MuteIcon: know when your iPhone’s mute switch is enabled

By , Feb 18, 2013

MuteIcon Settings app

MuteIcon is a jailbreak tweak that adds an icon to your status bar when your iPhone is placed into silent mode. The purpose of this is to let you know visually when your iPhone’s mute switch is enabled.

The tweak contains a few settings within the Settings panel for adjusting its properties, but overall, it’s an extremely simple affair. Notice our brief overview inside.


Tapping the Speaker or Bell button allows you to change the status bar icon accordingly. Know that other tweaks also have built in status bar icons for functions like mute. IntelliScreenX and LockInfo are two that immediately come to mind.

But, if you’re looking for a standalone tweak to do the job, MuteIcon is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo (direct Cydia download link). What do you think?

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  • Kenzo

    Nice idea, but all I have to do is look at the side of my phone.

    • blu

      I agree, but I am using it anyway.

  • bloodshed

    IntelliscreenX ftw!

  • Schalkb

    Got it. Works like a charm.

  • Todd Young

    Doesn’t work for me. Must be conflicting with another tweak I have running.

    • Joao Paulo Moreira

      Ain’t working for me either. Do you have an idea which tweak is it conflicting with?

      • Todd Young

        Lets see if there’s any common tweak we have that might be the conflict, and then we can email the bug to the developer.

        Here’s what I already have installed:

        Springtomize 2
        YFiSelect 5.0+

      • Tavish Ř. Satrom

        Figure out what tweak it was?

      • Todd Young

        Yes — looking to see what common tweak is conflicting, for those of us who are having problems running MuteIcon

      • Tavish Ř. Satrom

        I found by just disabling it under the muteicon settings and re-enabling it made it work for me. Hope that helps.

      • Todd Young

        Ah – thx, that did the trick. I emailed the developer with the minor bug. He’s working on fixing this bug in his next update.

      • Joao Paulo Moreira

        Sweet, it’s working now, thanks for the tip

    • Samuel A.

      Try disabling and re-enabling all your jailbreak apps. When I tried that it worked for me.

      • Todd Young

        This would be the first time I’d have to do something like that, just to get one tweak operational. I suspect its one tweak that you disabled that did the trick, and it would be good to figure out which one, so the developer can remedy it in an update.

        Do you have Springtomize 2 installed? Something tells me that one is suspect…

  • gladiator

    a much awaited tweak. I missed this tweak all these times..
    Thanks to the developer. :)

  • Gregory Smiley

    Isn’t there something like this in OpenNotifier?

  • Altintas Knockout

    Can already do this with OpenNotifier and much more

  • Toni

    not working on ipad Unfortunately

  • muddysage

    i like it but wish it reacted to muting the phone via ncsettings

  • iDara09

    I’m waiting for OpenNotifier to get update for ios 6.x. :)

    • Tom García

      It is updated dude

      • iDara09

        Really? I’m still seeing v1.1.3, and I didn’t see any change log said to be capable with iOS 6.x. σ(^_^;)

      • Tom García

        I’m on v1.1.3 and it works great, I don’t know why the developer does not specify it is compatible with iOS 6. (It is with 6.1 too)

      • iDara09

        Great, going to check it out. :)

  • Sebastien

    It seems that many people can’t get it to work. I think I have a simple
    fix for you. I noticed that yesterday, when the tweak was updated, it
    wouldn’t display the “silent” icon anymore. All I had to do was going in
    the Settings, disabling the tweak, rebooting, and re-enabling the tweak. There was no need to uninstall anything, as I saw someone mentioned in the comments here. Hope this fix works for you.

    I’ve been using this tweak for a few days and I like it.

    • Sebastien Page

      Tweak just got updated. It should no work without any workaround

  • zomoo

    was waiting for stand alone tweak to feature this. Previously I was using Notifier+

  • Lawry

    handy little tweak