Do you travel abroad often? Maybe it’s for business, or pleasure, or both. And if so, do you use the same unlocked iPhone everywhere you go? If you answered yes, to either question, you might want to check out the SIMPLcase.

The SIMPLcase is an ultra-slim iPhone 5 case—3mm in the center, 1mm at the edges—with a couple of cool features. In addition to protecting your phone, it can also store extra SIM cards, has a SIM tray eject tool, and more…

First, let’s talk about SIM card storage. The case has cutout slots for 3 additional SIM cards. The first run of the case will be for the iPhone 5, so that means Nano SIMs. But the developers say that an iPhone 4/4S case is in the works.

Next on the list is a built-in SIM tray eject tool. It looks like you’d expect it to, and should really come in handy as you switch between SIMs. And finally, the case can be used as a kickstand, by placing a credit card in its rear slit.

The SIMPLcase project has only raised about $5,000 so far, of its $20,000 goal. But it still has 40 days left to go. If you’d like to pick one up, a pledge of $12 or more gets on the pre-order list. They’re expected to start shipping in March.

This is yet another great example of why Kickstarter is what it is. These guys had a need for something, it didn’t exist, so they created it. And while I don’t personally need a multi-SIM card holding case, I’m sure there’s plenty that do.

What do you think of the SIMPLcase?

  • im sure TSA would love the SIM tray eject tool

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    • Ben

      Come to NZ, we wake up nice and early. Just in time to comment first 😀

    • Eduardo

      Sadly your dream appears to have been crushed, while typing such a lengthy message someone else too your chance and beat you to it!

    • That was entertaining man especially the fact you were second!!

      • ^^^ Because I have to type such a lengthy message

      • Should have pre prepared the speech 😉

    • Bravo! This made my morning lmao!

  • Cyril Weinkove

    Brilliant. I want one for my iphone 4s!

  • Some crazy ass people here

  • disqus_gI40aFty0t

    make the sim tray part of the case and an app to change from sim to sim

    ….otterbox… batterypack and duel/trio sim all in one

    i would spend $200 on one

  • Bob

    Good news for phone thieves Once the sim card is out, findmyiphone won’t locate the phone.

    • Thats why I have no passcode on my iPhone. Thieves can insert their own sim or connect to a wifi 😉

    • really? i didn’t know a phone doesn’t work without service.. o.O crazy!

      • Bob

        You didn’t? Well then I guess you’ve joined the ranks of the retarded 😛

  • njbaldguy

    exactly what I’ve been looking for. Where do I get one?