iOS Battery Life

Like any software release, the January 28 iOS 6.1 firmware update did fix some known bugs, but also has introduced a new set of issues. Specifically, the update is said to contain a bug that affects your iPhone’s battery life and 3G performance.

The battery inefficiencies could be related to an Exchange bug, clever people at AOL have learnt). Quick searches on the Apple Support Communities forum for iOS 6.1 battery and iOS 6.1 3G clearly prove these issues are more widespread than originally thought. While some people are seeing their iPhone 5 battery life dropping after updating to iOS 6.1, others are bitching about overheating issues.

To make matters worse, Vodafone advised its UK customers against upgrading to iOS 6.1 until Apple fixes 3G hiccups, which include the occasional difficulty in connecting to the network to make or receive calls or texts or connecting to the mobile Internet.

What are you seeing?

Those of you who updated to iOS 6.1, please cast your vote now (multiple choices allowed).

Some of you are wondering why there isn’t an option for none of the above. Easy: you don’t vote unless you’ve experienced the above bugs.

I like to keep things simple.

Some folks on Apple’s support forum suspect something must be running in the background, even after closing all the apps, to cause the battery drain. Indeed, this has been true many times over with Apple’s previous firmware updates.

A bunch of things in iOS could be blamed for the battery performance problem.

There’s no sure way of pinpointing the root of the problem until Apple issues an advisory (or a maintenance update). If you wanted to get down and dirty, you could establish the culprit yourself by disabling all services in Settings and then re-enabling one by one to see which one has an impact on your 3G or battery performance.

Hint: Locations services is always a good place to start.

Join us down in the comments and vent your frustration with iOS 6.1 bugs.

Experiencing other issues not mentioned here? We wanna hear about those, too.

  • My battery drains pretty fast, but I attribute that to the fact that I’m jailbroken, and my Verizon iPad wouldn’t connect to anything but GPRS, but I figured that it was due to a conflict with the new baseband update that came with 6.1 and the CarrierEditor custom baseband I had on it, so I restored it, which fixed that

    • Lordthree

      Are you doing a complete power cycle monthly? You should power cycle on MacBooks monthly too to retain optimal battery life. Drain battery completely, then charge up 100% + one extra hour (after reaching 100%) to ensure the trickle charge gets everything.

      Anytime you firmware update or system update cycle the battery.

      • I heavily use all my devices.. I do that almost daily

  • 4s untethered JB 6.1 no problems at all.

  • I have a feeling this may be from some of the tweaks downloaded from Cydia on jailbroken devices ***as someone has already stated, I know***. That’s why I’ve made sure to download only the best reviewed and most essential tweaks when I jailbroke my iPhone 5. Maybe restoring the software is in order for some people? We shall see how it plays out.

  • Rodney Coleman

    This is all in the UK… Nothing here in the USA… Iphone is meant for LTE no bs 3G

  • Overheating and battery drain. So frustrating.

  • Guest

    no issues so far

  • Alexunder Sevas

    No problems at all on both of my 3GS Phones on 6.1. Even if I’m running
    tons of tweaks!!! I might say i have even better battery life from my
    previous (6.0.1) iOS.

  • batongxue

    No problemo!

  • Jackdawak

    Anybody else still having weather app issues even after downloading all those updates?

  • I voted just to see the results…

  • Get over it , christian is a nice dude. I sometimes miss those words in the article and hence i visit IDB and now engadget .. Seriously leave him alone. We are all humans.

    • I mean most of us are adults here, can’t hear the word ‘bitching’? OMG! I am telling my mommy. STFU. Nobody cares. have you ever read GIZMODO? This is a Tech blog, but come on its not some conservative website. Grow up people who really cares. Unless your the one bitching I don’t see why or how it offends you.

      • John156

        I don’t think you understand what professionalism in writing for a tech blog means. Most of us are adults here? Really I thought you were all kids including you. Can’t hear the word “bitching”? Do you mean reading? Grow up people who really cares. Are you for real?

  • Eldaria

    Don’t have any issue on iPhone 3GS. But my iPad 3 3G is having seriously reduced battery life since update to 6.1. Not sure if this is due to 6.1 or Jailbreak. I did both pretty much simultainiously.

  • i experience 3-5% battery drain over night. :O with my iPhone 4 i had no battery drain in that time :/

  • I upgraded my iPhone5 to 6.1 and battery performance is much better

  • Blindbat14

    I have no problem

  • Bob

    Thumbs up if you think Christian shouldn’t be allowed to write anymore articles on iDB.

  • O Al Marar

    Hello , we r in 2013. Wake up apple

    2013 and apple still have bugs and issues on most update


    Big company and baaad software updates

    That enough

  • Bhanu Wijetilake

    I found a major bug if you guys who have the battery drain problem get SBSetings and check the little bar which says free memory. You’ll see that when the battery is draining the memory consumption is high and closing apps wont do much good but a respring or a reboot works temporally… Thumbs up if you seem to have the same problem… (IOS6.1- iphone 4GSM)

  • Learnt?? Last I checked it was learned.

  • mafish

    Actually ios 6.1 improved my battery, 3g perfomance is the same as on ios 5 and right now i have no overheating issues on my iphone 4s

  • iPhone 5, 100% this morning at work, made two phones and sent two sms, leave work 7 hours later and battery is now 54%…. :s

  • Tyler Miranda

    I started noticing on friday that something was up. I took my phone off charger at 2pm at 100%. With only light use it was at 20% by 6:30. The next day i took my phone off charger at 11am at 100% and it was at 36% by 3 pm. I deleted my Exchange account last night and re-added it this morning. It is doing much better today.

  • my iphone 5 is 1000% perfect in all regards..