Since iOS 3.x, the most feature rich jailbreak apps for music was Music Controls Pro. If you wanted a custom control overlay for music, swipe controls, a remote server, and a host of other features, Music Controls Pro was the way to go. Unfortunately, the original version of Music Controls Pro is no longer compatible with iOS 6.

While the all new Music Controls Pro 6.0+ only has a fraction of the previous app’s capabilities, the price is currently discounted to $3.99 while the developers bring the new app up to speed. Currently Music Controls Pro includes swipe controls, Notification Center plugins for playback and volume, task switcher controls, and status bar integration for song titles. These are the core features that kept the original Music Controls Pro on my iPad in iOS 5.1.1…

music controls pro incompleteBecause of demand for Music Controls Pro 6.0+, phoenixdev’s authentication servers are currently down. Only the Notification Center plugins are partially working.

The features not currently in Music Controls Pro 6.0+ that are planned to be brought back soon include expanded support for third-party track info from other music apps, support to display ‘currently playing’ track information on a Bluetooth device, video app backgrounding, remote service, dock integration, and other tweaks like swapping the volume button while the screen is upside down. Since these features are mostly geared towards adding support for accessories, we hope to seem them reimplemented soon.

While phoenixdev’s servers are currently down at the time of writing, there is a free 5-day trial for testing out Music Controls Pro. Keep in mind that while the tweak is discounted to $3.99 for new users during the beta period, there have been reports of instability with the tweak. It might be a good idea to snag the tweak while it’s in beta and wait for it to mature before you install.

If you feel like you just purchased the old version of Music Controls Pro and are upset that phoenixdev released a new app, don’t grab your pitchforks just yet. If you purchased Music Controls Pro after January 2012, the new version is on the house. Older returning users still get a discount to $1.99.

Will you be using Music Controls Pro 6.0+? Share your thoughts in the comments.

[Featured photo from ModMyi]

  • well then.

  • M L

    Ok 3.99 for a program that does what the stock app does? Oh wait, adds controls in the notification drop down? Really??

    • jorith

      this write up might not say much, but at least think and look before you post. And no im not explaining the tweak for you, JUST TAKE A LOOK YOU LAZY F…!

      • M L

        Wow….such harsh words….sorry to hear you have a stick up your a*s. Oh and when did I contact or ask you to explain anything to me? Take a look? There is no demo, and I am not paying $4 for an app that is built into the OS already. Nice way to respond….have a nice day sunshine!

      • There’s a trial.

      • M L

        Saw that this morning. Not sure if it was there before but it is a good move by the developer.

      • actually this tweak is usful for me when driving.. i use it to swipe the lock screen to skip tracks without tapping on the home button. the lock screen could be complete locked and black and you can still swipe to skip

      • No offense but I think you overreacted a bit here. Personally I don’t like this tweak either since I don’t find it very useful for the price it’s being offered. You have to respect other people’s decisions or tastes, no need to be rude around here.

  • L G

    I want a simple tweak/hack that has a simple jump-skip/rewind 20 seconds button.
    I remember an old cydia hack had this (forget the name, has been incompatible for a while) and most podcast players have this as well.
    any suggestions appreciated. thanx

    • iRemix tweak did this I believe.

      • L G

        iRemix. yes that’s right. thank you.
        sadly it stopped working since ios 5 or so.
        want something similar for ios 5 or 6.

  • Guest

    thats one of the main reasons why im still on 5.1.1; is there videobackgrounding in this version?? thats all I need at the moment.

  • RAM usage? RAM leak? Performance? Auxo was horrible for this… had to turn it off.

    • Chris Slusher

      I had to take Auxo off my Iphone 5 because it never worked right. When opening up my Multitask screen one Minute my opened apps where there then the next it was just blank. It never had all my apps blanked out of Multitask screen just one here and one there ! I could then reopen it and they was there then open again they was gone. I really like Auxo but it never worked right for me.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        That’s because you pirated dumbass. Buy it like I did and it’ll work perfect. Auxo working 100% for me on iPhone 5, iOS 6.1

      • Actually blank screenshots was a bug but i think they fixed it because it works fine now for me .
        But still the prblem with ram leak thing.

      • Chris Slusher

        What the h*ll are you talking about ! I will post my Receipt with the time and date of me buying Auxo a week before my post I just wrote ! Wanna see so I can make you look like a dumb A*s ? To all the ppl that gave a thumbs up to your commit wanna see my receipt too ? Before u run your mouth don’t Thank you someone if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about

      • Don’t even bother, you don’t owe anything to anyone here. I think people just had a bad day and get it against anyone these days. If Auxo doesn’t work for you, just throw it away, it’s no big deal. No one cares, and if someone does, well, time to get a life since we are free to do whatever we want to with our money and devices. 🙂

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Then update auxo fuck face.

      • Chris Slusher

        I hope u don’t Represent the maker of Auxo and his Business because if so me and my family money will go else where ! I buy my tweaks and im behind all the ppl that make jailbreaking possible by buying my tweaks not stealing them plus I give Donations to the evasiOn jailbreak team.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        You and your family? Lol what is Auxo, Walmart? Shut the fuck up. I’m not Affiliated with it in any way. I just have a very good mind for business.

      • Chris Slusher

        Lol yea you sound like you do ! What do you own ? Walmart ? I own playboy ! Stfu b*tch !

      • Chris Slusher

        I don’t steal !

      • They did throw out an update for Auxo since then… I was having the same issue. It seems to be more stable now. But is conflicting with this tweak anyway.

      • Chris Slusher

        Thanks ill give it another try

  • This tweak seem cool. The only reason why I would want it for the notification widget, but since I have Jukebox I guess I’ll pass. Also, “NowPlaying on Statusar” has just been release and it put the same stausbar feature there.

  • My phone and iPad keep crashing with this. More so my phone. I thought it had something to do with Auxo or Zephyr. I uninstalled them but it still buggin out! It’s a cool tweak but it seems to have some conflict issues. Anybody have any ideas what it could be?

  • Jay

    Is there anybody‘s phone carshed when using this tweak? I think this tweak have clashed with intelliscreen X. Anybody meet the same issue?

    • no and I have ISX installed as well. Works great.

    • yes mine does

    • My phone crashes ALL THE TIME with this. I have tried to contact the developers about it but no response. It seems to do it most when I double press the home. It freezes and then resprings after about 2 minutes.
      Also some of the swipe features aren’t working on the lock screen. I can only swipe the volume up if I swipe it down first and then quickly go back up.
      Edit: The only lock screen tweaks I have are SubtleLock and JellyLock.
      Edit 2: Swiping up the volume works as long as the swipe starts in the top half of the lock screen

      • Jay

        I suggest you remove all the tweaks that either affect on lockscreen or access music features. Becuz base on my own experience, this tweak clash with most of music tweaks. If still can’t solve problem, better use sbsetting to disable some tweaks that may likely clash with your music c +

  • Chris Slusher

    I wrote a statement on here about Auxo and how it wasn’t working. My apps was Disappearing out of the Multitask screen. After the update that was issued I’ve tested it and now works Flawlessly. its now my favorite tweak on my Iphone ! I Absolutely love it. Nice work to the person that put in all the hard work into making this tweak Possible. Thanks !