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While there’s been multiple Apple rumors bandied about over the past few weeks, by far, the one receiving the most attention is the iWatch. Three major news outlets have now reported of its existence and the word is, Apple’s bringing it to market.

Well if that really is the case, then it might want to hurry, or risk getting beaten to the punch by its fiercest competitor. That’s right, Samsung has a smartwatch of its own. And if the alleged screenshots above are the real deal, then it’s not too far off…

The images come from a Korean message board (via SlashGear), and they depict what appears to be the Home screen of some kind of smartwatch. How do we know? Well the images have a resolution of 500×500, which is too small to be anything else.

samsung smartwatch 2

This device in the screen-grabs features the name GALAXY Altius, which is odd, because that’s the rumored codename of Samsung’s Galaxy S IV. Perhaps the smartwatch is set to be unveiled alongside the company’s new flagship handset on April 15.

It’s also interesting that the UI looks Windows Phone-based, given Samsung’s success with Android, but that could easily be a software shell. And if you look in the upper lefthand corner, you’ll see an SKTelecom logo, indicating it will carry a data plan.

So by the looks of things, both Samsung and Apple are gearing up to go head to head in the still-immature smartwatch space. Will Samsung get there first? Maybe. But does it matter? Sony’s SmartWatch and Motorola’s MOTOACTV have been around for months.

No, like most things tech, I think it will come down to functionality, design and price point. Apple, for its part, is said to have a team of 100 designers working on an iOS-based smartwatch, with a curved glass display. But little else is known about the project.

  • FlamingOzone

    This is just sad

    • JamesR624

      How is competition and keeping both companies innovating, “sad”?

      • FlamingOzone

        Whoever came up with the idea first should be the company that makes it

      • JamesR624

        Yeah. Apple was totally the first company to come up with a smartwatch, Never mind the Sony SmartWatch, Motorola Motoactv, Pebble Smartwatch, InPulse for Blackberrys, or the Metawatch Strata.

      • FlamingOzone

        Work with me here, maybe it can be jailbroken 0.o lol

      • FlamingOzone

        And it’s only been two weeks and there’s already competition

      • iH@ck3r77

        ya that’s forces both of them to do more innovation in their products….so it’s cool thing not sad… 🙂

      • Mysteroy3k

        Cause making products off the idea of another company is sad. Samsung is making all the moves apple is making, and that’s not competitive . It comes to a point of thinking, If apple decided to make ear rings it’s sure that Samsung will make ear rings too, that’s not . Samsung is trying to shadow apple instead of creating something that makes others shadow them

      • So your saying Apple came up with the idea of a smartwatch?! Wow the level of fanboyism here is astonishing. That would be like if Apple actually made a TV and some Samsung fanboy saying Apple copied Samsung because Samsung made TVs first. SMFH

      • Whore Ac1d

        You do realize that the apple smart watch hasn’t been a officially confirmed by apple yet, so samsung is really beat apple this time. If you think about it.

      • @dongiuj

        What, you mean like TV, car and pretty much another company out there that make similar products that enable the consumer to have a choice about what product they prefer to buy?
        Yeah, that’s sad, isn’t it?

    • iH@ck3r77

      How one should expect something innovative without competition?

  • that BS screen quality is just dumb as hell… i want retina full color or nothing..

    • John156

      Shut up

    • Ben

      Just… just leave.

  • NoBrainer

    Alright so after stealing from apple Samsung is getting tired of being sued by apple and starts stealing from Windows? Nice move

    • charlie

      Samsung is a Windows partner dumbass.

      • Thomas Read

        And that’s why samsung makes android phones. Meaning that microsoft is in competition with itself,samsung have also been making phones directly with google meaning that they are working directly WITH the competition, seems like a kinda stupid idea now huh.

      • Hyr3m

        So you’ve never heard of the Samsung Ativ S for example ?

      • NoBrainer

        I assume you are very smart by the way you talk. Samsung has been partner with apple for some time. They for example provided chips for your so loved iPhone. That doesn’t mean apple will stop suing Samsung. God people these days..

  • Leaked (on purposely, shhh…)

    • Ben

      It’s funny cos’ I on purposely made this mistake.

  • All of these of watches are nothing but pieces of junk. Nice to have but very impractical.

  • smtp25

    Does this not look like Windows phone / Metro WIndows 8?

    • It does. And it looks quite nice. The Microsoft/Samsung partnership will work in Samsung’s benefit with this one if it’s real.

      • smtp25

        Ahh was that a partnership annoucement that I missed? Looks like another ‘innovation’ (rip off) from Samsung

      • Samsung can use any part of Windows because in essence it’s advertising for Microsoft.

  • its shit as always, apple is much better and leading the way, Samsung must of thought of this when apple watch leaks came out just to compete because their soooo shit to think of things by themselves

    • Calm down, Apple didn’t invent the Smart watch. I feel like your’re angry because Samsung beat Apple to the punch.

      • well clearly apple leaks came out first and samsungs after, and btw this page is not for samsung lovers

      • But where is the Apple smart watch? I want to see it? Leaks are leaks, real or not they’re just rumors. Besides, phones came out long before Apple, so clearly Apple has copied other people?

        “A good artist copies, a great artist steals.” – Steve Jobs

      • well said especially the last line and i see your point now

  • pauleebe

    What a coincidence …

  • In case you make it .we will make one too..
    At least apple slogan is good for apple and it about time that Samsung payed attention to it..

  • seyss

    fuck watches

  • Apple always wins. Fuck off samsung.

    • U mad Samsung beat Apple to the Smart watch? Don’t worry, there’s always next year.

  • I don’t get it samsung device with nokia lumia windows 8 look?!

    • Samsung is partnered with Microsoft…they own part of the Windows interface.

      • Yeah i know But why isn’t samsung just using android or there own softwre!

  • Nice to see Samsung not copying Apple… looks like they are copying Microsoft now XD
    (Seriously though that looks straight up like Windows 8.)

    • Considering Samsung is partnered with Microsoft and has made numerous Windows phones, I’m not surprised…

      • Doesn’t give them the right to copy the look of the OS though. Unless this thing will run Windows 8 then that would make a lot of sense lol.

      • Actually it does. Samsung can use any part of Windows in it’s products because it’s advertisement for Microsoft….

      • Microsoft still has to license the OS. Unless this is officially a Windows 8 watch, they can’t use that look without getting sued by Microsoft. It’s not advertisement for Microsoft if Samsung says that look is theirs.

      • Sure they can, they do it all the time. Have you ever seen the Windows phones Samsung makes? It’s still a Samsung phone, just running Windows. And I have yet to see a lawsuit against them…

      • Well as long as this ends up being an official Samsung Windows watch then there shouldn’t be a problem, but if this ends up not running the real Windows 8 and it just “looks’ like Windows 8, they could be in trouble. I doubt that will happen as i’m sure Microsoft will officially license Windows 8 as part of the partnership deal. Or for all we know it could just be a placeholder and this thing may end up running Android. Nothing is official yet anyways so we really have no idea what its running.

  • Samsung being Samesung again…

    • Yeah man, this is exactly the same Smart watch Samsung released last year…give me a break.

  • There is no leak of the iWatch. So Samsung copies Microsoft because they can’t copy Apple!

    • Samsung can’t be sued by Microsoft if they’re partners…get your facts straight.

      • smtp25

        Where are the details of this partnership? And yes Microsoft can sue Samsung if the infringement was of something not included in the partnership – not sure why MS would partner on a watch?

        EDIT: Ok so the partnership is around phones – this is not a phone. using the metro interface for a non-phone is probably not allowed.

      • Teehee. Apparently you didn’t read the agreement but skimmed through it. Samsung can use any part of Windows as long as Microsoft gets it’s cut; in essence it’s advertising for Microsoft.

  • A rip off of the iPod nano with a windows interface. Lol.

    • Because an iPod nano and a watch have so much in common…

  • insp1112

    Ahh… This was proven to be fake.

    this was made by one Korean middle school student.

    Actually, this rumor screenshot was quite ridiculous like hilarious misspelling (SK telecom was misspelled as SK telcom or telcoem)

    • SimonOrJ

      Good Eye!

      Also, the interference looks bad for beta.

  • How come no one is talking about the I’m Watch?

  • FlamingOzone

    Ha, if this becomes an issue like gun control….

  • I am breathing iAir, it feels so much better than god given natural air. iBelieve!

  • shar

    I want a Pebble now 🙂

  • harry

    why everyrtime samsung tries to compete with apple . firstly apple was in progess for the iwatch now samsung .
    apple is best . no one can defeat apple .

  • Guest