ultrasn0w 1.2.8

Between the rise of third party vendors and the recent change in DMCA policy, the need for iPhone software unlocks is steadily dwindling. But that doesn’t mean that the method is obsolete, as there are still many people out there with older iPhones.

And if you happen to be one of those people, you’ll be happy to know that MuscleNerd has confirmed that Ultrasn0w was quietly updated this week to support iOS 6.1. So if you’re on an eligible device and baseband, you can unlock on the new firmware…

As MuscleNerd says, Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 works with 6.1 and is already out in Cydia. You just need make sure that you have either: an iPhone 4 on baseband 01.59.00, or an iPhone 3G/3GS on basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07,, 05.13.04 or 06.15.00.

Remember you can check your iPhone’s baseband by opening Settings > General > About > Modem Firmware.

If you’re on one of these firmwares, you’ll have to make sure that you don’t update your baseband when you update to iOS 6.1. To do this, you can use RedSn0w, just open the app and click Extras > Even More > Restore and choose not to upgrade BB.

If you need help with this, click here for our step-by-step video tutorial on the process. It’s older, but should still work.

Now if you really want to make your life easier, we can only suggest using an official factory unlock such as ChronicUnlocks.

Any questions?

  • John Foo

    If I had an iPhone 4, why would I be running iOS 6.x?

    • You’d be surprised how smooth it is. Jailbreak, delete unnecessary management launchdaemons, and you’ve got a really good and stable firmware to run.

      • I have iPhone 4 32GB and running iOS 6.1 – very good device and I don’t even think to change it at the moment… btw I have one iPhone 4 with iOS 6.1 but is locked to Orange UK… as far as I remember there was some trick to install iPad baseband and RedSn0w… there is any possibility to downgrade BB 04.12.05 to BB 01.59.00 so I can use ultrasn0w ? thanks for any help in advance 😉

      • iPhone 4 can’t be downgraded. iPad baseband (06.15.00) is on iPhone 3GS. No solution for 4.12.05 bb.

      • I have iPhone 3GS on baseband 06.15.00; do I need to preserve the baseband? Will an upgrade to iOS6.1 upgrade baseband from 06.15.00? Please help.

      • i would :
        downgrade the 06.15 bb using Redsn0w
        than update to ios 6.1 while preserving the bb

      • why do I need to downgrade from 06.15….? why can not I just update iOS 6.1 with preserving the baseband.

      • You can now downgrade the iPad baseband to a iPhone baseband that ultra snow works with..by doing that you get back a baseband that should be on the 3GS..the iPad one doesn’t work properly on the 3gs..if it was me I’ll do it..

      • Yes, if you upgrade to ios 6.1 – baseband will be upgraded. You need to create custom ios 6.1 ipsw to update your phone withaut baseband upgrade.

        Good luck!

      • thanks for your message. I checked and found that latest version of Redsn0w does not make custom ipsw of iOS 6.1. It is not compatible with iOS6.1. Can you please help me what I should do?

      • Hi,
        Can you please reply back on my query?

      • What ever you do do not update in iTunes with that baseband .. You need to make a custom IPSW with the iPad baseband and install that ..

      • stuck

        Hi, I have an iphone 4, v6.1.3, bb 4.12.05 with Bell (worst scenario, I know). ChronicUnlocks does not even offer unlock for Bell.

        Any suggestions on a reliable unlock site or service?

        Much appreciated.

      • Go to eBay for cheap unlock service.

      • Can you detail what you mean by “management launchdaemons”? I’m interested in doing that to smooth out the 6.1 iPhone 4 experience.

      • Disabled most of them, still a bit slow, but manageable (iPod Touch 4). I don’t have any themes or heavy tweaks.

      • use fakeclockup makes your iphone run faster in a good way

    • seyss

      You wouldnt cuz you are a retard

    • claudia

      What would you rather be running?

      • officialimeiunlock

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    • Nicolas Anderson

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  • zik

    I want to unlock my iphone 4s ios 6.1 baseband 3.4.01 jailbroken. please help me!! Thanks.

    • Ultrasn0w doesn’t support this baseband. You can use gevey ultra s, R-sim, X-sim or factory unlock.

      • zik


  • got an iPhone 3GS running IOS 6.1 and it’s hella smooth
    i believe the 3GS is the king of iPhones 😀

  • seyss

    I have 2 iPhone 4’s in this situation.. Thanks Musclenerd

  • Fisi

    any news about this baseband 01.59.00 iphone 4 ios 6.1 , ultrasnow 1.2.8 not working

    • normz

      i have iphone 4 io 6.1 bb 1.59.00 and ultrasnow 1.2.8 is also not working

      • Same here. I have an iphone 4 io 6.1 bb 1.59.00 with ultrasn0w 1.2.8 and Ultrasn0w Fixer for 6.1. Not working.

      • bb

        same here iphone 4 ios 6.1 bb 01.59.00

        no signal

      • remove fixer and it should work had the same problem

      • haridsv

        What do you mean? Remove Ultrasn0w Fixer once it is installed and it does its thing?

      • Jaspreet Singh

        i have iPhone 4 16gb. version 6.1.3 (10B329) from uk . But i am use in India. i want this phone factory unlock . Please Sir you help me. You send me factory unlock. my id is Jass.1947@yahoo.com very thanks

      • Bobby Telesmanich

        hey Im in croatia now and trying to unlock my iphone 4. I`ve been watching youtube and some of it is bullshit. can you help me. my email is Croatian70@yahoo.com.

    • I would say that it’s not Ultrasnow that’s now working, but rather the 1.59.00 baseband with ios 6.1 on the iphone 4.
      I’ve recently IMEI unlocked my old iphone 4 and upgraded it to 6.1 while perserving the 1.59.00 baseband and have ran into the same issue that you have described. And there was no Cydia there, no Ultrasnow.
      Just thought I’ll let you know…

      • seyss

        I think you’ve just answered this enigma… everybody I know that has the combination iOS 6.1 + BB 1.59 + ultrasn0w 1.2.8 is having 1bar/no signal, including my 2 iPhones 4…

        musclenerd did not say anything yet about this issue

        there are tons of people on jailbreakqa complaining

      • dorey69

        wish i knew how to do my 4s for the imei unlock, 🙁 dorey69@hotmail.co.uk

      • Jaspreet Singh

        i have iPhone 4 16gb. version 6.1.3 (10B329) from uk . But i am use in India. i want this phone factory unlock . Please Sir you help me. You send me factory unlock. my id is Jass.1947@yahoo.com very thanks

  • greg

    my iphone 4 32gb with IMEI- 012430008019643 can u help me know the carrier im locked to? and how much it will cost for factory unlock..tnx in advance for reply..more power unlockboot!

    • Best idea is to find an unlock service on eBay. That’s how I unlocked an iPhone 4. Before you buy the unlock, check the reviews.

      To reduce hassle, here is my recommendation: If the reviews are good, typically the unlockers will ask you to send the IMEI number along with the checkout. It will be either before you start processing payment, or after when it will tell you to confirm it.

      When I was buying the unlock, they told me that I should send them an message with paypal – WRONG. There is no way you can send it with paypal. It’s with eBay. There will be a “send message” button before or after the transaction.

    • mo

      IMEI : 012430008019643
      Part Description : IPHONE 4 32GB BLACK
      Product Version : 6.0.1
      Coverage Status : Out of Warranty
      Carrier : SK Telecom – Korea, Repub
      Lock Status : Locked

  • Hi bro, i wanna unlock my iPhone. Does myimeiunlock dot com is legit?
    Can u give me advice? Thx :*

  • can we expecting unlock for 2.0.10 Ip4s

  • Ultrasnow will not be updated to surport any other baseband now.. There is no need all newer iPhones are now on most carriers.. Get the phone on the carrier you are going to use it on.. Or just get a unlocked device..

    • Yeah, if people have had locked phones, they should’ve been cautious enough to not update BB. I am running 3GS with 05.13.04 for like 5th year, updating today from 5.1.1 to 6.1

      • Welcome to 6.1…

      • claudia

        Well good for you. I have been cautious enough to never update my baseband 01.59.00 since firmware 4.1 so if ultrasnow doesn’t unlock the iphone4 when upgrading to 6.1 don’t say its our fault.

    • claudia

      What about original basebands like 01.59.00 when custom upgraded to 6.1?

  • Rob Matthews

    What if I have an iPhone 4S? May be heading to Australia soon and I want to buy a pre-paid SIM or whatever is available while I’m there.

  • Morbo

    I have an iphone 3gs ISO 6.1 BB 6.15 and the ultrasn0w will not work, any help?

    • Install iPad baseband, if it is possible with iOS 6.

      • Guest

        no puedo hacer downgrade :/, no tengo los SHSH

      • Morbo

        I can not do downgrade :/, I have the SHSH

      • no need to downgrade 6.1 no jailbrake & ultrasn0w update to it so ?????

    • Bob

      Same issue. Ultrasnow doesnt work on old 3gs BB 6.15.

    • Just Downgrade to 05.13.04 from 06.15.00. used redsn0w

      more help just go to YouTube 😉

      • Jason Chikowski

        I’ve done the same thing. Ultrasn0w didn’t work on my 3gs with iOS 6.1 BB 6.15.00 until I downgraded to the 05.13.04 base band with redsn0w 0.9.14b1.

      • anon

        please explain how you managed to do that? im getting a ERROR! perform a clean swipe to power off error

      • Bob

        Restore to factory using itunes and then use redsn0w. Reflash 1st and then jb it.

    • cani canii

      you need to downgrade to 05.13.04 need to have 6.0 ipsw

  • disqus_WIHR5YeQYW

    don’t lie redsnow not support iso 6.1

  • Jessica

    Hi… my iPhone 3GS with firmware 6.1 and baseband 05.13.04 isn’t working with ultrasn0w 1.2.8..

    any suggestions?

    • Bob

      It works on mine (old 3gs). Try reflashing it and rebooting it. I used redsn0w.

      • Guest

        So that would be “downgrade from Baseband” in redsn0w? Which IPSW do I point to?

  • no service issue even after adding ultrasn0w 1.2.8 via cydia. my iphone 3gs 06.15.00 old BR. i jaibreak it using snowbreeze. im stuck for 3 days with no service issue. it seem like my iphone didn’t read my sim.

    • Bob

      I have the same problem!

      • now my iphone screen appear to be blank only. hmmm. someone please help. i tried to restore it in itunes but now the screen appear to be white.

      • Bob

        Don’t use snowbreeze.
        I got mine working. Restore with itunes to factory setting. Use redsn0w to reflash to lower BB. Then jailbreak after that. Cannot do both at the same time. Finally, use ultrasn0w to unlock.

      • you already unlock your iphone? using ultrasnow?
        sadly my iphone cant restore now in itunes. it stuck on waiting iphone. the screen appear to be white and sometimes yellow.

        help me 🙁

  • If you have an iPhone 4 with bb 1.59.00, is very probable that you can ask ATT for its unlocking codes for it already(to make it factory unlocked).

  • Frederick Aujero

    iphone 4, BB 1.59 ios 6.1 ultrasn0w 1.2.8 = doesn’t work! =c

  • Marcus Maldonado

    Does anybody successfully JB an 3gs on the right BB?

    • Bob

      Not me =[
      Mine can’t connect to service, that’s all….

      • Mr. Dumb

        Update your status mate. I want to make sure its working before messing with my 3gs running nicely at 4.1 🙁

      • Bob

        I’ll let you know if I can get mine working. -_-;

        I think it’s just a matter of time until they find a fix.

      • Mr. Dumb

        Hope it happens sooner for you. Cheers!

      • Bob

        Mine works. =]
        1) Use itune to restore to factory.
        2) Use the new redsn0w to downgrade BB
        3) Use redsnow again to JB it & install cydia. (can’t downgrade & jb at same time!)
        4) install ultrasnow and you got a working phone.
        5) Enjoy! 🙂
        Running 6.1 on 5.13.04 BB for my old 3gs.

      • buddy, I have iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.2.1 on basesband 06.15.00. Can you please give me the steps in details to explain how to move to iOS 6.1 with successfully unlocking device.? You can put link to youtube videos for a particular step.

      • Bob

        Update it to the new ios using itunes and start at step #2. I can’t be any more clear in my instructions. If you don’t understand my instructions, then you might want to have read the instructions provided by the developers or have it professionally done.

      • Mr. Dumb

        Cheers mate! I am gonna do the same now 🙂

      • redsnow didn’t support 6.1, I had tried several time , how can I downgrade my 05.16.08 BB?? Please help

      • Bob

        Redsn0w does support it. Read the instructions how do it!

  • Michael Knutti

    Did the Unlock work for anybody with Iphone4 on bb 01.59.00?? or does it just not work? waiting for a solution that will work..

  • Are we sure that this unlock will work on iPhone 3GS on iOS 6.1 with baseband 06.15.00? I am so confused with the comments below. Not sure if I should go ahead with this.

    • Bob

      Don’t do it until they can fix the issue.

  • Mr. Dumb

    Anyone please confirm whether iPhone 3gs with base band 06.15.00 can be restored to custom IPSW 6.1 using redsnow, jailbroken using evasion and then unlocked with ultrasnow? Please conform cause the comments below are not very conforming 🙁

    • Just downgrade the iPad baseband to the 3GS baseband that ultra snow works with.. Then make a custom IPSW with that new baseband…use red snow .. If you not sure just YouTube it ..

      • Mr. Dumb

        So downgrading will solve it? People are complaining with other BBs too, so?

      • Ok ..but why are you still on the iPad baseband.. You could of downgraded that months ago ..

  • Hi there. I have an iphone 4 with ios 6.1 and baseband 04.12.05 and i´m looking for a way to downgrade it to 01.59.00. The problem is that i don´t have the SHSH…. anyone can help me? Thanks!

    • Shsh’s will not help you downgrade a baseband.. You need to ask the carrier the phone is with to unlock it from there network

  • haridsv

    Cody, please update us when UltraSn0w is updated to work with BB 1.59.00 and iOS 6.1 on iPhone4. I waited this long for the JB to be available, and now seeing all these reports on the non working unlock, I will have to wait longer.

    Unfortunately AT&T keeps denying my requests to unlock, even though I fax them the online receipt I received for ordering the upgrade. I upgraded more than 2.5years ago, so not sure what they find objectionable. Anyway to find out?

  • agolak

    my iphone 3gs the same also after i did jailbreak evasion after searching no service cant install also ultrasnow error mismatch. before jailbreak tethered redsnow 6.0 all working except not untethered.

  • Nomzy

    I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1 and BB 04.12.05. I was wondering if there will be any unlock out for this soon? Please let me know thanks

  • Kalvin

    If i have a iphone 4 on verizon and do the ultrasnow unlock, will it work with att? Because i thought the 4 on verizon didnt have a sim

  • john

    i have iphone 3g io 6.1 bb 06.15.00 and ultrasnow 1.2.8 is also not working

  • Derrick Lewis

    Well I am going to bust hell wide open with what I am going to tell you I read this article and I just flash a Iphone Verizon 4, with 6.1 only problem is that it’s 3g working 100% but only I can not turn if off without rebooting, the jailbreak with Evasi0n does not work with my flashing technique so I have to take it how I can get it. until I learn another way I got to go with the flow of things..

    Thanks for writing this because I have been stuck with this phone for about 3 weeks trying to solve this problem and finally it’s done. Everything working!

  • john

    my iPhone 3GS with firmware 6.1 and baseband 06.15.00. isn’t working with ultrasn0w 1.2.8..

    • Bob

      Downgrade the BB

  • Habibi

    evasi0n work in iphone 3GS for untethered but the only problem is NO SERVICE useless. i did restore to itunes put back redsnow 6.0 again after it works my iphone 3GS 6.1 BB 6.15.00

    • Same here. No service with the last ultrasn0w

  • bob

    hi there, what if i have modem firmware 04.12.05? can i still unlock my iphone?

    • I’m afraid that you are in the same situation as I’m .. only Factory Unlock for us and i wish you have some cheap carrier to unlock… I have Orange UK which is very expensive 🙁

  • What iphone 3GS user need is that ultrasnow will support baseband 05.16.08… I got a 32 gig 3GS but I can’t use it…

    • You can use it, downgrade 3GS to 4.1, no SHSH required… Update to iPad baseband with redsn0w 13dev2, downgrade baseband to 05.13.04 using redsn0w 14b, use sn0wbreeze 2.9.9 to create ios 6.1 firmware including SHSH from tinyumbrella, DFU and update to it from iTunes, install ultrasn0w from cydia, unlocked worldwide…

  • PSX

    When can we expect an unlock for iPhone5?

  • mahdi amgsm

    hi… my iphon 3gs & old baseband 6.15 bat .. No servis … help me…tanks

    • gilbert

      have had this same problem..well the best way is to find the video tutorials to downgrade bb to 05.13.04..then u gud to go..after jailbreak…install ultrasnow 1.2.8 and u shld be happy..dont use ultrasnow fixer…that was creating m,y problem…and as to restore from iTunes i suggest u dont from a backup..but a new phone and set the syn later to get back ur stuff..dont forget appsync…

  • i have iphone 3gs 6.1 and baseband 6.15.00 but its nt working…
    any help???

    • Habibi

      It wont work u need to restore back from itunes JB to redsnow for 6.0. I had the same issue no service. Especially locked phone

  • heodon

    Can I hacktivate 4s on 6.0 ? someone please

  • Gwanted

    Is there any news about unlock 4s 6.x ?

  • Jay

    Does 05.16.08 work?

  • Jl

    FIrmware 04.12.05?????

  • If my baseband is not that of the iphone 4, am I screwed forever on being able to unlock it?

  • Amar Cakic

    is there anyway to unlock 04.10.01 beside gevey?? please help!

  • agogo and kofi

    if u are using iphone 3gs bb 06.15 and u are experiencing problems with the network u just have to uninstall ultrasnower fixer and it will work

  • Habibi

    Hello guys the solution of No Service in your iphone is SAMPrefs my iphone 3GS 6.1 BB 6.15.00 is now working and untethered Evasi0n

    • Downgrade your BB to 05.13.04

      • Habibi

        Thanks but already working BB 6.15

  • haridsv

    OK, I broke down and decided to do a 3rd party factory unlock by paying $3 and I now feel free(er), with one less worry for future updates.

  • Can you unlock baseband 5.16.08? Version 6.1. ultrasn0w 1.2.8 doesn’t seem to be working and that baseband is not listed in the tooltip. iphone 3gs, old BR.

  • AB

    So is it possible to unlock the 4s…I am on the 3.4.01, I am not sure if I have to downgrade this or not.

  • AB

    So is it possible to unlock the 4s…I am on the 3.4.01, I am not sure if I have to downgrade this or not.

  • palevedem

    My iPhone 3GS kept turning on and off by itself so I had to restore it to iOS 6.1. I jailbroke it and installed Ultrasn0w fixer and Ultrasn0w but it didn’t unlock my phone.

    Then I found it that I was on BB 06.15.00 so I downgraded my firmware to iOS 4.1 and downgraded BB to 05.13.04. At that point ultrasn0w was working fine and unlocked my phone.

    Then I restored my phone onto iOS 6.1 in redsn0w and jailbroke it. Once again I installed ultrasn0w fixer and ultrasn0w in Cydia but my iPhone is still not unlocked.

    I disabled 3G and restarted my phone several times. I run out of ideas now.
    Can anyone please help me?

    • You dont have install ultrasnowfixer. Just jailbreak you 3GS on iOS 6.1 bb 05.13.05 and install ultrasn0w. That’s it. It will be unlocked.

  • Andrés Ceciliano

    tengo un iphone 5 ios 6.0 … como lo puedo desbloquear(liberar) ya tengo el jailbreak

  • I down graded my 3GS from 6.1 to 4.3.3 then down graded the base band to 5.13.4 then up graded to 6.1.1 with sn0wbreeze then unlocked with ultrasn0w it works well but the Internet seems slow and seems to drop out when the phone still shows 3G signal . It’s still usable anyone else found this.

  • kevin

    does it work with iphone 4S 6.0.1?

    • No it supports only iPhone 3GS and 4. You should go for factory unlock for iPhone 4S