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As we’ve mentioned in the past, Flex is basically a Game Genie for the iPhone. While Flex can’t create new content, it can nullify lines of code, override return values, and mess with variable return values. These can be used to prevent jailbreak detection, enable hidden features, hide interface elements in apps, and even, as you may expect, cheat in games.

Flex is a very versatile tool with a near limitless number of potential uses, so today we’re going to highlight 5 general purpose Flex patches for iOS…

1. Videos Always Play In Landscape — SpringBoard

video landscape flex

I don’t know about you, but it annoys me to no end when I load up a video on my iPhone and it shows up letter-boxed on my screen in portrait mode. The Videos Always Play In Landscape patch forces the native video player to play in landscape mode, even if the rotation lock is enabled.

This patch was broken during the update to iOS 6.1, but hopefully we’ll see an update soon from someone who knows what they’re doing (read: Someone who isn’t me).

2. 3D enabler/Navigation Enabled — Maps

flex patch maps

This is a patch for those of us with old iPhones that are supposedly not powerful enough for 3D maps or turn-by-turn navigation. Flex proves this is not the case. It turns out that the turn-by-turn navigation support is enabled just by changing the supportsNavigation override to TRUE. For flyover view, 3D enabler overrides just three calls. Once enabled, both features work great on the old hardware.

3. Mark, Move, Del (All Mails) iOS 6.1 — Mail

flex mail patch

Want to mark all your messages as read, move then to another folder, or delete everything in your inbox? Mark, Move, Del allows access to these features from the edit screen of every mailbox. While this might not seem useful on its own, when paired with the searchbar, it’s great for selecting important email in bulk.

4. Always show timestamp iOS 6.x — Messages

Always show timestamp iOS 6

I know this is an update of the patch John Coates originally used to demo Flex, but I’m scratching my head wondering why this isn’t already a stock option in iOS. Texts are time sensitive, and if you don’t know when something was said, there’s a risk of losing track of whether or not you’re on time. The ‘always show timestamp’ patch labels every text with the time it was received, which should help keep your correspondence sane.

5. Remember Playback Position — Music

remember playback flex

By default, iOS only keeps your playback positions bookmarked in certain media. Remember Playback Position forces the Music player to remember the playback position of all media, including songs. This can be useful if you accidentally skip forward and lose your place in a song; just skip back and keep listening where you left off. This can get a little wonky if you start a playlist of half-finished songs, but it’s an interesting showcase for what the tweak is capable of.

Those are my 5 Flex highlights for general purpose patches, but this is by no means a definitive list. Have any of the patches on Flex impressed you so far? Have you uploaded any yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments.

  • smtp25

    The timestamp in SMS is the sole reason I liked BiteSMS, looks like I won’t need that anymore or the hassles it sometimes gives me

    • biteSMS shows the timestamps on the side though. The way Flex forces them separates each message too much for my liking. Maybe I’m being too picky lol

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Yeah I hate BiteSms. It just sucks

      • mdee4

        What! Why don’t you like BiteSMS? I think BiteSMS is amazing! Aside from bugs here and there.

      • smtp25

        Its the bugs; typing away and the screen disappears on you

      • Kurt

        very buggy

    • The quickreply feature isn’t half bad. Just needs a bit of a design overhaul in my opinion. Themes can only take it so far.

    • MarkThatMessage

  • It would be nice if you could select which iMessage contacts were sent read receipts, instead of it being universal.

    • I agree 100%!

    • adam lompis

      I know it’s a pain, but out of curiosity…if someone you do not care for to read your message, if you turn off the “Send Read Receipts read the message and then turn it back on, will it not stay as unread for the person? I do not have my phone in front of me to check, but i feel like it should work..Sorry if it doesn’t make exact sense what I am saying lol its been a long day.

      • Falk M.

        It makes sense and yes, that would be interesting to know.
        Then again I don’t send read receipts at all, but I would probably consider it if there were means of controlling who gets them. (as an official setting, nothing brewed/hacked or tricked 🙂 )

      • I’m not sure if you knew this, but you can actually send yourself a text message (an iMessage to yourself in fact) so you can check. I sent myself an iMessage (let’s say I was texting someone who thought I was annoying) with the read receipts turned off. After I sent the message to myself, I locked my iPhone, received the iMessage and viewed it. I then went to settings, turned read receipts back on, went back to my messages, viewed the iMessage I had sent to myself and saw that the receipt still said “delivered”, not “read”. I hope this answers your question! But we definitely need more individual customization throughout the whole iOS; in regards to messages it would be extremely useful as I’m in the same boat as you, too!

    • I’m actually working on a tweak that you could consider the Springtomize of the Messages app, and this feature is almost completed.

      • Mr. E

        Would that work with BiteSms? Or only through the messages app?

      • Haven’t tested biteSMS yet, but I’ll be sure to do so.

      • Why is everyone so obsessed over BiteSMS? I tried it for a while, and didn’t really like it since it had issues with Messages+ (Or ISX)… Can’t wait to see your tweak Adam.

  • marTone

    Can someone please make a patch to see music as albums in playlist view? I am dieing for this…

    • Maik

      Have u tried ‘track 8’ app in App Store? Beautiful alternative

      • marTone

        Not yet but I will. Thx

  • You know how the iPod nano has the two finger screen rotation? You should be able to do that on iPhone for things that support landscape, not use a toggle.

    • Get on it Flex or Zephyr 😉

      • Eric Su

        zephyr is great!

    • I could see that being added as a gesture in Activator. It doesn’t sound unrealistic.

  • Anyone else got more awesome patches that they can add to this list?

    • I didn’t want to mention it in the article because I couldn’t test it, but John Coates released a springboard patch for Fullscreen Apps on the iPhone 5. If anyone has experience with it, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

      • Hendo27

        I have been using it for a week now and it works great for me!

      • Unfortunatlely I don’t have an iPhone 5, so I couldn’t test it out…

      • I felt regret for purchasing Flex after the FullForce LOL otherwise I could’ve got free full screen apps for iPhone 5 without having to pay for FullForce 🙁

      • Well, you can do more stuff than that…
        But you could always ask for a refound. It’s now possible in cydia.

      • It works brilliantly. Of course some apps won’t adapt to the extra height as well as others though.

  • eh

  • Rickm_jr

    Could someone please make a patch for the Flex app that groups the patches by app? or make a tweak that allows reordering? Or maybe have a little notification, not push, more like a “what’s new” section? My need for order is killing me ._.
    Or if there is a way and I don’t know, please tell me

    • That’d require new content, so it wouldn’t work in a Flex patch. You’d have to send a request to the developer through Cydia or Twitter.

  • I would love to have a flex tweak that used the countdown timer to stop music playing in Spotify just like it does with Why this can’t be fixed by Spotify is beyond me…

  • LoveTech

    I added a little bit of spice to the SMS time stamps tweak by adding a unit for time stamp text size. I set the value to 9 and it makes the time stamps smaller so that they take up less space in the SMS stream.

  • seba

    it’spossible to use flex to merge all sms and imessages from one contact?.. just to not recieve sms and imessages separatedly!! i have that problem (the cydia app merge it’s not ios 6 compatible yet!!! ( Merge improves Messages by combining all messages by contact instead of by address. Instead of each contact’s phone number or email using its own conversation thread, Merge combines them all together and marks a line to show you which number or email is being used. )

  • Digital HD

    Does anyone know how I can get Flex for free? I have tried from IHR and xsellize but when I try to download a patch, it tells me I must purchase the license. If you reply to me telling me to just buy Flex, then go away because you aren’t helping. Thanks.

    • John Coates is a good guy. If you want to use Flex, just pay for the bloody tweak.

      Keep in mind that if you do pirate it, supposedly you won’t have access to the community database of patches.

      • false… the patches are all over the web and can be installed manually..lolol

      • I’ll repeat what remains true: “John Coates is a good guy. If you want to use Flex, just pay for the bloody tweak.”

        You’re not stealing from a faceless multi-million dollar corporation. You’re taking something a guy, John, made without paying the paltry price for his work. Stealing from a small developer who happily answers questions isn’t something I’d laugh about.

    • Just buy Flex.

  • j0rdan

    flex is the best tweak ever !!!!

    but i think it would be neat if you could post them on cydia for a couple of dollars

  • j0rdan

    or even just post it on cydia

  • Jibon

    How do i make a tweak to sent photos through other apps like whatsapp straight from the camera roll

  • I tried a couple different patches to :Always show timestamp: and none are working for me.. do i have to be using the stock messages app? I used to only use bitesms but using messages+ now bc it doesnt crash a dozen times a day like bitesms but it doesn’t have a timestamp option

  • Lawrence Rubi

    Does anybody know an app for adding attachments to email and/or iMessages in iPhone or ipad

    • Attacher Pro is a great one for iMessages.
      Try anyattach for e-mails.

  • Bman123

    Can someone help me with a game patch for gems in reign of dragons app?