128 would take the price of 64. But that’s another story.

    • I thought of that also!! Dropping the price for the 16gb etc. it be a huge game changer by it’s self.

  • Lol. I love the folks saying it’s too expensive yet Apple couldn’t keep it in stock last quarter. Sure, may be too expensive for commenters who have chimed in, and that’s understandable, but overall it’s hard to argue Apple got the price wrong when demand exceeded supply.

    Additionally, the price could rise and the non-retina mini could drop. They could do that for two quarters and see which people choose. Similar to what they’re doing with the retina and non-retina MacBook pros.

  • andyr354

    My Nexus 7 has replaced my iPad3 completely. Thinking of selling it. Android really stepped up the game in Jellybean.

    So No.

    • macboy74

      Boy I wish I felt the same way as you do. I’m on my 3rd nexus 7 after returning 2 because of the glass separation and screen flicker problems everyone had. It has been a horrible experience because of constant lag, crashing and other problems with both hardware and software. And IMHO JB did nothing to fix these problems. Project butter is more like project peanut butter. While I like both Android and iOS, Android just isn’t there yet. And I don’t have the patients to deal with Android till they get the hardware to work better with the software.

      • andyr354

        Mine was a dog on 4.2.1, but 4.2.2 made it a new device in responsiveness. Have two and knock on wood no issues yet.

      • Dude he doesn’t even own one…

    • But the battery life on Androids absolutely sucks! I just UPSed the nexus 4 back this morning. It’s so bad, I’m using my old iPhone 3GS for the next 3 months. I’ve heard the exact same complaint about the nexus 7.

      • iPhones are also the target of battery issues as well. Even if Android devices do have the bad battery life you say they do, many peoples’ iPhones do not perform that much better, if at all, so iPhones and Android phones are in the same league as far as battery: some people have battery issues, some don’t.

      • Pretty weird, my iphone 5s battery is great, lasts me all day. While I do have friends with S3 and complain allot.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    The iPod nano 6G cost $120 and iPod nano 7G costs $150 but I want a iPad mini with retina display

  • I’d pay $100 more. $300, $400 … no big deal. If there was an ipad mini with no retina display, and another with retina display but I had to pay an extra $100 … I’d do it. I’m not gonna buy a mini with no retina display just to save a little bit of cash and be stuck with it. Which is why I didn’t buy the iPad mini to begin with. I’m waiting for something better, and I’m willing to pay more.

  • Obsidian71

    This supposition of price is predicated on the assumption that other components will remain static in pricing. NAND storage is pretty volatile and it’s more likely that Apple will increase order sizes and reap lower component pricing to offset the Retina display costing more. Plus I agree with the other poster that said the $329 pricing on the iPad mini was presciently chosen to allow room for the Retina display when ready.

    My guess is no price increase, Retina iPad mini this fall.

  • smtp25

    if its only $12 who really cares – your paying $100+ for $10 worth of additional ram chips when upgrading through the models anyway

  • oh hell no. Should be $299 for the new retina iPad mini. Now that is the sweet spot for it.

  • “It’s hard to recall a product, if there is one, that Apple raised the price on from one generation to the next.”

    You could argue they did going from MacBook Pro to MacBook Pro with Retina Display! And with that logic I would imagine they would release it alongside the original iPad mini but at a higher price keeping the original at the higher price until they are able to lower production costs.

  • Nexus 7 dont even come anywhere close to a Ipad Mini had both sold the Nexus 7 just got blown away by Ipad mini!!!! No I will not pay more for retina display ! I will if the price stays the same but as far as paying more for me its a NO!!! Apple really kicks Google’s ass!!!!

  • seyss

    it’d cost less than U$500… I’m in

    • why not just buy a regular ipad then? This is why Apple can do what they do, they know people will buy it no matter what. SMH

      • seyss

        I have it already amigo

  • Absolutely, not. They should have made the iPad Mini $199 … and they should at least start the retina-capable one at $329 if not drop it to $199.

    • to make it 199$ the materials used would be plastic like every android tablet and the iPad would be sold at a loss per unit as android tabs are thus making the company NO money and in the end Apple folds due to appeasing people like you by giving merchandise away. that’s not how a business makes money and EVERY business is in it to make money. you think things should just be given away then how about you get a job and work 40 hours a week for zero pay and just be thankful to work for free. it’s just as absurd as your notion that a company should just give product away.

      • First of all, I have job and I can get the iPad Mini if I wanted to. It’s not about me appreciating anything (but I do appreciate Apple’s innovation). What you need to understand is the difference between greed and competitive pricing. It’s the principle I’m trying to expose. Apple can most definitely sell the iPad Mini at a lower price point and still make a reasonable profit of it. I’m an Economics major and I’m interning with UBS over the summer. I’m not tooting my own horn but we work this type of stuff all the time. It’s been constant debates in my class over the best couple of semesters. Just remember, I respect everyone’s comments and opinions, but I’m not here to argue, that what I do in my classes every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I just posted my opinion, an answer to the question asked in the article. But one last thing to remember, companies like this don’t exactly pay their labor all the much: a good example is China, Foxconn.

        Best Regards.

    • Devlin

      OMG Apple would have to resort to lesser quality components, in- n out- side to make an iPad for $199.00 or any other product of theirs at a much lesser cost.
      ☛I’m sorry, but Apple is well-known for their high quality products n the reason is b’cuz they don’t “scimp” on parts (ahem, this means they use quality parts n materials to make their products).♉

      ʡʡ Do you know the saying that says: “you get what you pay for” .. well Joseph, there are plenty of other companies that put out similar products at a much “cheaper” costs, as they use plastic materials n lesser quality technical components inside their products.

      Yet buy differently, it won’t matter to Apple Crp n you can pay a lot less by not buying the Apple product vs bitching/whining online about the cost of any Apple product.. what a baby ♉ *rolls eyes*. Get a Surface or Kindle.

      ʡʡ HOWEVER… what happens once one buys a dif. brand product ??
      = EASY!! .. one wishes they had bought the Apple version instead, esp if they have ever bought an Apple product before.
      ☛Thus in the end, one will be paying more due to their own stupidity n lack of knowledge of the Apple Corp. n all that goes into their products.
      ʡʡ Haven’t you at least notice how Apple will come out w/a new product b4 any other company does ʡʡ hmm.. I think that makes Apple one step ahead of all other companies n I certainly know that quality doesn’t come cheap. Tho some companies will go that route n consumers will flock to them n not know what they’re missing, till that 1st Apple product purchase.
      ☛But don’t look to Apple to be like any other company, which is what I like about them, plus I haven’t been let down yet w/any Apple product n I only have 5 diff iPods (1 of each style), MB, MBP, MAB, iPad last vers. of 1st gen (there were 3-4 1st Gen versions, yet i love my iPad) n now a new “mini”, bought as is much lighter to carry w/a lp-tp.

      It’s your choice Joseph!!

  • 笑傲江湖

    想买就买 不想买就不买 看个人喜好

  • batongxue

    Let’s hope the material cost might drop by October.

  • I will pay more…

    or if iPad mini Retina Display could be alot more expensive…

    I will buy some Macbook Air..

  • I can see new ipad mini with retina display and maybe a A6X processor for $329, iPad mini original $249…. Want cheaper iPhone Or iPad? Get last year’s model

  • never.

  • imsfortune

    I’ll buy it for Retina Display & faster performane (than iPad 3rd gen that I have)

  • Martin

    I probably wouldn’t pay more than $399 for an iPad Mini with retina display.

    • even that is too much. Might as well pay an extra $100 bucks and get a regular sized iPad with retina display.

  • Lior Aouate

    “It’s hard to recall a product, if there is one, that Apple raised the price on from one generation to the next”

    Guess you have a really bad memory, since in Europe both the Iphone 5 and the Touch 5 got their prices raised.

  • Surely,coz its gonna be portable n it should be cheaper than the regular retina display ipad

  • Suapra

    The iPad Mini is freaking expensive for it´s configuration. The Retina display would make the actual price fair.

  • I have an iPad 3 and I thought when the Mini came out it was too expensive. The only way I would think about buying an iPad Mini is if it has a retina display and is the same price as the iPad Mini 1 which $329 are you kidding? With a Retina display I would pay $329, but until then…no

  • No. What for? It’s good as it is…

  • What a bunch of babies. I paid $329 for a quality experience. get a frickin nexus 7 if you don’t like it. I had the nexus 7 first and I don’t touch the thing anymore since i purchased my ipad mini. I would pay $100 more for Retina.