399 ipad

Folks who have been looking to score a Retina-flavored iPad on the cheap will be happy to hear that Target is offering them at a massive discount. The retail giant is currently advertising the 16GB Wi-Fi only model (3rd gen) for $299.

Not only is this $80 cheaper than Apple is currently selling similar refurbished units for in its web store, but it’s also $100 cheaper than a comparable 2nd generation iPad will cost you. We have more details on the sale after the fold…

9to5Mac points to the sale, which is posted on Target’s website. It appears to only apply to the aforementioned model, and it’s only available in black. It’s also marked ‘not sold online,’ meaning you’ll have to hunt one down at a local store.

Apple released the third generation iPad almost a year ago, and it has a 2048 x 1536 Retina display, a dual-core A5X chip with quad-core graphics and a 5MP iSight camera. It was surprisingly replaced in October, by the similar iPad 4.

Despite the fact that it’s nearly 12 months old, $299 is still a great deal for this tablet. Admittedly, it’s a bit heavyset, and Apple is said to be unveiling a redesigned iPad in the next 6 months. But if those things don’t matter to you, go for it.

There’s no word on how long this sale will last, and stock usually disappears quickly.

  • Aluka

    I’d Rather buy an iPad MINI

    • Not considering the screen size, the iPad 3 is better in almost every possible way.

      • 2008crna

        Agreed. The iPad mini doesnt make any sense at that price point when compared to a retina iPad.

      • iPad 3 had issues, thats why apple discontinued it

      • blu

        what issues?

      • I shouldn’t have said “issues”. But I know the backlight was generating to much heat and the hardware wasn’t really power effiecent in comparison to ipad 4. I personally never had issues but I remember the “heatgate” articles on idb

      • blu

        I forgot about that. Wasn’t the heat “problem” really a non-issue though?
        I’m happy (or should I say my wife is happy) with the iPad 2. It does everything that we need it to.

      • Yep, no problems on my 3rd gen iPad.

      • None here either. My iPad 3 has never been anything more than slightly warm, even with extremely demanding games (NOVA3, MC4, and a TON of others). My iPhone 4 and 5 both get hotter than my iPad 3, although not enough so to be an issue. I am extremely happy how easily it and my iPhone 5 (my iPhone 4 not so much) can handle my 150+ jailbreak tweaks. Yeah, it does take a decent amount of time to charge, almost comically so, but it’s nothing that an overnight charge can handle.

      • I sold my ipad for the mini about 2 months ago, and am very happy with the decision. the reduced size/weight are the biggest improvements IMO. Seeing as there’s no reduction in screen real estate (ie, the big ipad doesn’t offer more room, just bigger icons etc), it’s the “perfect” tablet, especially for $170 less.

      • Aluka

        well ya but ipad mini is portable ipad plus iphone

  • Guest

    Target offering 16GB third-gen iPad for $99

  • haitham

    if Target offering 16GB third-gen iPad for $99 i will get one lol

  • Tim Tilberg

    Still $399.99 in Duluth, MN as of 8 pm Central… 🙁

    • cnoTe4

      Show them the add online. They’ll adjust the price for you.

  • crazy if you ask me. Not too long ago $300 got you a 20GB ipod with a grey-scale screen. The progress of tech is truly amazing.

  • Cyndi

    I can’t find any stores that are offering it – all the ones that list it as being in stock claim that they haven’t had the 3rd gen in months. Called the online help desk and the lady was 100% no help!

  • angel

    I want that I pad!!!!!!
    no one else can take it