CiccareseDesign iPad 5 size comparison (image 002)

If the rumors pan out, the fifth-generation iPad should have an all-new design that borrows heavily from the iPad mini, down to the skinnier side bezels, a thin-film touchscreen tech and a much thinner profile. Based on a purportedly leaked iPad 5 backplate, MacRumors has commissioned graphics artists over at CiccareseDesign to create a nice batch of renders depicting how the device should stack up against the iPad 4, iPad mini and the iPhone 5 in terms of the size and industrial design…

According to MacRumors, the designers worked on the renders based on the leaked iPad shell, which was shown alongside an iPad mini enclosure.

“We believe the relative sizes shown in the following images offer an accurate view of how the upcoming iPad 5 will compare in size”, the blog wrote.

The image top of post represents an iPad 5 next to a mini.

And here it is on top of an iPad 4.

CiccareseDesign iPad 5 size comparison (image 003)

Notice the slightly narrower appearance and the much skinnier side bezels. If the Japanese blog Macotakara is right, the iPad 5 should be 4 mm shorter, 17 mm narrower and 2mm thinner compared to the iPad 4.

Another one: iPad 5 vs iPad mini vs iPhone 5.

CiccareseDesign iPad 5 size comparison (image 001)

Below is the current-generation iPad 4 next to a rumored iPad 5 and an iPad mini. Clearly the upcoming iPad is poised for some design changes in order to fit the look of the iPad mini.

CiccareseDesign iPad 5 size comparison (image 004)

Most rumors point to the fifth-generation iPad adopting the iPad mini’s anodized aluminum shell with its chamfered edges.

CiccareseDesign is behind some of the finest mockups we’ve seen in the Apple rumor biz, including this beautiful iPod nano-like iPhone concept, iPad mini renders and more.

The renders look just about right, don’t you think?

  • I hope that black Macbooks comes next.

    • That will be a really ugly one

    • everyone will rush to get but if they are painted cheaply like the iphone 5 i will stick to

  • Once the Mini gets the retina screen i’m switching from the Standard size iPad to the mini. The size of the mini is perfect!

    • Luizmazutti


    • Ernie Marin

      they’ll probably discontinue the standard ipad and just keep the iphone 5 at 4″ and the ipad at 7.5″, and probably give phone capability to the ipad.

    • Jeffrey Jue

      It is apparent that you have never tried to read sheet music before. Some orchestra scores are bad enough on an iPad 2 compared to printed scores, but even with the enhanced resolution, reading an orchestra score on an Retina iPad mini at any normal reading distance will end up being too small.

      • The ipad mini wasn’t made to read sheet music from..that’s up to you.. By saying that your saying they carn’t gave a iPad mini because you can read sheet music from it .. Do they read sheet music do they need to read sheet music ? Have you asked them ?
        P.s.retina or none retina ipad mini.. Do they need to read sheet music you do..

      • just be glad you will soon have 2 great choices

      • That you carn’t read short music from..oh we’ll ..good job I don’t need to read sheet music from it then…lol.

      • Thomas Gehman

        Yeah. If you want to read sheet music, get a Kindle!

    • i wont…

  • RarestName

    The bezel’s too thin in my opinion. Yes, it has finger rejection, but who likes to stick their thumb into the screen while using it?

  • I’m not sure I like it. The Bezels are too thin for something that big. If it does look like that I’ll be getting to the iPad mini once it gets a retina display and better specs.

    But the is just mockup. I remember seeing iPad mini mockups and the bezels were thicker than the actual thing, so maybe it’ll be the same here where it’s actually thicker.

  • Will the iPad 5 have a 16:9 aspect ratio?

    • Mohammed Sahib


  • I hope Apple stil has the innovation mojo to come up with something better than just another “5-inch” smartphone. I have faith in them still.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    According to many reviews I saw finger rejection with mini does not always works perfectly.. I think going with this design will be major design flaw..

  • iXanczy

    How about enlarging the screen AND make thinner beezels? (Aka. Keep the exact shape that the ipad has today, but increase only the screen)

  • i just sold my ipad3 and got the ipad4 cause i know the ipad 5 will not see a jailbreak any time zoo since it will have ios7

    • With the iOS 6.1 u can now jailbreak. Got my iphone 5 jail broken

      • What the hell has iOS 6.1 jailbreak got to do with the iPad 5, it will not be on iOS 6.1..

  • ipad mini 2 w/retina is next on my list for sure! anyone think it will get released this summer?

    • Yes.. And I’ll get mine too. I got the first one but I gave it to the wife as a Xmas gift, I didn’t even have a go with it first..

  • Mark Scarborough

    No offense, but looks pretty much the same to me. Yawn.

  • batongxue

    looks I’ll be waiting for both iPad 6 and iPhone 6

  • Having a smaller side bezel on the iPad 5 will reduce the grip factor when holding it in portrait, since most of your hand will be obstructing and no doubt interrupting whatever you have onscreen.

  • Farseeker

    I hope they drop those thick edges, it’s ugly and outdated

  • i will be skipping the iPhone 5s and ten ipad 5…

  • nimo

    i just don’t understand why they don’t use their ideas in macs , for next ipad
    they used before their ideas in ipad for a better os X lion
    now how stupid windows surface have keyboard and touchpad .. can do pc things ..
    apple could somehow put a projectile keyboard and touchpad .. but in their “OWN WAY” with perfection
    or allow to connect magic mouse on bluetooth with keyboard , so u can use ipad as a mac when set on standing base ..
    this is the 5th ipad and still no creative functional changes seen :S ?!