If there is one consumer experience needing updating, it is that trip to an auto sales floor. Too often, the salesperson can only provide potential buyers with the most basic information. Luxury automaker BMW hopes to change all that, using Apple’s Genius model to answer consumer queries.

Part of the BMW Genius Everywhere program to launch in the U.S. in 2014, young people armed with iPads will roam the automaker’s showrooms even before the sales staff get down to clinching the deal. The company becomes just the latest hoping to ignite more sales by taking a page from Apple’s wildly successful Geniuses who provide unassuming assistance and educate consumers on Apple gear…

The new program aims “at educating customers without actually selling them any vehicles,” wrote CNET’s report on the Monday Advertising Age profile earlier in the week.

These geniuses will be young, hip and with iPads in their hands, the traits BMW hopes will attract prosperous consumers who have grown accustomed to the atmosphere found at Apple stores.

BMW is just the latest in a string of firms borrowing Apple’s success at offering their ow Geniuses. In the case of the car maker, the concept is aimed at consumers prior to a purchase.

CNET notes:

However, unlike most Apple genius efforts, which aim at handling issues with products already purchased and educating the community on its devices, BMW’s geniuses will provide insight prior to the purchase.

Along with electronics giant Best Buy attempting to boost flagging sales by modeling stores after Apple, we reported in 2012 how the company produces stores where square footage value tops even Tiffany. Other well known brand, Samsung included, are attempting to replicate Apple’s holistic approach to retail.

Apple event 201203 (iPad 3 introduction, Apple Store video, boy and girl interacting with iPhone 001)

However, even the geniuses stumble.

Apple had to backtrack from reports it was preparing to let go a number of Apple Store employees, a move met with a hugely negative response and resulting in firing of retail head John Browett who lasted only nine months (he found a new job at a fashion retailer).

What’s your car buying experience like?

  • Is it “adapt” as in adaptation or “adopt” as in adoption?

  • Karl Kurtz

    I really hate that they are called “geniuses”

  • will bmw give me a free replacement if something goes wrong with my bimmer?

  • Muhammad

    Apple: BMW is calling their people geniuses? Lets sue them because we have a patent on everything

  • im a genius at elephant and castle apple store

  • market is getting more n more competitive, more and more about design / packaging, rather than specifications of of type of product……..from design to engineering to retail, customer service to social media and others, its about the brand building / impression….most companies can only do one or two well, but to do almost everything well like Apple is difficult….

  • Karl Kurtz

    Last week just to see how much they knew, I asked one of their “geniuses” the difference between Turbo Boost and overclocking. The girl laughed and said, “I have no idea.” Far from genius :/

  • Haitham

    Geniuses my ass lol

  • FlamingOzone

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  • @dongiuj

    The so called “geniuses” in apple stores are a joke!
    BMW do not need this. People that buy a BMW from the showroom have crazy money to spend, don’t care about the high maintenance charges after the warranty has finished or get rid of it just before the warranty runs out and gets another new Beamer waiting for the poor chap down the road to buy their old Beamer with the high maintenance charges that are due to arise shortly. BMW will not educate the used Beamer market customers about the high running costs of those cars.
    The only thing BMW need is a decent parts department with staff that know exactly what they’re talking about instead of having some young fresh kid in there with a gullible look on their face.