iH8sn0w has posted a minor update to his popular jailbreak utility sn0wbreeze this weekend, bringing the software to version 2.9.9. The update comes just a few days after 2.9.8 was released, and features a handful of bug fixes.

The Windows-only app includes the new untethered evasi0n jailbreak, which the evad3rs debuted last week, and is capable of hacking all pre-A5 devices on iOS 6.1 (including the Apple TV 2). Full 2.9.9 change log after the fold…

Change log for sn0wbreeze 2.9.9, via iH8sn0w’s blog:

  • Fixed issue with device not showing up in iTunes/xcode.
  • Fixed bug when building iPhone3,2 (iPhone 4 GSM-Rev2) IPSW.
  • Apple TV 2 bug fixes.
  • Now adds evasi0n untether directly to Cydia (for future updates).

Again, this is essentially a maintenance update to help eradicate some of the problems users were having with the previous version. So if you already used the app to jailbreak your device, and things are working fine, you can ignore this.

As usual, you can find the latest version of sn0wbreeze on our Downloads page. If you’re an expert, feel free to dive right in. Otherwise, if you’re looking for help, I imagine it won’t be too long before Jeff comes around with a how-to video.

  • What’s the point of sn0wbreeze again?
    We’ve already got Redsn0w and evasi0n. They make sn0wbreeze obsolete…

    • vigan zdi

      we cant jailbreak IOS 6.1 Apple TV 2 with evasi0n, thats where sn0wbreeze comes in

      • I didn’t know it supported ATV2 on iOS 6.1, it’s hard to find anything on his blog.

    • You can’t hacktivate with evasi0n or redsn0w!! There are still those people out there with locked devices and original SIM cards missing..

      • Oh, I see. Thanks.

      • well I wouldn’t be so sure, as far as I know redsn0w can hacktivate.. 😉

      • Redsn0w can, that’s why Pwnagetool (Mac equivalent of sn0wbreeze) is obsolete. sn0wbreeze is only useful to jailbreak the Apple TV right now.

    • Aaron Shiu

      First of all, sn0wbreeze is more convenient thank redsn0w, second it has less reports of crashes errors

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    Where are the videos?

    • Jeff is the go-to guy for all things video related on this blog, and I think he’s on vacation or something.

  • DavidG

    I wonder if they corrected the errors of ultrasn0w has not been addressed in the iphone 3gs is intala unlocking the baseband but not least in my country do not funsionan.

  • Did we ever get a how to Jailbreak Apple TV2 guide with Sn0wbreeze?

  • alex

    does this bring the evasi0n untethered installed already or you have to install it yourself? the untether package.

  • air naji

    I don’t why any of the devs refuse to JB the atv3. What a bummer ;(

  • Thank you Sn0wbreeze for that iTunes bug fix!!!! 🙂

  • ammar

    I update my Iphone 4 to iOS6 with 1st version of snowbreeze updated for untethered iOS6 support. I unlocked my iphone with ultrasnow but facing signal issues. Dont know the problem. Can somebody confirm, may be the problem was with the snowbreeze?

  • what about iphone 4s 6.1.1 ? does it support

  • louay

    please I need a tethered jailbraik for iphone4 ver 6.1 cause notification not work ! contact

  • what about iOS 6.1.2? does it support

  • Aaron Shiu

    Does Sn0wbreeze support ipad 4th gen ios 6.1.3, cuz a YouTube channel posted a video saying ios 6.13 iPod,ipad,iPhone the channel called iDevice expert 86% likes