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If you read our post that shows how to create the perfect jailbroken iPhone, then it’s pretty obvious that I have a ton of jailbroken apps and tweaks running on my iPhone. Sometimes, that can cause things to become a little foggy as far as the Settings app is concerned. Eventually, it’ll be filled to the brim with preference panels for all of the stuff you’ve installed from Cydia.

As a result, that can often make it a little difficult to quickly locate key sections within the Settings app. The General section is arguably the most popular portion of the Settings app. HighlightGeneral is a jailbreak tweak that makes this section stand out by changing its text label color from black to blue.

Is it a bit silly? Yes. Is it useful? That’s highly debatable. But I will say that I kind of like it.


Notice the blue General section

And that’s about all it does. A simple change, but one that undoubtedly makes the General section stand out amongst everything else.

I would like to see a developer eventually run with this idea, fleshing it out a bit more. Perhaps adding the ability to change any item in the Settings app, rearrange the order of the settings, change any color, etc.

What do you think about HighlightGeneral? Good idea, or bad idea?

  • yeeeaah it is so fucking hard to find general cell.

    • Damian W

      it is always 7th tab from the top so yeah, pretty funny tweak. Addition of more tweaks does not even change the General tab position at the first place.

  • rosssimpson

    most useful tweak i’d probably ever install

    • agree.. i sometimes get lost because all are colored the same ! damn it man, so hard to reach, this one is gonna solve it all, a glowing word will make it really easy to see

  • Aluka

    not to shaby
    cool enough to be on cydia….

  • j0rdan

    terrible, just remember that its under the notifications

  • “General”, “Misc”, and “Other” are what programmers do when they don’t want to actually think about where things go. In any decent user interface design, that should be the *least* important category, the one you very rarely need to mess with. Highlighting it may be a usability win, but only because its so very badly done at the moment.

  • Because you can’t read, color is a way to find things.

    • Felipe Drumond

      How to find other things, so?

  • Felipe Drumond

    General is on the first page. I can select it even with my eyes closed. Try by yourself!

  • Liam Mulcahy

    What the…

  • I’m not sure of some of these commenters are being sarcastic or really don’t know that General is always the first cell of the third group in settings -___-

  • I think this is for people with mental retardation. I have absolutely no problem finding General, and don’t need it to be a different colour. How slow minded do you have to be to need a tweak to help you find General? Man …

  • NetPuter

    It cant highlight in Chinese. But it works after I changed to English.

  • czbird

    This tweak does not work with other language than English. If your General name differs, it won’t highlight it. Deleting.

  • FlamingOzone

    I need to find settings first…..