We’re not against developers making money from their tweaks, or pursuing alternative routes of funding, but having a piece of nag-ware on your phone without any option to disable it is a major annoyance.

Unfold is a jailbreak tweak that we are huge fans of at iDownloadBlog, but unfortunately we learned that the tweak was programmed with an annoying behavior. After 500 uses, a message pops up asking for a donation, and the message repeats again after every 500th unlock. This wouldn’t be so bad if a donation disabled the message, but there’s no option for entering a subscription into the app…

permissions iFile

What’s worse about this piece of nag-ware is it occurs during day-to-day use of the phone. Unannounced, repeating popup alerts on my phone, combined with usage tracking, does not fill me with confidence.

You can donate directly to Jonas Gessner, who is also the developer behind ProTube and Bridge, by clicking the PayPal link in Unfold’s page on Settings. While we’re not happy with permanent nag-ware, Unfold is a stunning UI modification.

What do you think are the best and worst ways to ask for donations for free apps? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


  • Knew that since october last year LOL.

  • 500 unlocks goes a very far distance…

  • Flex will take care of it πŸ™‚

    • It can’t πŸ˜› Its a very weak tool. It can only override return values, something that cycript could do years ago.

    • christodouluke

      No it won’t

  • So I spent endless hours working on this tweak, its been updated all the time and its completely free. And this is what I get for that? Wow, thanks a lot.

    One does not simply ‘make’ a tweak. Research, a lot of thinking, testing and troubleshooting is all a part of making these things. I spent so much time working on this and I thought it would be nice to make it free. And then people get upset if I ask for donations?

    The donations don’t go through a payment system like cydia purchases, the money is simply transferred to my paypal account. There is no possible way for me to check if a donatiom was mase and then disable the pop up. So it just keeps appearing. But seriously, 500 times? You unlock your device maybe 500 times in a month. So 1 little pop up ler month and you start whining about it? Look at your website, its full of ads…

    I don’t really care if people disable the donation pop up, It just don’t get why people are so upset about it, isn’t it enough that the damn tweak is free? Its about the principle. You give them the little finger and they take the whole hand.

    Just my 2 cents.

    btw. the tweak is called ‘Unfold’, you can’t even get the name right.

    – Jonas Gessner, developer of Unfold

    • I have to agree with you. An Alert every 500 Unlocks is far from beeing called “annoying”. Also i think it’a the developers right to decide how to ask for donations and iDownloadblog is not allowed to give advises how to turn these messages off.

    • luckyarcher

      Completely agree with you on this one. You are the creator of the app and it is only you who holds the right to reverse engineer/modify it whichever way you want. No one else has the right to do so, no matter what they say. Sebastien, an apology is in order.

      Sebastien, why are you against cydia app crackers – they are also doing the same thing which you are indirectly promoting?

      • RarestName

        Look at the author’s name again ._.

      • ReanimationXP

        Not Sebastien. Who the hell is this Mike guy anyway?

      • I’m sorry, is this a not-very-subtle joke? You’re posting this about a *jailbreak tweak*, whose very existence relies on the assumption that the creator of a piece of software (iOS) does *not* hold the exclusive right to reverse engineer or modify it.

    • Just donated to this yesterday. 500 unlocks isn’t unreasonable guys. I get the annoyance with pop ups but its an awesome tweak. One of my favs…. And it’s free. Don’t let this discourage you Jonas. The community stands behind you. Keep up the good work.

    • seyss

      lol omg.. first time I can’t choose a side

      • Everyone is a douch at one time or another!!!! Well except for me! Lol

      • Kurt

        Jonas could have been more mature with his response. By getting so upset he shows he has a lot of hurts, possibly low self-esteem. He could have gotten his point across much differently. All in all I agree with both, it is annoying, but it only happens every few months just like Jonas said in his cry baby response. jk, πŸ˜›

        I’m thankful to Mike for writing an post about “Unfold to Unlock” about the Tweak “Unfold” that was funny Jonas pointed out how it wasn’t even the name of his tweak πŸ˜›

        Mike could have softened his words such has “annoyances” “nag-ware” especially when he seems to really like the tweak, but he is correct in it that its annoying and its nag-ware but it nags you once every few months like Jonas said….I’m just finding this little feud very funny. But I feel bad for Jonas as his response may turn people off from donating, but than again, maybe there are some of us who will donate to him now, and never would have. So perhaps Jonas should say, than you to Mike? hmmm.

        Jonas have you seen an up-tick in donations by any chance?

      • While the tweak’s called Unfold, the concept it was based on is Unfold To Unlock. I mentioned the tweak as Unfold within the article.

      • Kurt

        Oh yeah thats right. I forgot about that.

    • You have done a fantastic job, unfold is one of the best apps i have used and will continue to use.

    • To be honest Jonas, I did get your point, but this nagging is really annoying and that’s exactly the reason why I uninstalled your tweak. I stopped counting when the nag screen showed me about 12.000 unlocks. There are people who are unlocking their device more often then others… This isn’t about “taking the whole hand” at all like you mentioned. At the moment you decide to release something for free, you should be aware of the fact that almost no one says “thank you” at all. I’m also a software developer and I exactly know what you’re talking about, but nagging people like crazy isn’t going to help. Keep the nag screen, reduce the options in the tweak and make a premium version using Cydias payment system and no one will complain about it (except the people who aren’t willing to pay for anything). Just my 2 cents…

      • So…?, buy another one. My 2 cents…

      • Read my post Dude.

      • luckyarcher

        Hey – don’t use it if you don’t want to 1)donate 2)stand the nag screen. Nobody forced you to use it anyway.

      • That’s what I did: As you can read above I uninstalled the tweak. It’s not about “Use it or hate it”, but about the idea behind nagging users for a donation. It would be good enough if he had asked after installing and maybe after every 5.000 unfolds, but after every 500 is way to much nagging at all. The main problem is not the nagging. It’s the fact that you can donate how much and as often as you like, you will still get nagged!

      • Kurt

        Some people just can’t read. I liked your reply to his idiotic reply to you.

      • Well said. I really liked Unfold and sent a donation before the nag ever even appeared. Regardless of how often the nag appears, it is annoying and I ended up deleting Unfold because of it.

      • Damian W

        same here

      • Unfold

        I agree with this man…it’s better if he can just create a welcome pop up message after the installation asking for donation…simple

      • Kurt

        Not right after the installation. We need time to see if we like it πŸ™‚ but yes, after 50 or so and if we don’t donate then, when will we really?

    • Omg, first time thinking iDownloadBlog as a dick.

      • christodouluke

        Far from the first time

      • Lol. Welcome to the club!

      • Sentry

        I can’t say I disagree. 500 unlocks is a LOT. Took me forever till I first saw this message, and when I did, I found it nice and unobtrusive. Disagree with this article 100%.

      • Kurt

        Really…you found it “nice”?

      • Sentry

        Yes, I did. The message itself was nice, and also let me know I had unfolded 500 times, which was cool to know. Felt like an easter egg to me, not something to go online and bitch about.

        People who have a huge problem with this embody the worst parts of the jailbreak community as a whole; Unappreciative and self-entitled.

      • Kurt


      • I guess Mike Schnier is..

    • shinx2ran

      well at least, this is free broadcast from idownloadblog itself, consider yourself little lucky, Jon. I am going to dowload it too πŸ™‚

    • RarestName

      I’m going off topic, but will ProTube 2 be compatible with the iPad?

      • Kurt

        good question kok hean

      • RarestName


      • RarestName

        It’s released! XD

      • Kurt

        cool cool, thanks. I’ll check it out~

    • Electric Penis

      Welcome to the fucking internet. Not everybody is going to like what you do, especially when you put such annoyances on people’s lock screens, of all places.

      It doesn’t matter how often people unlock their phones, the fact it’s even there is just douchey. You can easily stick the goddamn donation option in some other way, but you didn’t. It’s your fault this article exists and that you will indeed lose some donations over it.

      Deal with it.

      • Shut up!

        I don’t really think it’s the best idea either but have some respect!

      • Falk M.

        Pot, meet kettle…

      • Electric Penis

        I thought about shutting up for like, a split second, then I realized something: you’re a fool who thinks I can shut up (stop speaking) when I am communicating through text.

        Basically, what I’m saying is: no thanks.

      • ReanimationXP

        Try this one then: Quit being an asshat toward developers.

        Maybe you can manage that. Probably not though.

      • Electric Penis

        If you really want the internet to be a land of sunshine and smiles, you’re in for a good deal of darkness and frowns once you discover it never will be.

        Sorry about that, pal.

      • lol “Electric Penis”, another 12 year old exploiting the anonymity of the internet…

      • Electric Penis

        Yes, you’ve caught me. I’m twelve. Rats!

        My life is over.

      • ReanimationXP

        Way to acknowledge you’re the reason it is so.

    • Hypocrites have ads all over their ugly website and they have the audacity to tell the community how to disable a respected devs main source of funding on a quality free tweak! iDownloadblog get given paid tweaks, all the time, and there still complaining! PAY FOR YOUR F!*KING TWEAKS LIKE THE REST OF US AND THEN YOU CAN COMPLAIN!! You are not the doorway to the Jailbreak world as you might think, your just another dumb blog making money on ads from traffic generated by other peoples hard work!

      • Kurt

        Use adblocker. There are a bunch if you use Firefox. I’ll help you if you need. No ads on this site or others. no ads on youtube videos either πŸ™‚

      • RarestName


      • I can’t speak for the rest of iDB, but I don’t get tweaks for free.

      • There are 5 ads on any given page (only one if you read this from your iPhone). Please take the time to compare the amount of ads on iDB to any other Apple blog you read. You’ll realize, we actually have less ads than most sites.

        And please, oh please, stop thinking the whole internet world is out to get you because we put ads on the site. Yes, we make money through ads. There I said it.

      • I just love how you respond to your readers criticism every time

      • BearManPig

        everyone everyone, just use Ad.muncher or ad-block which is a free add-on for chrome, in that way u wont see all the shitty ads on this page. Ad-muncher is even better and you can buy it on thepiratebay πŸ˜›

    • Keep up the good work. Love ProTube HD πŸ™‚

    • ReanimationXP

      Bravo for both visiting and standing up for yourself, Jonas. I don’t use the tweak, but I have used it, and thought it was cool. Thank you for making it, and thanks for making it free.

      This was a dick move by Mike and I doubt Sebastien or Jeff would agree with this article if they’ve seen it. It should be taken down.

      You’ve got a lot of support here so thanks for doing what you do.

    • Bods

      Im with Jonas.
      Dont listen to these blog jerks.
      1 popup every 500 unlocks!

    • Johnathan Jennings

      We love you, don’t get upset because of some dick on iDb. Your tweaks are amazing and unfold is a need on my iPhone 5, I will donate to you for sure. Thanks for your time man.

      • Kurt

        Are you flirting? ewww

    • maurid

      WORD, man, WORD.

    • Joe Thomas

      I think the issue here is that it doesn’t go away after you donate, which is very much annoying. If you paid to remove adds in some other app, and they didn’t go away, I bet you’d be pretty peeved.

    • I hit the 500 mark in a week, and i didn’t think i used my phone that much xD

      maybe bump it to 1000 or 2000?

      • idiot

        well, you used it 71 times a day. and if that’s not much…

    • I understand that you’d like a little help financially with your apps and tweaks, it’s not at all unreasonable. But the way it’s implemented makes it seem more like you’re begging for donations. I get this a lot when eating in restaurants and at the end of the bill, they place a “10% voluntary tip” and it doesn’t seem all that voluntary since its already been added to the bill and just comes across as bad service

      • Unfold

        100% agree with you man…the developer looks like his begging for money…not asking for a donation anymore…

    • Hey Jonas. I think this post was greatly misunderstood. If anything, it might have not been worded properly and came across the wrong way. No one here is discounting the hard work put in this tweak. The author was merely highlighting what he thinks was an annoyance. But of course it’s your tweak and you do whatever you want with it. I personally think that having a pop up every 500 unlocks asking for donation is a great idea. But like Mike, I do think it’d be great to be able to turn off the pop up once I donated. Or maybe even have a “premium” version of the pop up sold at say $1.99 for people who never want to see the pop up. Again, the wording of all this might have been a little awkward.

      Now on the bright side, it seems that your tweak is really loved by those who use it, and it also seems that this post helped your tweak get some extra coverage. I also believe we’ve covered all your other tweaks before. Finally, there is a sentence in this post that encourages people to donate, which is something we’re always pushing here on iDB (ie. donate for evasi0n jailbreak post last week).

      I hope there is no hard feeling here. The goal was not to take you or your tweak down.

      • Kurt

        +1 for the kind reply. (but don’t throw Mike under a bus-unless you asked him if it’s ok) I and many others don’t think what Mike did was wrong, he and you are allowed to find something annoying and write about it. Obviously you approved or asked him to write this article. And you were right to ask him/approve of it.

        -1 for being censored and removing the details to remove the popup (which was the whole point of this blog post)

      • I didn’t throw anyone under the bus. I just said that the post might not have been worded properly. I’m sure Mike will be ok with that.

        Yes I removed the details but I shouldn’t have let them go through in the first place, so the blame is on me for that one.

        I appreciate you understand we are entitled to our own opinion (that’s what blogs are for, right?) but we were definitely awkward in the way we brought this up. Like I said, this was a mistake. This being said, I will not delete the post. It’s here to remind us that we’re not perfect and that we should learn from our mistakes.

      • Kurt

        Still disagree with the mistake part. I’m glad you guys wrote about this annoyance as it isn’t a good way to handle asking for money. If you donate, you still get asked repeatedly forever.

        Hope you’ll change your mind have have more of these posts in the future when they arise.

      • Unfold

        CORRECT! his begging not asking for donation

      • Kurt

        I’m usually correct. And I see you are too. πŸ™‚

      • Are you fucking kidding me? Look at the polite tone of the message when you unlock your device 500 times.

      • It’s not censorship if it’s his own site. If Sebastien doesn’t want negative attention from developers, I’m more than willing to see the ‘how to disable’ paragraph taken out.

      • Kurt

        Still censorship. I didn’t say anything wrong. Self-censorship, is censorship. He was pushed into it by the reaction of the dev. Possibly by the visitors of the site too. It’s a business that he and you guys earn money from, so I understand not wanting to alienate the readers, but still I was disappointed with the censorship. But I’ll get over it πŸ˜‰

      • Falk M.

        Hooray, someone with a sound view on these things. πŸ™‚

        Take my thumb up! πŸ™‚

      • Kurt

        Take one too!

        “pot meet kettle” That made me laugh before

      • ReanimationXP

        This blog is respectful to developers and always has been. This isn’t Xsellize or Hackulous. We love devs here and want to see them paid.

        Thanks for the edit Sebastien.

      • Kurt

        Being respectful and saying you don’t like their way of soliciting funds are independent. You can do both, as they did. The dev, got irate, which was uncalled for.

      • How about I go tell your boss a workaround so that he doesn’t have to pay you anything, but you still have to work the same amount of hours. That’s what it’s like.

      • Kurt

        Really it’s not.

        It would make more sense if I posted notes on his/her door saying pay me pay me pay me, and you taught him how to take down the notes. Thus, I still get paid and he/she doesn’t get annoyed anymore.

      • I think that as I grow older, my patience with idiots decreases. I give up.

      • Kurt

        Instead of insulting me. You could just apologize for your first comment. Because that was idiotic.

      • There is a difference between censorship and recognizing you did something wrong and taking measures to fix it.

      • I can understand why Jonas do not want to make a PRO version as you all know that the pirate percentage is super high. If he willing to have a PRO version, he would done it at the very first place. Really With a little popup that come up only per 500 unlocks, I really think it is okay for all the hard work that a dev had done.Yes it is annoying for those who paid but not able to disable it.But can’t people just take it as another “feature”? I actually like that popup as I know how frequently I unlock my device. I am glad that Sebastien did apologize to the developer even it is not his post! Kudos !

      • Guest

        Telling the Dev he misunderstood the part isn’t really apologizing now is it? Not that it was needed.

      • Nice save.

      • Hey, thanks for your understanding.
        I never thought that anybody would get so upset about the pop up and would make such a big deal out of it. In any free app there are ads and/or in app purchases and my tweak shows how often you unlocked and kindly asks for a donation.
        About the pro version, I would never sell anything which simply wouldn’t show an alert.
        I am still working on a pro version, which will not show an alert and will have several different folding animationsntl chose from! I am busy with my other projects so it could take a while πŸ˜‰
        Stay tuned

    • Every 1000, maybe. But 500 is a bit repetitive, that’s about every week for me. I unlock a lot during the day. Job and whatnot. Not only this, but a donation doesn’t turn it off. That’s like using Auxo and it bugging you every 2000 uses to donate. Yes, you did pay, but why not pay more?

      • This is free.

      • I know. But if you DID donate and you see the pop up again, that would be more like nagware than anything..

      • idiot

        come on, that’s one tap every 500 unlocks.

    • Joe Thomas

      This would have been a non-issue if there was a disclaimer in the tweak description. Or would that have negatively affected the number of downloads?

    • This website does have ads, but they don’t appear as alerts whenever you turn on your computer. I would have loved the ability, even as a paid feature, to turn off the popup alerts. Demand for a feature isn’t a bad thing.

      As for screwing you over: I mentioned your tweak, I told people who are interested (and after reading your reply, likely sympathetic) how to donate to you. I also mentioned your other tweaks

      • Kurt

        He over reacted. You didn’t screw him over.

      • RarestName

        But you didn’t have to cuuuuuuuuuuut me off~

      • Kurt


      • RarestName


      • Kurt


      • Kurt


      • RarestName

        Did you just…reply to yourself? LOL

      • Kurt

        i sure did

      • Kurt

        Ahh…Sorry I only heard this song once before today πŸ˜› This being the second time. Good song

      • LOL, I hope I’m not the only one appreciating the Gotye reference here πŸ™‚

      • LOL, I hope I’m not the only one appreciating the Gotye reference here πŸ™‚

      • You treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough.

      • RarestName

        I guess that I don’t need that though, now you’re just somebody that I used to know.

      • BearManPig

        yeah but by putting how to disable the popup is basically as if you made a tutorial of how to disable the ads on this page because EVERYONE thinks they are annoying. no one likes ads

      • Do they show up as alerts when you start up your computer?

        If they did, would that not be worrying?

      • That is an awful comparison. Unfold doesn’t show alerts every time you reboot your iPhone.

      • Kurt

        Do they show up when you use the tweak? Do they show up when you use this website? Thats comparing them fairly.

        Think you missed his point. Saw you wrote this same thing before and you missed that guys point also.

    • 1337lolzorz

      Hey man I love unfold! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to seeing iPad version hopefully as well πŸ˜€

    • Nice to see the creator of the tweak fire back at iDB. I completely disagree with this article. It’s disgusting.

    • first o all…
      thanx dude fr this awsm tweak…
      used a lot in ma iphone…
      awsm ine πŸ™‚
      again it is undrastable fr ur work ny one can give a little donation as the tweak is free.
      but please update it for using it on ipad…. πŸ™‚

      • Your comment seems to be built on an unknown language. Even Google can’t understand what was said

    • I wouldn’t mind it being gone after I donate, can’t you remove it when “donate” is pressed?

      I just remembered when idb ranted on ProTube… I bet you do too =)

      (FYI, bought and love ProTube,ProTube HD and Bridge)

    • Love Unfold but its useless with passlock. Cant be appreciated. It looks good without the passcode but im not willing to keep my phone without a password just because i want an unfold effect. But this is a very cool tweak

    • Damian W

      great tweak but you are overreacting. Imagine if every free tweak had a pop up every 500 times we use it. My phone would be swarmed with popups forever. Thank god there is only few of them. Unfortunately, Unfold is one of them.

      • Kurt


    • Honestly, I don’t see what the problem here is. Many App Store apps randomly pop up a “Rate our app!” dialog while you’re in the middle of something, no one complains about that – but I know for a fact that it does drive a *lot* of reviews.

    • Jonas Brothers

      Shut up, you are like the China of Tweaks, everything you do is a complete ripoff of something someone else already wrote.

      Eat a bag of dicks.

  • Really idb?! Besides the tweak is free come on guise!

  • It’s “free” and its great. There are no adds, no pop ups just a friendly message to consider supporting the developer every now and then. I completly understand the developers frustration here. If your not happy that it asks for a donation every 500 unfolds then perhaps you should uninstall it.

    • Kurt

      the “friendly message to donate” is a popup

      • idiot

        And a popup can’t be a “friendly message to donate”? I mean, what would be an appreciable “friendly message to donate” after 500 unlocks to you?

  • Seriously guys, you have to delete this entry. This is a no-go!

    • Unfold


      • Kurt

        Sad, people love censorship. This is why Hugo Chavez, Kim Jeong-Eun, Obama thrive

      • *Kim Jong Un

      • Kurt

        its actually Eun…김정은 “은” is eun. 으 is eu. We don’t have “eu” (으) sound in English but we spell it as eu.

  • Seriously???? 500 unlocks is a hell of a lot of “unfolding” so you’d barely get the popup at all, and when you do get it all you have to do it move your finger to the left a little then down and you will have dismissed it. Is that too hard for you people? (That get annoyed by the popup) my lock/poweroff button stopped working and I don’t get annoyed by that (will get it fixed soon though) so why get annoyed at a little popup? Loosing more faith in humanity…

  • Funny how intelliwank can charge loyal customers an extra 50% on a $10 tweak for a small compatibility update and iPisstakeblog don’t say a word against it! Because they don’t even pay for it and their noses are so far up intelliborns arses they got brown faces!

    • danielle

      It’s been known for some time that he’s on Intellis payroll.

  • Now write an article about the fact that intelliscreenx for iOS 6 which has to ne f*cking paid again, 7 bucks is a-lot for a f*cking tweak, i do not want to buy it again!

  • I don’t understand what this post is supposed to accomplish at all. The app displays a reminder screen every 500 unlocks. Now, I know everyone uses their devices differently but let’s say the average person unlocks their device 10 times a day. That’s still only 310 unlocks in one month. You wouldn’t even get the donation reminder once a month. Even at 20 unlocks a day that would be just over once a month. That’s a small price to pay for a FREE tweak.

    The other thing that I don’t get at all, is why list the steps to bypass. For one thing, it’s not hard to figure out how to bypass it. I read this story (before the steps to disable the reminder – I refuse to call it a nag – were posted) so I installed Unfold (a teak I don’t normally use) and figured out how to disable it within 15 minutes. I just bought iFile last week and am very unfamiliar with the iPhones file structure so I’m sure it would take someone used to where JB tweak settings go all of 2 minutes to figure this out. So why post it on this site?

    You have the info for yourself and you could disable the reminder, that should be good enough. I’m sure featuring JB tweaks and apps is a huge part of what drives traffic to iDB, so listing steps to help users bypass a reminder and potentially talk them out of donating to a dev that is offering stuff for free is insane.

    Devs work really hard on these tweaks, and some of them are nice enough to offer free versions. Why encourage anyone not to pay – which is indirectly what this does. It would be like starting every video and post you make with steps on how to install AdBlock for your browser. You guys can’t afford to make every post on this site without some kind of compensation – you nag people with ads – which show up every time someone loads a page. This dev has a reminder ever 500 unlocks, and that’s overkill?

    This is honestly the most hypocritical thing I’ve seen in a while. Whats next replacements for Installous or how to crack in app purchases?

    I (and from what I’ve read a fair amount of others) strongly feel the how to bypass section should be removed from this article.

    • Kurt

      Obviously you in your need to boast and be prideful missed the whole point of the blog post. It was to show people how to bypass this popup. and you want that to be removed? quit being so arrogant.

    • Damian W

      popups are annoying. Simple. I used to get it every 5 days with Unfold and I removed it even though i had donated the money.

      • Ian

        It continued to pop up after donating?

  • Dan

    It’s a free tweak, if you don’t want a pop up once every month, don’t use the tweak.
    For a supposed big fan on the Unfold tweak, this is pretty lame.

    I’ve never seen Jeff or Sebastien give tips on how to screw developers, I choose (or hope) to think they wouldn’t agree with this article.

    IDB, how low can you go go…

  • D.

    Wow, what happened here…

  • Andrew Jr.

    Verrrry bad idea Mike Schnier

    • Kurt

      I won’t bother doing it, but I appreciate being told how to disable it.

  • Just take the message out and charge 99 cents for it and be done.

  • zonkered

    OMG…all this belly aching is reDICKulous! Grow up people. You make something free and you want to annoy us with your stupid pop ups, that’s your right. But on the other side don’t be surprised when those who don’t like the pop ups find a workaround.

  • Muhammed Altintas

    All correct what Jonas Gessner says. iDB should be more subjective about their articles.

  • M Last

    Jailbreak is FREE
    every single tweak must be FREE
    if you want to make some cash, your goal is Appstore

    • Unfold


  • This is one of my fav tweaks. Donated as soon as I used it. I don’t think the 500 counts is annoying. It’s one click.

  • maurid

    Assuming you are an average user, you would unlock your phone 10-15 times a day, that is AT LEAST a month until it reaches 500 “unfolds”.

    It’s funny how you can’t just tap the “No thanks” button once in a while, but you can however write a whole article crying about it.

  • maurid

    Well, new guys at iDB must have some kind of jinx… Remember when Christian was a total doorknob? (Think he kinda still is)

  • I installed this right after jailbreaking last week, and just got the pop up yesterday – one full week later. while not preferable, having this pop up once a week is not intrusive at all.

  • iphone4sgamer

    I love how IDB does an article about criticizing the method an indie developer chooses is route to ask for donations, but when a well established highly successful company by the name of Intelliborn decides to charge an upgrade fee of $4.99 to its customers just for iOS 6, IDB is completely silent.

    • Kurt

      Others stated this already, and it’s a good point. I’m sure Sebastien will have someone on it in no time. That, in mine and many other’s opinion, deserves a blog post on here.

    • Damian W

      i agree….however think about it. If intelliscreenX 6 had to completely rewritten and put on iOS 6 than it probably took long days to finish it. On the other hand, I am very displeased with this price since these are the highest prices i pay for tweaks. I would not mind 1 or 2 dollars for an upgrade, but 10 and then 5 is a huge disgusting difference.

  • Damian W

    just because of this small thing i removed Unfold to Unlock long ago. I donated the money and I still kept getting the annoying message. On top of this this my phone was respringing each time because of one serious bug that has not been fixed for many version. I contacted the developer but he did not fix the issue for long time so now I dont even bother to check if the tweak improved.

    • Unfold

      it’s better if he can just create a welcome pop up message after the installation asking for donation…simple

      • Kurt

        People need time to check out the tweak. So maybe 50 unfolds then never ask again. If people don’t donate then, they’re not going to.

    • Kurt


      Be careful! the Dev will flip out on you!! haha

      +1 btw

  • Have you written an article about Protube 2 from this developer? Instead of being a standalone app it integrates with the youtube app and is one of my favorite tweaks

  • TheAngryPenguin

    “…and the message repeats again after every 500th messages…” What?!? Sounds like it’s just begging for an infinite loop! Did you perhaps mean to write “…and the message reappears every 500 uses…”?

  • This is like a year old and it never annoyed me. You have to be extremely idiotic to find this annoying, I sometimes even unlocked my phone for no reason to reach the next 500 sooner. When it appeared during normal usage I’d just tap away and continue using. WTF?

  • Adam Medina

    I just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading about you complaining about an extra tap for every 500 times you unlock your phone. That’s more time than I will ever waste tapping on this “nag-ware.”

  • Ryan Stack

    wait. people didn’t know it did this back when it came out?

  • sambuzzlight

    goes and quietly downloads the tweak

  • iTechMunch

    Those who ever uses this method to disable the pop up must have no f**king life

  • Ian

    I would say the best way is to have it in the settings for the tweak/app. It’s not annoying, and I notice it every time. The worst way would probably be to have it pop up as it did with this tweak, but do it every time, and make a noise. If I had an app that did it “the worst way,” I would uninstall it.

  • Omg this wasmy reddit post!! My usernae is ushertv4

    Pm me for verification!!!

  • mickey

    Upping the amount of unlocks and adding an option to disable it for those who donated seems reasonable. Personally I don’t mind it. But I think you are underestimating how many times people unlock their phone a day. Even once an hour throughout the day could hit 500 in less than a month. 2-3 weeks doesn’t seem very far off for heavier users. Beautiful tweak btw.

  • maverick

    IDB is a great tech news site. Dedicated to iOS but covering
    even the important titles from Android as the main competitor on mobile market.
    IDB contributed to my recent giving another chance to iOS even that still
    considering Android 4.1.2 as head ahead in term of functionality and user

    IDB did a good thing informing about this. β€œUnfold” is a
    good tweak but dev. needs to decide if he wants to make money from it or just
    annoy users until they give up on its app. If dev. cannot keep track of users
    who donated why keep the annoying message to donate? If user clicks once to ignore,
    will he donate the second time? Or third time? Or user will just keep donating
    every reminder from the dev.? Is this happening in real world?

  • Unfold was actually my first tweak to download after my first Jailbreak, and my most recent app to uninstall. Not because of the Donation popup, more so that it is incompatible with most other tweaks and app settings.

    Mike is correct in that Unfold does have a popup that displays a Donation option after 500 ‘Unfolds’. This for some, myself included, is some cool info to know. That we unlock our devices this many times within a such time period from install. On the flipside, it does NOT ask for it, it says to consider. Consideration is for one to think to either do, or don’t. Hence the options to agree or decline. The fact the popup does not disappear after a donation is simply because, it’s a donation. That in itself should let you know there is no Pro or Plus or Paid option to nullify the popup. I agree the popup can get annoying at times; when I want to unlock my device to send a text or do a bit of facebooking, that’s exactly what I expect. I do not expect to have to click a decline button because of a popup. An option to disable would have been a nice option to Unfold. Yes, I like knowing how many times I ‘Unfold’ my device. No, don’t like not being in some ‘control’ of that option.

    Mike praises Jonas’ tweak, and explains his concerns with Jonas’ tweak. Like many others on blogs. That’s what you do on them. Correct? And he does say “What do you think are the best and worst ways to ask for donations for free apps? Share your thoughts in the comments section.” He knowingly posted this article with the a General Person’s mind. Which means, “what would a general person using this app think about this popup?’, and with his own opinion as well. Then hit Submit.

    Did Mike use improper wording to describe his concerns with Unfold? Yes.
    Did he mention how much he liked Unfold? Of course.
    Should Jonas had worded his response differently about Mike’s article? Yes.

    We as the General Public see Developers and Bloggers as professionals in their own right. They are, of course, who we come to for information, support, ideas, and tools. When we read something like what Mike wrote, as well as what Jonas replied, we all have mixed feelings about it. That’s called being human.

    We expect professionalism from our sources, and it is what we as consumers deserve.

    Will this stop me from downloading from Jonas, or reading Mike’s posts? No. And it shouldn’t you either.