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On Wednesday, Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 6.1.1 to developers. It came just a few days after evasi0n was released to the public, so it was widely assumed that it had something to do with patching the new jailbreak.

Pod2g has since squashed the theory, at least for now, reporting that the beta doesn’t mess with any of their exploits. But as it turns out, it wouldn’t matter if it did, because the evad3rs still have several of them in reserve…

Forbes reports:

“The team of hackers that calls themselves the evad3rs say they actually had a full exploit capable of removing all the security restrictions on iOS 6.1 devices working more than a month ago, but chose not to release it until they could replace many of the components of the hack with less valuable exploits, reserving the more powerful techniques for future projects.”

When it was all said and done, David Wang (aka planetbeing) says that the evad3rs were able to swap out all of their major exploits with lower-value hacks—except for one bug used to execute code in the iOS device kernel.

Wang says that while the exploits it has in reserve don’t necessarily add up to a jailbreak, he feels confident that with more research, they’ll be able to hack the next version of iOS—something folks have become skeptical about.

“Even if we could only find another one or two more [bugs], we’d still have at least one more jailbreak left in us,” planetbeing tells Forbes’ Andy Greenberg. “It’s getting harder. But there are still a lot of vulnerabilities left.”

Earlier today, it was announced that that the current jailbreak has already been used on more than 7 million devices since it was released on Monday.

  • Easily the most lucrative financial jailbreak ever. They made a truckload from this one. Pre and post JB

    • The thing is they don’t do this for money. Besides, there might have been 7 million installs but most people don’t donate. I’d be willing to bet my shirt that 99.99% of people don’t donate. As for ads displayed on their site, let’s be realistic, who clicks on those ads? Bottomline is, yes, they made money from the jailbreak, but they don’t release jailbreak for money and the amount generated is likely much lower than you’d expect.

      • Gray

        99.99% is a bit much. I’d say perhaps 75%, maybe upwards of 85% of people probably don’t donate — either for lack of money, monetary conversion issues, or simply a lack of desire to donate.

        Also, a lot of ads don’t need to be clicked to generate revenue. They will earn more that way, but I’ve run ads even on Tumblr blogs that generated a couple dollars worth of revenue just from people browsing and reading posts.

      • You know as well as i do that page hits count too.

        They made a truckload. I’m cool with it, but it was done in such a way to maximize income. That’s capitalism for you. I have no problem with it

      • batongxue

        Stop using the word truckload!
        And you do have problems with that. Because you are not getting the donation as well as the gift.

    • luckyarcher

      What is wrong if they deserve to make some money? Did you pitch in anything other than this useless comment?

      • Nope. I downloaded and JB for free. The way it’s “intended” to be. And no, I don’t have a problem with it. But I also won’t ignore facts either

      • luckyarcher

        Go look up what intention means. It has and always will be free. My question still remains unanswered. Why do you have a stick up your ass when they give it away for free and do not force you to donate?

      • What stick up my ass? Fucking makes no sense. All I’m doing is outlining fact. They made good money on this one. What’s the problem here? You are making more of it by trying to bait me in

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      If they did, they deserves every bit of it and more… They worked tirelessly for the jailbreak community.. they deserve the financial support..

    • Someone was disappointed 😛

  • Good to know!

  • AltF5

    Apple #pwned 4 life *hopefully* 😛

  • Blaqheart

    Your move Apple…

  • Still need a bootrom hole and only one person finds them..

  • sambuzzlight

    alright now i can wait for iphone 5s and not rush and buy iphone 5 with pre installed ios 6.1

  • Gray

    The good thing is that even though some exploits may be burned off in the future, more exploits could also arise. The bootrom may not change too much, but when they overhaul the OS with new features and changes, they may not close everything up entirely and hackers will find a few holes to work through. It’s not an easy task, but if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it. And that’s exactly what these guys did.

    Jailbreaking will never simply die off. It’s just a matter of finding the exploits you need, and putting it all together. I lose hope in people when people start losing hope in jailbreaking.

  • Yes, the evad3rs made money from the exploits they found. SO WHAT?!! After I successfully applied the jailbreak to my iPhone 5, I immediately donated a nominal $25 bucks. Most people do not donate even $1 dollar but for the ones that appreciate the extremely hard work of the evad3rs team, they donate what they can. If they made everyone pay for the jailbreak, I would pay for it. I love to have the option to customize anything I want to on my iPhone. Thank you evad3rs for the evasi0n jailbreak!

    • 7 million folks so i am sure at lease 10000 will donate..

      • Ernie Marin

        i’m unemployed but I donated just because I know they actually have jobs and still take the time to do this.

    • Jimothy

      It may not be a matter of “do not pay”. It could be possible that they can’t afford to donate even one dollar.

      • f1ght3r

        If they have a phone, I’m sure they can afford to donate at least one dollar.

      • What if it’s a kid who got his phone (or iPod touch) as a Christmas gift?

      • Well you know what, as a kid there were lots of things I wanted. But alas, I didn’t have the money and as such I didn’t get them. THAT’S LIFE. You don’t have the money? You don’t get the product.

      • I have an iPhone 4, I got it from my dad. At the moment I don’t have any money. But I still used their tool to jailbreak my iPhone.

      • who can’t afford $1 dollar?

    • Hell yeah, a $25 donation was promptly sent from me too. Used the jailbreak on my iPhone 4, iPad 2 and iPad 3. I have no problem paying someone for their hard work when I benefit so much from it.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Ya, I figured as much.

  • smtp25

    Whats wrong with them making money off of it? Supply & Demand: You want they have it – BUT They don’t even force you to pay – if they earn revenue of ads whats the harm its not costing you anything

    Why is everyone one so petty about them making a buck – they don’t deserve any reward? Just complaints about a stupid weather appp – People whinging about a buggy JailBreak – Don’t like it don’t use it but at least have the common decency if your using their JB to show some respect/appreciation

    • I think it should be left to donations.
      I mean lets take a look at unlocking phones people starting charging for it and they were able to pass a law to make it illegal.

      Right now jail breaking is not illegal and I believe that is because no one has made it a business yet.

      Lets not give another reason for Apple to try and make jail breaking illegal.

      • Ernie Marin

        that’s not entirely true, since there are stores that freely promote jailbreak service for a cost, I personally know of one that charges $20 bucks, and like the evasion team themselves, they also don’t guarantee the jailbreak will work 100%.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    iOS 7…. 🙂

  • Nick Darpino

    Any word on the Apple TV2 or TV3 6.1 jailbreak?

    • my Apple TV 2g is still jailbroken on 5.1.1 I see no reason to update it. XBMC is the shiznit staying put the only feature I use is Airplay anyways. I dont buy damn movies off of iTunes. I can access my file server from within XBMC which you can get on iPad too btw. Icefilms used to be the shit before they shut down MEGAUPLOAD.

  • there is always the “we have tricks on our sleeves” chat, and then when the next firmware comes two things may happen:
    1. the same old exploit still works, and a jailbreak is released in days
    2. the old exploit is patched, and we wait months for the next jb

  • Alvin Ma

    i remember in last JB they said the same thing….yet we waited months…not big deal though, but the trick isn’t that useful…..

  • This is great news love hearing this! 🙂

  • Can those replaced components jailbreak the Apple TV 3?

    • Jimothy

      Doubt it. Musclenerd doesn’t seem to have much to say about an ATV 3 Jailbreak.

      • Thanks for your reply. I hope those exploits can jailbreak the ATV.
        Many people need an ATV3 jailbreak.

      • Jimothy

        Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  • batongxue

    No OS can be perfect without vulnerabilities!

    Because they are programmed by human beings.
    Unfortunately for APPLE, the evad3rs are GOD-LIKE!

  • Ernie Marin

    I’m beginning to think Apple is letting those vulnerabilities in on purpose, now apple knows it has at least 7 million sure costumers that i’ll probably stick with their devices for at least another year, add to that the cellphone providers that bill a minimum of $50 a month, it’s probably the best scheme in history, playing the fool when it’s actually a well orchestrated plan.

  • I think people are now waiting for unlocks 😀 everyone is using a very expensive ipod (including me)

  • Rodney Coleman

    Keep showing they will patch it. If not they won’t care anymore. Whole point of a iphone is the cydia and the beauty of the phone. Apple already gave warnings out about it as if they’re saying due it but hey some functions will stop. So it’s all good. They may not patch it

  • Me

    hey i’m not trying to say bad stuff but i’m just wondering:

    apparently there are only a few people (hackers) who are very good at hacking, finding exploits, to jailbreak, so what if these people didn’t exist, or what if they die, then who’s gonna jailbreak? (at least for now)

    again i’m not tryna say bad stuff or wish them to die lol, i’m just wondering, it’s like saying what if there was no steve jobs, who would made the first smartphone, or if there was no google search,…

  • One thing that we can be sure of, no matter how many patches apple developers make against crackers, someone will always be able to bypass them.