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Earlier today, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek told investors that Apple will hold a TV-related media event in March. And he suspects that the focus of the event will be the unveiling of a software development kit that will allow developers to finally make third-party apps for the Apple TV.

Well if that’s really the case, major gaming consoles better watch out. In a recent blogpost rant entitled ‘Stupid, Stupid xBox!!’ Xbox founder Nat Brown says that if Apple opens up an App Store on the Apple TV, the platform would “simply kill” the Playstation, Xbox and the WiiU…

Brown’s post has been getting a lot of attention over the past few days, so the whole thing’s worth a read. But here’s the money quote:

“Apple, if it chooses to do so, will simply kill Playstation, Wii-U and xBox by introducing an open 30%-cut app/game ecosystem for Apple-TV. I already make a lot of money on iOS – I will be the first to write apps for Apple-TV when I can, and I know I’ll make money.”

He’s certainly right about that. During his talk yesterday at Goldman Sachs, Tim Cook announced that Apple has paid out over $8 billion to developers since 2008. Not only is this an insane number, but it’s also $1 billion more than it announced in January, which shows serious growth.

So Apple certainly has the developers—EA, Sega, Activision, all of the big names—to make a go af a gaming console, but what about the hardware? Well, it has a set-top box out right now that is selling particularly well. And it has Bluetooth and AirPlay capabilities for connecting controllers.


What controllers you ask? Well that’s easy. Why not use the 500 million+ iOS devices that are out in the wild as controllers? They all have built-in accelerometers and other sensors, making them perfect Wii-like motion controllers. Or Apple could have a physical gamepad in the wings.

But you get the point. Most of the pieces are already in place for Apple to turn its $99 accessory into a full-on gaming console. All it has to do is ‘flip the switch’ so to speak, and give game developers a platform to do their thing. So it’s understandable why Brown sees Apple as such a threat.

And he’s not the only person with clout from the gaming community to suggest such a thing. Last month, Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell said that Apple remains the biggest threat to the success of their upcoming Steam Box console, noting “I think Apple rolls the console guys really easily.”

Of course, Apple has to actually do something first. And outside of Misek’s magic 8-ball predictions, there’s no evidence that an App Store for Apple TV is on the way. But it can’t be too far off, right? I mean, there’s only so many times Tim Cook can answer Gene Munster’s TV questions with ‘we’re going to keep pulling at strings to see where it takes us.’ The ATV can’t remain a hobby forever.

What do you think, would Apple really be able to take out gaming consoles with apps on the Apple TV?

  • Blaqheart

    I would totally forget my aspirations of getting a PS4 or XboX 720…with all of my iDevices I’d be set…

    • Kaptivator

      Naah, I’m still down for the PS4. But i do get your point. I just dont see many of the main stream games being on ATV. Especially franchise games that are licensed only for xbox and sony. What I do see is the cost for PS4 and 720 consoles and games dropping like a tun of bricks.

  • Oh most definitely, but as you mentioned only if Apple makes a physical gamepad/controller. Most hardcore gamers aren’t gonna be happy using a touchscreen for a controller. I for one need the precision of a physical controller.

    I hope Apple goes that route though, the more competition the better. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo- watch out.

  • Would be cool to see an Apple TV pro with much faster processor to allow developers like activision to start developing franchise games for the AppStore
    Set the price at 200
    Then update it every year
    It can definitely take on MS and Sony

    But for now let me go back to play BO2 on my Xbox

    • apple TV with ipad 4 internals would be a beast..

  • Just Imagine, gaming some like GTA V (or whatever) Online on Big screen with your iPhone as controller using Acelerometer, voice recognition, front camera, all these things over Airplay,speaking at the same time as your avatar on the game with others players online.

    it’s simple.Would be a kickass proyect!
    just saying…

    • OR you have a hand held controller like the PS3 and XBOX that has a slot for your iDevice to have all of those features and the ease of a physical controller

  • Falk M.

    Windows all way for serious gaming.

    Apple should stop deprecating functions in iOS all the time, it’s annoying that so many old apps and games will crash.
    I won’t bother trying to play serious games on a system that will break compatibility to “legacy” games (read: retro) once I’ve applied enough (read: not many are necessary) OS updates…

    • Jimothy

      I would have to agree. Most games on the PC are fairly reasonably priced and you have the option of upgrading your components if your games are not running 100%. Which is both easier and cheaper than buying/”upgrading” a Mac.

  • nah wii graphics just doesnt cut it compared to xbox and ps3

  • Jerry

    Touch screen is horrible with shooting games. So physical remote and were in the money!

    • Good thing we have bluetooth functionality. Bluetooth enable controllers like my ps3 controller could fix the missing physical remote issues. (That’s if apple allows that of course)

  • seyss

    touch screens as controllers = FAIL

    • touch screen controlled keep me from playing many of the great IOS games its really sad actually

    • what about the remote of an apple tv?

    • EpicFacepalm

      What nobody mentions here is that when they enable touchsreen controllers, they also virtually allow “cheating” with jailbroken devices. There may be no public JB for future Apple TV but you can always find a jailbroken iPhone3GS/4…

  • if apple released a physical controller for IOS it would kill PS3 and xbox fro sure cause the iphone 5 and ipad4 have more power than ps3 and xbox 360

    • John156

      Are you joking?

  • ThatSam

    It might HURT their casual gamer/younger gamer demographic, but definitely not KILL consoles.

    “KILL” taken out of context, I think.

    • and iController would kill people willingness to buy $60 games for PS3 and xbox..

      • ThatSam

        “kill”? I don’t think so, unless IOS Apps could someone how gain the sense of immersion/ quality that consoles have.
        Although SOME apps do have these qualities.

        I think they would find success and drive some sales away from consoles but not enough to kill.

  • sony should have made a real portable PS3 a loooong tine ago instead of that lame PSP and vita bs..

    • Vita is a portable PS3. Exactly what it is.

  • Hopefully games via ATV would increase the amount of games for OSX.

  • hasan51h

    No way .

  • I don’t think the Apple TV is powerful enough to have games like the graphics on a ps3.

  • Can’t see Apple ever taking over the games console business. I can’t think of a single person who could play CoD or Metal Gear Solid with such precision and agility on an iPhone/iPad over a full fledged controller. Then it comes to processing power, graphics etc etc

  • wonderboydave

    I believe there gonna have to make a new appleTV just for the download storage.

    Unless all games are in iphone/ipad and is just making a controller for the games. Will there be just games for the appleTV, or will it be cross platformed?

  • The quite is hyperbole, but it *is* absolutely ridiculous there isn’t an app store for Apple TV yet. I have little use for an Apple TV as is, but an app store would convince me.

  • DBells

    This might be a good thing, at least It would drag the casuals out of ps3 and Xbox

  • who the hell prefers buying a overpriced apple box to play games that gets boring in 10 minutes, when you can play full HD PS3/X360 games. I really don’t get it…

  • robert

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  • iOS (and ATV) games would be little gimicky things that cost at most a few pounds, and nothing like the powerhouse games we see on consoles. So i dont think ATV would replace consoles, not unless the ATV becomes a power house games console itself, and Apple so far have not been interested in this games market. So I dont see ATV replacing consoles, just giving a larger screen for the iOS games we have now, which is not what people play on consoles.