This is interesting, and also a bit surprising that it hasn’t happened before now. Belkin, a popular third-party accessory maker for iPhones and other Apple products, has just announced a new partnership with the LEGO group.

According to the press release, the two companies have signed a multi-year licensing deal to bring a new line of cases to market, inspired by the iconic bricks—the highlight of which is said to be new ‘buildable’ cases…

From Belkin’s press release (via TUAW):

“Belkin, creator of people-inspired consumer technology products, today announced a multi-year licensing partnership with The LEGO Group to create innovative and fun accessories for mobile devices.

Starting in spring 2013, Belkin will launch a variety of smartphone cases incorporating Belkin’s quality product design with LEGO® bricks for a unique “buildable” case experience. Designed for LEGO fans of all ages, the initial product line will focus on iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPod touch, with plans to expand to other platforms over the course of the partnership.

While there’s no mention of actual products, the idea of being able to build your own case is certainly enticing. I do have my reservations though. The few cases I own are very light and thin—something LEGOS aren’t exactly known for.

And believe it or not, there’s actually already LEGO-branded iPhone case on the market, one of them being the Brickcase. It’s essentially just a baseboard that you add LEGOs to. How Belkin’s cases will differ from this, remains to be seen.

What do you think, are ‘buidable’ LEGOs cases a cool idea, or a lame gimmick?

  • Marvin

    …case son the market… ON the market

  • Elijah

    My Favorite Toy with my Favorite Phone?… What could be better. (Charging Lego iPhone case) Lol ;D

    • mindstorm controlled by iphone…

  • Oh. My. God. Oh. My God. This is rad…. but not really practical…. though, my nephew and nieces could totally use it for their iPods.

  • Max

    I have been building stands for my ipad with lego..

  • “Buidable” LEGO?
    Case son?
    I don’t expect an article written in a hurry, especially one written about LEGOs and Phone Cases.
    Get the act together, Cody Lee/iDownloadBlog

  • yup, im totally buying one of these haha

  • Muhammad

    A case made of Legos, just imagine if you accidentally step on your phone

  • Maxwell Evans

    The only downfall is, unless there’s a way to glue the pieces together, if you dropped your phone, the case would shatter.